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Mareknanetu Mareknanetu Calculating status... Where can I get Oil Paint filter for Pixel Bender? 100 0 4 days ago by Mareknanetu 4 days ago
jpaters jpaters PixelBender in Flash no longer compiles to machine code? 4,283 10 1 month ago by Jakub Wagner 1 month ago
mdgiamo mdgiamo Calculating status... Free filter or/ plug-in set? for "OIL PAINT" - to download & add to Photoshop CS 5 (Mac OSX 10.8) ? 2,259 2 1 month ago by mdgiamo 1 month ago
phoenix198787 phoenix198787 Pixel bender wont open on win 7 1,768 2 1 month ago by foostrom 1 month ago
Smitty8771 Smitty8771 Droste Effect Crashes PS CS4. 1,164 0 4 months ago by Smitty8771 4 months ago
jbecker_ufi jbecker_ufi Calculating status... Pixel Bender slow in build 2,360 1 8 months ago by anthony.ka 8 months ago
lucille2010 lucille2010 Calculating status... I Cannot get pixel bender to show in PS 14,013 4 9 months ago by choupette2u 9 months ago
Chung Leong Chung Leong Calculating status... Server-Side Pixel Bender 2,670 0 10 months ago by Chung Leong 10 months ago
260251 260251 Calculating status... Pixel Bender Installation 4,585 0 11 months ago by 260251 11 months ago
jbfiedler jbfiedler White Hat PBJ Decompiling 10,991 11 1 year ago by kennelbound 1 year ago
intravenus intravenus Calculating status... Multiple Image inputs in Blendmode Shader 5,071 0 1 year ago by intravenus 1 year ago
willch0xxx0 willch0xxx0 Is Pixel Bender Runtime engine available for 3rd Party Apps? 5,103 0 1 year ago by willch0xxx0 1 year ago
chauffeurdevan chauffeurdevan Pixel Bender removed from AE CS6 !? 9,139 3 1 year ago by willch0xxx0 1 year ago
wlx wlx Calculating status... where can I get the Pixel Bender2.6? 3,526 0 1 year ago by wlx 1 year ago
angie_tianshi angie_tianshi Calculating status... Error messages in CS6 6,372 6 1 year ago by Sabrina.Lynn 1 year ago
Pierre Yves GATOUILLAT Pierre Yves GATOUILLAT Calculating status... Pixel Bender with AIR on iOS 6,375 5 1 year ago by pierBover 1 year ago
chikpo chikpo Calculating status... When i open pixel bender, photoshop crashes and closes 3,907 0 1 year ago by chikpo 1 year ago
imc_markmcclung imc_markmcclung Calculating status... Cant install Pixel bender 8,348 5 1 year ago by kh.Qasimirfan 1 year ago
heimo-erich heimo-erich Calculating status... Where are the good times when you sent a question to tech-support. 4,127 0 1 year ago by heimo-erich 1 year ago
rawhedrawhed rawhedrawhed Calculating status... sampleLinear doesn't work when scaling outCoord using ByteArray or Vector.<Number> 4,532 1 1 year ago by rawhedrawhed 1 year ago
heimo-erich heimo-erich The maximal input pixel per side square seems to be fixed by the graphics card, right? 4,344 0 1 year ago by heimo-erich 1 year ago
daniel_sedlacek daniel_sedlacek Pixel Bender and Stage3D (Stage Video, Starling, etc) 5,011 0 1 year ago by daniel_sedlacek 1 year ago
John Blackburne John Blackburne Calculating status... Odd PB alpha handling in Flash 5,271 2 1 year ago by John Blackburne 1 year ago
Gil1 Gil1 How to create a filter to do a bitmapdata compare and another to do a threshold? 7,136 5 1 year ago by Gil1 1 year ago
John Blackburne John Blackburne Shader works in toolkit, not in Flash 5,979 2 1 year ago by John Blackburne 1 year ago
Holtenwood Holtenwood Calculating status... Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) in Pixel Bender? 6,853 2 1 year ago by AIF Chuck 1 year ago
Boon\'s screen name Boon\'s screen name Calculating status... Load an HDR image into Pixel Bender Toolkit 5,232 2 2 years ago by Boon\'s screen name 2 years ago
Bruce_Jawn Bruce_Jawn float4() causes "error saving Pixel Bender Byte Code file" error when exporting for flash player 5,826 2 2 years ago by Bruce_Jawn 2 years ago
insert_cute_name_here insert_cute_name_here Calculating status... Pixel Bender 2.1 hotfix files gone from Adobe server 4,318 4 2 years ago by insert_cute_name_here 2 years ago
IlyaMordasov IlyaMordasov Calculating status... How to create gamma (midtone) changes with help Pixel Bender? 5,176 6 2 years ago by AIF Chuck 2 years ago