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Creative Cloud and existing Business Catalyst partners - FAQ

May 11, 2012 7:23 AM

This FAQ will cover topics related to Creative Cloud, for existing Business Catalyst users.



How can I signup for Creative Cloud?

Your Business Catalyst account should have been already updated right now with your Adobe ID. If you haven’t updated it yet, visit the Adobe ID – Business Catalyst account update FAQ.



What benefits do I get with Creative Cloud ?

In addition to acccess to all Creative Suite programs, Lightroom and others in one place, a Creative Cloud membership enables you to host up to five Business Catalyst  sites. These sites will be webBasics sites. For a full comparison between plans, see this page. If you purchase Muse or Dreamweaver as individual products in Creative Cloud, you can host one Business Catalyst website for each of them. 


My web design shop has several employees, each with their own Business Catalyst login with access our Partner Portal. Do we need Adobe IDs for each of our employees?

Yes. Since these users are partner users, they need to use an Adobe ID. Visit the Adobe ID – Business Catalyst account update FAQ for more details



I have a paid website that I want to host using my Creative Cloud subscription. Can I do this?

This is not possible. You need to create a new webBasics temporary website in Business Catalyst and launch the site.



Can I move a trial/live Creative Cloud site under a different Creative Cloud subscription?

This is not possible right now.



Do I get any discount if I upgrade a Creative Cloud website to a higher Business Catalyst plan such as webMarketing or webCommerce?

Yes, you will get a 10% discount when upgrading a Creative Cloud site to a higher plan. Be sure to use the special promo code in the upgrade screen.

Note that the initial webBasics site slot will be freed up.


What are the limitations of the webBasics websites that come with Business Catalyst and Creative Cloud membership?

You will be limited to 1GB storage, 1TB bandwidth and 3 additional user (such as your customer). You will not get email, SMS or newsletters for this web plan.



Can I buy more users? Can I buy more space? Can I buy email?

Athough you cannot increase a Creative Cloud site's system limitations through this workflow, you can move the subscription to a standard Business Catalyst site subscription and activate extras for that plan.



How can I upgrade the webBasics websites that come with Creative Cloud to a higher Business Catalyst plan?

Yes, you can upgrade a Creative Cloud webBasics site to a higher level according to this workflow: orkflow_-_now_available


Please note that this operation will trigger a separate billing cycle for the higher plan, charged at the standard rates, depending on the billing frequency.

The initial webBasics site slot will be freed up instantly so you can use it for other projects.



Do I get any discount for purchasing more websites if I am a Creative Cloud subscriber?

Right now there is no discount for Creative Cloud members for volume purchases.



If I am an existing Paid Partner and I have a few employees for whom I paid Creative Cloud subscriptions, how many websites can I claim?

You will have 5 websites for each employee. However, you will pay different licenses for all of them. Before purchasing these licenses, please contact Adobe Support to add these users to your partner portal. After you have added users to your partner portal, you will be able to access all the websites from it.

*NOTE: If you have already add employees to your partner portal, then everything will work automatically.

If you don’t want to access all your websites from the same Partner Portal, you don’t have to do anything.



How can I set permissions for my employees regarding these websites? What permissions can I set?

This will be part of a later Creative Cloud that will be launched this year.



What happens if I cancel or stop paying my Creative Cloud subscription?

Each live website (among the free websites under your Creative Cloud subscription) will stay live for an additional 30 days. This gives you time to decide whether you want to keep the site(s) live or remove them.  You will be prompted to upgrade your website to a regular Business Catalyst site plan.

After 30 days, your website will enter in temporary mode. When entering the temporary mode, your custom domain name will be removed from the website. In order to reactivate it, pay for your website directly with Business Catalyst.

If you are inactive on a temporary website, it will automatically be deleted.




=== Dreamweaver CS6 FAQ ===



I have logged in on Dreamweaver CS6 and I cannot see my partner site. How can I edit it?

This is a known issue. For paid partners (Standard or Premium) you can use the workaround described below:

  • export one of your sites as an .ste file
  • Open the .ste file in another text editor, and modify it
  • Replace the :
    • httpaddress with your partner's site URL address
    • secureURL with your partner site secure URL
    • siteid with the site ID of your partner site
  • Save the .ste file with another name
  • Import this .ste file into Dreamwaver, choose a local root folder


Please take a look at Brad's blog post here for more detailed steps on how to import your partner site in Dreamweaver.



I'm trying to login to Dreamweaver CS6 with my Business Catalyst credentials, and it doesn't work. What credentials do I need?

     You can login to Dreamweaver CS6 with your Adobe ID. If you haven't merged your BC account with an Adobe ID account, you'll need to merge it and then you should be able to login.



How do I access sites in Dreamweaver with an Adobe ID other than the one linked to my Creative Cloud or Dreamweaver subscription?

      Dreamweaver defaults to using the Adobe ID from your subscription to avoid the inconvenience of logging in multiple times. To use a different ID, just click the "Logout" button in the lower-right hand corner of the Business Catalyst panel and log in with a different Adobe ID:


You'll need to have a file open in an existing BC site for the "Logout" button to be visible. Logging out will not affect the Adobe ID used in conjunction with your Dreamweaver subscription. To change the Adobe ID for your subscription, click Help -> Deactivate.

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