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JohnnyMilk JohnnyMilk Calculating status... Prelude Crashing on "Ingest" Win7. 64 41 2 9 hours ago by JohnnyMilk 9 hours ago
dodo132000 dodo132000 Calculating status... Hello please help me i have very big problem !!! 42 1 1 day ago by michaelgoshey 1 day ago
MikaV84 MikaV84 Prelude mass relink possible? 93 1 2 days ago by MikaV84 2 days ago
ToniTillmann ToniTillmann ALMOST ALL DATA LOST! PRELUDE CC; NEED HELP!!! 450 17 4 days ago by Jennyliffer 4 days ago
lloydpdx7 lloydpdx7 Calculating status... How do I ingest files from an external drive? 204 9 4 days ago by jinting_lv 4 days ago
rimcrazyph rimcrazyph Prelude keeps crashing and is essentially unuseable. 732 2 4 days ago by jinting_lv 4 days ago
DarrellMac DarrellMac Calculating status... Prelude CC crashes on "ingest" button pressed. 1,101 22 5 days ago by tomsailor56 5 days ago
Kelijsto Kelijsto Calculating status... Prelude crash with assimilate button 132 4 6 days ago by Ada_Wang 6 days ago
Etinne Etinne Audio Waveforms "disappear" 78 3 1 week ago by michaelgoshey 1 week ago
The Production Tree The Production Tree Calculating status... Prelude CC or Premiere CC to Excel | Best Practices? 93 2 1 week ago by The Production Tree 1 week ago
tomsailor56 tomsailor56 Prelude stürzt ab wenn auf "Erfassen" geklickt wird 83 2 1 week ago by tomsailor56 1 week ago
LJ Perkins LJ Perkins Calculating status... The Problems with SAVING! 57 1 1 week ago by michaelgoshey 1 week ago
Tydied Tydied Calculating status... Markers Not Importing from Prelude CS6 to CC 98 2 1 week ago by Tydied 1 week ago
ThorB ThorB Calculating status... Prelude workspace.cpp error 100 1 1 week ago by lei-wang 1 week ago
otn113 otn113 Calculating status... Prelude crashes on ingest 2,532 33 1 week ago by Mag One Productions 1 week ago
DMH79 DMH79 Newbie to Adobe Prelude please. 2,422 14 1 week ago by colinruggiero 1 week ago
doobieboy4577 doobieboy4577 Calculating status... Prelude CS6 became stuck and would not work. 183 5 2 weeks ago by doobieboy4577 2 weeks ago
doobieboy4577 doobieboy4577 Prelude stopped working 81 0 2 weeks ago by doobieboy4577 2 weeks ago
hello puppy hello puppy Calculating status... Searching Keywords 92 1 2 weeks ago by michaelgoshey 2 weeks ago
Chirag Kavathiya Chirag Kavathiya Calculating status... Prelude ability to run multiple versions on the same computer? 150 3 2 weeks ago by michaelgoshey 2 weeks ago
John Doogan John Doogan Calculating status... search by rating 99 0 2 weeks ago by John Doogan 2 weeks ago
tj3rockNJ tj3rockNJ Calculating status... Marker's grayed out 3,820 13 2 weeks ago by LeungDa 2 weeks ago
Chris_PhotosByChris Chris_PhotosByChris Calculating status... Send to Premiere Pro from Prelude 2,125 15 2 weeks ago by debeani 2 weeks ago
FLeX_Loud FLeX_Loud Calculating status... I Can't Download Anything Of Adobe 108 0 3 weeks ago by FLeX_Loud 3 weeks ago
lvancini lvancini Calculating status... Adobe Prelude CC monitor color issue 109 0 3 weeks ago by lvancini 3 weeks ago Calculating status... Onlocation 115 0 3 weeks ago by 3 weeks ago
lvancini lvancini Software engine be set to default in Prelude 142 1 3 weeks ago by Jim Simon 3 weeks ago
mrtorrent mrtorrent Prelude takes a long time to open a (new) project file 263 5 3 weeks ago by mrtorrent 3 weeks ago
butcharuski butcharuski Calculating status... Jam Sync Time Code 263 6 3 weeks ago by butcharuski 3 weeks ago
Erbs Bischof Erbs Bischof Why does Prelude open upon connecting a Mini DV camera, though it can't capture Mini DV? 111 0 3 weeks ago by Erbs Bischof 3 weeks ago