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ALLENT ALLENT Does Direct Link from PP to SG actually work??  Does SG actually work??? 802 17 9 minutes ago by vilrockerdefer

Edward Scissors Edward Scissors SG driving me Direct link and can't copy and paste grades 28 1 58 minutes ago by R. Neil Haugen

rexpost rexpost SpeedGrade Vectorscope 599 10 18 hours ago by Jim Simon

DLN DLN SpeedGrade doesn't open after installed 31 0 21 hours ago by DLN

GiulioAutelitano GiulioAutelitano Incredibly slow performances after 7.1 update in dynamic link from PP 3,304 38 1 day ago by R. Neil Haugen

KevinAGI KevinAGI Tangent Wave Functionality 272 5 1 day ago by R. Neil Haugen

MikaV84 MikaV84 PrPro directlink to SG, zero key stopped working 55 1 2 days ago by Jim Simon

jwffvm jwffvm Kona III card when selected for display SG crashes 990 22 2 days ago by VideoNerd

Tcordeaux Tcordeaux Matrox O2 Mini not available for Mercury Transmit 292 7 2 days ago by Tcordeaux

AnneVio264 AnneVio264 SpeedGrade and Premiere issues 403 14 2 days ago by R. Neil Haugen

trevorcable trevorcable AJA products for stereoscopic workflow 96 3 2 days ago by Jim Simon

toggle_norvell toggle_norvell Dynamic link AE and Speedgrade 68 1 3 days ago by Jim Simon

Small Town Gal Small Town Gal SpeedGrade update error U44M11210 341 4 4 days ago by R. Neil Haugen

animationlife animationlife RE: SpeedGrade and Color Finesse 3 and Devinci Resolve Lite 348 9 4 days ago by R. Neil Haugen

GrnStar GrnStar SG Hangs when Adjusting Sliders 153 3 4 days ago by R. Neil Haugen

everandoak everandoak SpeedGrade CC Automatic Color/Shot Match WAY off - crazy gamma/contrast problems 127 1 1 week ago by Jim Simon

sevand3 sevand3 Speedgrade CC Crash after opening 139 1 1 week ago by Dennis Weinmann

pH14Editor pH14Editor Mask's Shape Makes Tracking Impossible 174 2 1 week ago by Dennis Weinmann

Evil Edison Evil Edison Mercury Transmit and mouse cursor 1,044 8 2 weeks ago by needles27

Leproducer Leproducer Copy and Paste layers 477 12 2 weeks ago by Jim Simon

Aaron Merke Aaron Merke Speed grade lost modifications 113 1 2 weeks ago by Dennis Weinmann

shooternz shooternz New Scopes are coming.. 172 2 2 weeks ago by R. Neil Haugen

kennbell kennbell Playhead will not move 752 12 2 weeks ago by kennbell

MonkeyEatsMonkey MonkeyEatsMonkey Keyframed Masks Broken? 1,072 13 2 weeks ago by MonkeyEatsMonkey

korffr korffr Tracking of Masks created in linked project in Speedgrade dissapear in Premier Pro 148 1 2 weeks ago by Caterpillar Films

Blabberlicious Blabberlicious Native Mode -OSX  Delete Mask via keyboard = crash 72 0 2 weeks ago by Blabberlicious

dkitsov dkitsov Speed Grade Crash on Launch in Windows 8.1 after December 2013 update 3,260 38 2 weeks ago by Kevin Monahan

SondreDalaker SondreDalaker How to run speedgrade cc as an administrator on a mac? 82 0 2 weeks ago by SondreDalaker

Blabberlicious Blabberlicious Adding Masks Slows down render times massively 125 2 2 weeks ago by Manuel LP

Manuel LP Manuel LP The new version release today (7.2.1) fixes the dual GPU crash. 387 8 2 weeks ago by Igelkott Film