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Inner Spark Inner Spark Premiere Pro CC ---> XML Export ---> DaVinci Resolve 805 5 24 minutes ago by Joe Riggs

Pablo Apiolazza Pablo Apiolazza Audio reconnect on project migration 22 0 28 minutes ago by Pablo Apiolazza

_pr0digy_ _pr0digy_ Lens distortion presets are missing in Premiere Pro CC 7.2.2 73 2 35 minutes ago by _pr0digy_

Sheriff Sheriff Premiere Pro 6CC Insert Edit not working 510 12 56 minutes ago by Sheriff

elia_lanksner elia_lanksner problem with slow motion 33 0 59 minutes ago by elia_lanksner

The lad The lad Hello, Can anyone tell me if premiere pro can make a 2 hour movie or longer? 46 1 1 hour ago by Ann Bens

ajpproductions ajpproductions how do i change the colour space to s-log 2 from rec 709 in premiere pro cs6? 32 0 1 hour ago by ajpproductions

niklasleifert niklasleifert How to work on 1 project with Media Cache Files on different hard drives? 23 0 1 hour ago by niklasleifert

NutsNat NutsNat Dynamic Link isn't clickable 27 0 1 hour ago by NutsNat

danfedida danfedida Premiere MPEG2 encode frame swapping bug 2,188 20 1 hour ago by dkitsov

adobeforumusername adobeforumusername Change default sequence timeline layout... 412 14 1 hour ago by shooternz

shashikant0 shashikant0 I am not able to export any kind of media from timeline, which is using png Sequence. 24 0 2 hours ago by shashikant0

TTTips TTTips When using click and drag to change values, nothing changes unless I move the mouse too quickly 664 26 2 hours ago by shooternz

gary schafer photographer gary schafer photographer crashes constantly 95 2 2 hours ago by gary schafer photographer

lastala lastala Replace footage will crash Premiere Pro CS6 1,895 11 2 hours ago by lastala

Logos Atum Logos Atum Multithreading not working 33 0 2 hours ago by Logos Atum

viejo59 viejo59 Underwater color correction 96 3 3 hours ago by poppabear69

MASTER EDITOR MASTER EDITOR Updated to 7.2.2 and the clips in the timeline are a much darker tone. 2,635 40 3 hours ago by Mark Mapes

alexjwatts alexjwatts Premier Pro CC not redrawing gui properly. 139 7 3 hours ago by Mark Mapes

EasyPeacy EasyPeacy No audio line 90 2 4 hours ago by EasyPeacy

fiskebollolsen fiskebollolsen Can I display the date of the clip taken and somehow use it in the video? 101 6 4 hours ago by Mark Mapes

SPAW SPAW Can not find "Extensions" in Window dropmenu. 81 2 5 hours ago by SPAW

nikwilleo nikwilleo Image is different after importing into Premiere 65 1 6 hours ago by Jim Simon

dee1nepistle dee1nepistle 100 + Multi-Cam Edit 96 3 6 hours ago by Jim Simon

Alonelive Alonelive cc 7.2.2 bug not Support .swt 72 2 7 hours ago by Jim Simon

Master_Blaster Master_Blaster How to keep premiere playing 'in background'... 93 3 7 hours ago by Jim Simon

AtlaS AtlaS Copy and Paste from one Project File to another 85 3 7 hours ago by Jim Simon

JVCarol JVCarol How do I save a PremierePro CC file to Adobe PremierePro 2.0 version? 44 1 7 hours ago by Jim Simon

Scott McKenzie Scott McKenzie Premiere Pro Crashes when Nudging Clip 741 14 7 hours ago by Stephen Bakopanos

JMPR JMPR Premiere Pro audio coming out distorted and choppy 65 1 7 hours ago by John T Smith