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Oomjan Oomjan .NEF Files 13 0 26 minutes ago by Oomjan 26 minutes ago
vgamewiz vgamewiz How do I make an object, such as a title, flash continuously and indefinitely? 24 0 1 hour ago by vgamewiz 1 hour ago
dw91 dw91 Please Help!!! 22 0 4 hours ago by dw91 4 hours ago
rajibpal rajibpal Auto-rotate video when getting media in premiere elements 8.0 137 9 4 hours ago by rajibpal 4 hours ago
KrashBandicoot KrashBandicoot PE9 Workspace 65 2 5 hours ago by KrashBandicoot 5 hours ago
Ed\'sAPE9 Ed\'sAPE9 issue with file upload to Microsoft One Drive 34 0 5 hours ago by Ed\'sAPE9 5 hours ago
JonnyJ3000 JonnyJ3000 Mavericks Premiere Elements 11 No Launch 80 4 8 hours ago by John T Smith 8 hours ago
Coyotebobby Coyotebobby Premiere Elements 10 crashes on disc templates 1,776 21 8 hours ago by jonty1512 8 hours ago
SteveH59 SteveH59 I have several clips some filmed in 25fps and some in 29fps 28 0 10 hours ago by SteveH59 10 hours ago
american_girl american_girl Premier Elements 12 lagging? 45 2 10 hours ago by american_girl 10 hours ago
film man 24 film man 24 Noise Reduction 32 0 11 hours ago by film man 24 11 hours ago
wadeen wadeen Unable to View or Hear a File Using Premier v12 that Was Made with Trial Version 11 83 10 11 hours ago by John T Smith 11 hours ago
bx boy bx boy my premiere elements 12 will not open in edit mode. it says incompatible display driver 33 1 11 hours ago by John T Smith 11 hours ago
countrygal_73 countrygal_73 When downloading content in Premiere Elements 11, I get an error "no Internet Connection" 49 2 12 hours ago by countrygal_73 12 hours ago
hwy61rv hwy61rv Copyright Symbol for Mac 1,133 7 13 hours ago by Minion Spaceship Pilot 13 hours ago
sogent sogent Burn a Sony DVD+RW disc. 37 1 13 hours ago by John T Smith 13 hours ago Images du projet +lentes que l'original/Project picture more slower than original pictures 60 4 13 hours ago by 13 hours ago
ludlowkissel ludlowkissel PE11 is burning blurry video and stills 96 4 13 hours ago by John T Smith 13 hours ago
David Halperin David Halperin No Youtube option available? 34 2 13 hours ago by David Halperin 13 hours ago
Beth_Entrepreneurial_Lead Beth_Entrepreneurial_Lead I downloaded both Morgan and Gspot to convert AVI file - now what? 73 5 13 hours ago by John T Smith 13 hours ago
richvideo richvideo Open windows wont close 24 0 14 hours ago by richvideo 14 hours ago
jammin109 jammin109 Pre12 – unable to burn AVCHD to DVD media 648 18 14 hours ago by jammin109 14 hours ago
Shewolf Shewolf How do I save my project and share it thru email? 34 1 14 hours ago by Steve Grisetti 14 hours ago
Val Paradiso Val Paradiso HELP Premiere Element Probs since upgrade to OSX 10.9.2 81 7 16 hours ago by Val Paradiso 16 hours ago
LarryER LarryER Lightroom 5.4 exported videos in PRE 10 problems 140 8 16 hours ago by LarryER 16 hours ago
rozrosie rozrosie Adobe Premiere Elements 9 AIDE-HELP (menus) 219 8 16 hours ago by rozrosie 16 hours ago
JesBo JesBo .ts-files with multiple audio tracks / Premiere Elements 12 91 4 17 hours ago by JesBo 17 hours ago
coronado user coronado user Multiple reflections in guided edit Elements 11 81 3 18 hours ago by coronado user 18 hours ago
1Communicator 1Communicator When I enter video in timeline, does not show on monitor.  when I play video, can only hear audio. 105 7 18 hours ago by Steve Grisetti 18 hours ago
HSandra HSandra Wie kann ich den Testversionsbalken in Adobe Premiere Elements 12 entfernen? 84 3 23 hours ago by HSandra 23 hours ago