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Frequently Asked Questions

Nov 25, 2012 8:28 PM

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Is FormsCentral secure?

Can I collect more than 5,000 responses using a Plus subscription?

Which Adobe form solution is right for me (FormsCentral or Acrobat)?

How do I setup payment and credit card processing using PayPal?

How do request a new feature in FormsCentral?



Managing Forms

How do I copy of form to a different account?

One of my forms disappeared - where did it go?


Designing Forms

What field types does FormsCentral support?

Why do the images in my form look grainy or blurry?

Why are the search results different when I use Google or Flickr from within FormsCentral to find an image rather than searching those sites directly?


Distributing Forms

Why is my embedded form not displaying correctly?

Can tablet and smart phone users fill out my forms?

What do respondents need to complete a FormsCentral form?

Should I distribute a Web or PDF form?

Are web forms accessible to people with disabilities (U.S. section 508 compliance)?


Managing Responses

How do I share a form I created with others?

Can others view the responses and summary report without logging in?

How do I allow others to receive email notifications when responses are received?

Is there a way to respresent choices as numbers so I can easily perform calculations on my survey data?

How do I move a column in the Response tab?

Missing data from "View Responses" tab


PDF Forms

How do I make my PDF form fillable so I can import it into FormsCentral?

Can I start creating a form by importing an existing document, like a PDF or Word form, into FormsCentral?

What features do not work with PDF forms?

Why does the submit button not work on my PDF form?

Issues encountered while importing an existing PDF form

How do I edit a FormsCentral PDF form in Adobe Acrobat?


Payments/Paypal Integration

Getting Started with Payment Processing Using Paypal

What Permissions am I granting Adobe during Paypal Account Registration?

What are the limits on Paypal transactions?

What currencies are supported?


Purchasing / Account Management

Why do I still have a free account even though I upgraded to a paid plan?

How do I turn off my automatic subscription renewal?

How can I upgrade from a less functional service (e.g. FormsCentral Basic) to a more functional service (e.g. FormsCentral Plus)?

Can I get a tax refund for my subscription if I'm a tax-exempt organization?

In which countries is FormsCentral available for purchase?

What happens to my forms and responses when I cancel my paid subscription?

How do I complete a purchase when I get an incorrect "country" error?

Can I get a receipt or an invoice for a recent subscription renewal?

FormsCentral Team Plans Frequently Asked Questions


Troubleshooting FormsCentral Desktop Application Download and Installation

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