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saraysounds saraysounds are track markers available in Cs4 Soundbooth? 130 0 2 weeks ago by saraysounds

ibezdechi2 ibezdechi2 Double Speed Import error Soundbooth CS5 193 0 4 weeks ago by ibezdechi2

wonmanfactory wonmanfactory Broken links in Resource Central Downloads 655 3 2 months ago by _durin_

Qurve Learning, LLC Qurve Learning, LLC How do I Restore Soundbooth Effect Rack Presets? 5,643 9 2 months ago by Capt BeeRad

tclark513 tclark513 CS5 Scores 2,042 8 2 months ago by wonmanfactory

wonmanfactory wonmanfactory How to get a clear frequency representation of voice 571 0 2 months ago by wonmanfactory

StanWelks StanWelks Digitizing old cassettes 577 0 2 months ago by StanWelks

videope videope removing background noise CS5 746 2 3 months ago by Jim Simon

TRUE_SEEKER TRUE_SEEKER Need Soundbooth CS5 for Master Collection CS5.5 672 0 3 months ago by TRUE_SEEKER

E.G. 2014 E.G. 2014 Soundbooth CS4 - Audio Content still usable for commercial purposes? 762 0 3 months ago by E.G. 2014

pnoseda pnoseda Soundbooth CS5 Italian Analysis speech 965 1 4 months ago by Jeff A Wright

dsdoehren dsdoehren Crashing 1,644 2 5 months ago by kidpossible

ppadobe3 ppadobe3 Capture Noise Print (problem) - Soundbooth CS4 1,046 0 5 months ago by ppadobe3

carver922 carver922 sound booth newbie question i want cursor zoom off. 1,111 1 5 months ago by carver922

Lewis James Nine Lewis James Nine How do I solve intermittent hiss after I've equalized sound? 1,054 0 5 months ago by Lewis James Nine

soundboothcs3 soundboothcs3 Does Soundbooth CS3 work in OS X Mavericks? 1,284 0 5 months ago by soundboothcs3

Nikhita P. Nikhita P. How to convert mono to stereo 1,862 1 6 months ago by Dean Utian

YvesRony YvesRony Question 1,608 1 6 months ago by Dean Utian

YvesRony YvesRony With Soundbooth can we reduce the level of background music to hear a discussion? 1,711 1 6 months ago by Dean Utian

steenmikkelsen2 steenmikkelsen2 How do I share / unlink  the right and left channel, so I can work with them individually ? 1,875 1 6 months ago by Dean Utian

wonmanfactory wonmanfactory How do I add silence in SoundBooth 2,578 1 7 months ago by pplabrisher

marianrick marianrick How to pitch down like a still standing record player? 1,682 0 7 months ago by marianrick

NathanStryker NathanStryker reverse a sound in Sb CS4? 24,419 7 8 months ago by andrewdonley

richke76 richke76 Possible to Clean this up? 1,871 1 8 months ago by richke76

adob1948 adob1948 Looking for a compressor for Soundbooth CS5 1,944 0 9 months ago by adob1948

mikec82 mikec82 Waveform but no sound? 2,090 0 9 months ago by mikec82

ShackyC ShackyC No effects available when editing 5.1 tracks 1,985 0 9 months ago by ShackyC

onefiftymph onefiftymph Clean up audio/noise task not saving 1,755 0 9 months ago by onefiftymph

abeautif_john abeautif_john Audio file doesn't play on all speakers 2,074 1 10 months ago by JLRecordingStudios

(claudia_ortiz) Resource Central doesn't connect 10,768 35 10 months ago by dougj17