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flypigzzz flypigzzz GB-BXi7-4770R support premiere cc ? 49 6 2 minutes ago by John T Smith

tyros2masters tyros2masters Graphic card and Adobe AE and Pr Problem 132 17 4 minutes ago by John T Smith

abbymk abbymk Does anybody know why my film says the file size is only 96kb? 113 6 7 minutes ago by robodog

Mitchell Remes Mitchell Remes I knew that the new 1050 x576 PAR would come back to bite me!!! 322 8 10 minutes ago by Jim Simon

sieraG sieraG Lens flare effect (format Movie Quick Time)  doesnt work in Adobe Premiere CS6 14 1 16 minutes ago by Jim Simon

softananda softananda How to import multiple DNG files into Premiere 125 7 18 minutes ago by Jim Simon

Metrocablesacramento Metrocablesacramento Premiere Pro CC has no audio on imported MPEG2 91 3 20 minutes ago by Jim Simon

BenJones BenJones Are you going to fix CS5.5 to work with Mavericks? 94 2 23 minutes ago by Jim Simon

Joe Riggs Joe Riggs Premiere CC questions 595 15 26 minutes ago by Jim Simon

Tento Tento Encoding artefacts (macroblocs) in MPEG2 export 153 4 31 minutes ago by Jim Simon

Kristine Heykants Kristine Heykants Premiere Pro CC won't load my project 185 6 35 minutes ago by Jim Simon

shiffsportsmarketing shiffsportsmarketing Just "upgraded" to Premiere Pro CC (Mac) - what about my Premiere Elements Projects? 471 7 36 minutes ago by Ann Bens

jefflyoumedia jefflyoumedia How can I improve multicam CS6 playback on a Macbook Pro? 36 1 38 minutes ago by Jim Simon

DoctorE99 DoctorE99 Will the sharpen effect affect 32-bit colors? 43 1 54 minutes ago by Jim Simon

lorieleske lorieleske Can I control rise time on the VU meter? 41 1 1 hour ago by Jim Simon

GenePriest GenePriest Adobe Premiere Pro CC Won't Playback / Freezes 135 6 1 hour ago by Jim Simon

lisaellensegal lisaellensegal upgrade from CS6 to CS6 Cloud 85 7 1 hour ago by John T Smith

joey_danna joey_danna Can I lock the SDI output format? 92 3 1 hour ago by Jim Simon

Rob - Post Blue Rob - Post Blue Strange Green Playback Issues in Premiere Pro CC? 26 0 1 hour ago by Rob - Post Blue

BigMickum BigMickum PPCC not accessing all allotted RAM 38 1 1 hour ago by Jim Simon

Drunkun_Munky Drunkun_Munky Best export settings for YouTube 40 2 1 hour ago by Jim Simon

Arifi Arifi why i can't download  apremier as i'm subscribed 46 1 1 hour ago by John T Smith

time18 time18 Stitching frames together 121 3 3 hours ago by Steven L. Gotz

pictures_in_motion pictures_in_motion Premiere CC 7.2.2 crashes when trying to export via Media Encoder 200 8 4 hours ago by pictures_in_motion

suebee suebee How do I embed panels in workplace, as in the title maker. 117 3 6 hours ago by Ann Bens

tonebone tonebone Element 3 and Premiere Pro 77 2 6 hours ago by Ann Bens

FusionKB FusionKB Premiere CC Sluggish after update 7.2.0 3,130 27 7 hours ago by piersfh

Evil Edison Evil Edison RAID drive not accessible in Media Browser 72 1 12 hours ago by Evil Edison

Blinker Blinker Premiere Pro CC Not Working, Error Messages & Problems 108 1 13 hours ago by JonathanFoo

hakodz hakodz CS5 Premiere Help! 227 4 13 hours ago by hakodz