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Error using MouseEventHandler

Sep 17, 2007 9:31 AM


There occurs an error when I register a MouseEventHandler with the following code(this code is executed always when the pdf-document is being opened):

function initialize()
var a3d = getAnnots3D(0)[0];
if ( a3d.activated )
context3D = a3d.context3D;

//Removes possible previous added MouseEventHandler
var handler = context3D.runtime.getEventHandler(0);
if(handler != null)

//Adds eventhandler
var meh = new context3D.MouseEventHandler();
meh.reportAllTargets = true;
meh.onMouseUp = true;
meh.onEvent = function(mouseEvent)
var hits = mouseEvent.hits;
clickedNode = hits.shift().target;
var scene = context3D.scene;
var clickedMesh = scene.meshes.getByName(;

if(vorigeNode != null)
var vorigeMesh = scene.meshes.getByName(;
vorigeMesh.renderMode = "solid";
vorigeNode = clickedNode;

clickedMesh.renderMode = "shaded illustration";

The error occurs at closing the pdf-file. The error-message is: "An unhandled win32 exeption occurred in Acrobat.exe[5068]. On another computer I also got an error like "The read or write operation on the memory failed.

Can someone help me and explain the cause and solution for this error?

Thanks in advance,

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    Sep 17, 2007 1:04 PM   in reply to (ewoutnwn)
    I notice three things:

    1) you're missing a closing brace at line 7.
    2) It doesn't look like you're ever calling the function:

    3) If both of the above are just typo's, try adding a delay at the beginning of your script. It's probably that the 3D annot is not yet loaded when you're trying to access it.

    Good luck!
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    Sep 20, 2007 11:50 AM   in reply to (ewoutnwn)
    I have a solution for you that works. But first, using you're approach I do indeed encounter crashes, though not every time. I worked with your script for quite a while, and also made more simplistic versions for MouseEventHandlers and RenderEventHandlers. Again, I get crashes, but it's intermittent and I haven't yet determined the exact cause.

    Here's the solution (simple code example below). The only needed change is that the function is now in a script attached to the 3D annot, and then that function is called from your page button. When I create eventHandlers, I typically create them in Javascripts attached to the 3D annot itself. This is the more efficient (in processing) method. If you would like a button on a page to create a handler(as in your example), put the function in a script attached to the 3D annot, and then call the function from the page. This works dependably with no errors at all. I have many many documents which use this approach successfully. The code below shows the 3D annot script at top and the page button script at bottom.

    //======= attach to 3D annot ========
    function initializeMEH()
    myMEH = new MouseEventHandler();
    myMEH.onEvent = function(event)
    console.println("mouseX = " + event.mouseX );
    console.println("mouseY = " + event.mouseY );

    //======= attach to Page button =======
    var a3d = getAnnots3D(0)[0].context3D;
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