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CS Review

Sep 11, 2010 3:53 AM

There are 3 text entries for Review - after clicking on the CS LIVE BUTTON - one is the cell heading "CS REVIEW" the first selectable entry says "CS REVIEW HOME" the second entry is "CREATE NEW REVIEW" -


"Create New Review" does not do anything - at this writing - on my machine - Is it not live yet? Or ...? I don't know what question to ask - I select the sequence in the project window - for good measure I select all of the clips on the time line as well - click CS LIVE button on the menu - choose "Create New Review" - nothing happens.


"CS Review Home" works fine - Default browser opens to the appropriate page - upload a pre encoded .flv and invite a reviewer - back and forth with comments - awesome.


Of course your invite has to have an Adobe account to sign in - and the latest version of Flash Player (at least for the files I've encoded in Flash) but after that - pretty smooth and mostly intuitive. Might be nice if an email was sent automatically once a comment is made - in the event that the reviewer doesn't get to it for and extended period of time - but - so far so good.


Anybody testing this feature? Different experience? Tips? - Tricks? - Gotchas?



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    Sep 11, 2010 9:43 AM   in reply to Jim Hines

    I had a brief meeting with the CS Review folks late yesterday and pointed out that the instructions for how to use it in Premiere Pro were essentially absent. They agreed to get something together quickly---hopefully by Monday. I'll update this thread when I have something to point to.

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    Sep 11, 2010 1:01 PM   in reply to Jim Hines

    After I select a sequence, I click on the CS LIVE buttion I don't even get the Create New Review.  I just get "learn More"


    Like others, I can upload manually via a web browser.  Works fine.

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    Sep 11, 2010 1:35 PM   in reply to Andy Urtu

    Is that with 5.0.2 installed?  CS Review requires the latest update.

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    Sep 11, 2010 1:58 PM   in reply to Andy Urtu



    I had the same problem, on both of my installs. CS Review (and the CS Live button) had a star on them, I'm assuming indicating that something is "new." I finally got the CS Review Home and Create New Review options to appear by doing the following:


    1. Use the Learn More option to go online to the CS Review subsite and sign in with your Adobe ID. Go to the CS Review main section.
    2. Back in Premiere, click the Sign In option at the top of the CS Live option list; sign in.
    3. Close Premiere.
    4. Restart Premiere. You should now have CS Review Home and Create New Review under the CS Review option, and there will be a new option under Window > Extension called CS Review. That's the actual review window.


    If that doesn't work, sign out under the CS Live button, and then do steps 2 and 3 again. One computer did this right away, the other I had to do several times. I don't know why. All of this might not be necessary, but it made those new options appear for me.


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      Sep 11, 2010 2:11 PM   in reply to Wil Renczes

      Yes 5.0.2 is installed and working great.  I should have stated I have 5.0.2 installed.

      I have just tried uninstalling Flash, and  and reinstalling to see if that would fix it.  It Fixed it!  Weid huh?  I did not reinstall Premiere.


      CS Review now working from within PremPro.




      On a side note  v5.0.2 is a GREAT update Will. A big thanks to you and the Premiere team.

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      Sep 11, 2010 2:17 PM   in reply to Colin Brougham

      Thank Colin.  I had tried that, but may not in the exact order you stated.


      After the reinstall, I finally got the little star on the CS Live button and the option to "Create New Review"   I had not seen any star before.

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      Sep 13, 2010 8:49 PM   in reply to Andy Urtu

      Some additional info, from the CS Review side of things...


      First of all, we have a separate forum for CS Review (located right here). For those things related to CS Review (as opposed to more general Premiere Pro questions), it's a good place to start.  Just be aware, though, that you will see questions there on the use of CS Review in other apps (CS Review is integrated with Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator, as well as Premiere Pro).  However, almost all of what applies to CS Review in the other apps also applies to CS Review in Premiere, so there's plenty of overlap.


      That said, there are a couple of things to keep in mind about the new update to Premiere and CS Review.  CS Review actually has two different major components: there's the CS Review Web Client, were one can view Reviews online and make comments, and then there's the Review Panel, which is now available within Premiere (assuming you have the 5.0.2 update), where you can create Reviews, upload sequences, and manage your Reviews, from within Premiere.


      The Web Client software is running on, so the fact that you are able to upload video content to a Review from the web client doesn't necessarily mean that CS Review is set up properly to work in Premiere (in fact, you can create a new Review from the Web Client, and upload a FLV or F4V format video file to that Review, even if you don't have Premiere installed at all).


      The Premiere Pro CS5 (5.0.2) update is a prerequisite to get the Review Panel working in Premiere.  Once you have the 5.0.2 update installed, you may need to sign in to CS Live (more on CS LIve below), then sign out again from CS Live. Once you have done that, then the Review Panel should be enabled.


      Like many other features, there are multiple entry points to CS Review in Premiere Pro.  If you want to create a new Review, you can click File > Create New Review...  You can also access the Review Panel (where you can do other things beyond creating a new Review) by clicking Window > Extensions > CS Review...


      Initially, when you're not signed in, your Review Panel will be in a "welcome" state with a button to sign in.  Click it and you should be prompted to sign in with your Adobe ID.  This is probably a good time to mention CS Live and how it relates to CS Review (and to - three different things that are related but not the same.


      CS Live is a collection of new online services from Adobe that integrate with the CS5 desktop applications and extend their functionality using the web.  CS Live includes several different services, including CS Review (the other services are BrowserLab, SiteCatalyst NetAverages, and Adobe Story - you can find out more about the services by clicking the appropriate links on the CS Live menu).  In order to use CS Review (or the other services), you must have an active subscription to CS Live.  Access to CS Live services is complimentary for 12 months when you register your CS5 software, so (assuming you have done that) all you need to do is set up access to CS Live.  It's very likely that you have already registered your software - you are prompted for your "Adobe ID" (in the form of an email address) and password during installation - however that does not necessarily start your subscription to CS Live services (or you may have declined to enter your Adobe ID and password during registration).  Setting up access to CS Live is a one-time process, and just takes a moment....but if you have not set up access, you will not be able to sign in.


      If you can sign in to CS Live from the CS Live menu (or from the CS Review Panel), you're good to go.  However, if you are unable to sign in, make sure that you have set up your access to CS Live.  To set up access and start your CS Live subscription, do the following (this is true for anyone who need to set up their access to CS Live):


      1. Go to this link:
      2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Sign Up button
      3. In the "Sign up for CS Live" dialog that appears, click the Next button
      4. In the "Enter an Adobe" ID dialog, enter your existing Adobe ID and password (on the right side) and then click the Sign In button (if you don't have an Adobe ID yet, you can click the Create Adobe ID button on the left side of the dialog, an follow the instructions there).


      Note: Be sure you use a real email address for your Adobe ID, since you will be required to confirm your identity using that - check your email a minute later and click on the link in the email to verify your email address (you will also need to accept a terms of service agreement).


      If you would like more details on the services and how to get signed up, there's a good video here:


      Once you're signed up for CS Live (and signed in to CS Review) the process for creating a new Review is pretty straightforward. If necessary, open the Review Panel and sign in.  With your Premiere Pro project open, select the sequence you want to upload to a Review.  Click File > Create New Review (or if the Review Panel is open, you can click the "Create a New Review" button).  The Create New Review dialog should open, where you can enter a name for the Review (or accept the default name, taken from the Project name).  In the Export Settings dialog, choose the appropriate preset and other settings, and click Export.  The sequence will be encoded and uploaded to your Review (the time required depends on many factors - including how much data you're processing, your machine's capabilities and your bandwidth).  Once it's done, you can check out the results online by clicking the "View the current Review online" button (the arrow pointing upwards to the right). That should launch your default web browser and open up the Review, where you can add comments.


      Please give CS Review a try and let us know what you think.  Thanks!

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      Sep 13, 2010 5:51 PM   in reply to Jim Hines

      A great tool. will there be an option to host content locally rather then on I work for different movie studios and right now we've been using cinesync and skype for long distance collaboration however the video is stored locally on each users computer and the software syncs playback. The studios would never allow preproduction work to be uploaded to a third party server.






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      Sep 13, 2010 8:25 PM   in reply to Tom_Nel

      Hi Tom,


      Right now the only option is hosting via (which is quite secure, by the way - however, I do understand that some companies have their own rules about what's acceptable and what's not).  So the short answer is "no, at least currently", but....we would be interested in hearing more about the specific requirements for hosting (we're always interested in feature requests).  It's probably best to continue that discussion over on the CS Review forum.



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      Sep 13, 2010 8:51 PM   in reply to David Herman - Adobe

      Thanks for the updates, Dave.


      There's a video demonstrating CS Review in Premiere Pro here, though it skips over the setup steps that you've mentioned.

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      Sep 14, 2010 11:22 AM   in reply to Todd_Kopriva

      Yep - Terry's video does a good job of showing the basic workflow.  For anyone curious about how they might use CS Review in a workflow, it's worth a look.  Good link - thanks for including it!

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      Sep 14, 2010 11:29 AM   in reply to David Herman - Adobe



      I think one thing that could be clarified is how you can have multiple "parts" to a "review." I work on a number of video projects that contain multiple elements--a couple broadcast pieces, a radio spot, some web content, for example--and it was not immediately clear to me about how to correlate a Premiere Pro project and its sequences with a CS Review review and its parts. Maybe I'm hanging up on the noun "parts," which might make sense in a print or web design workflow, but it doesn't jive with my brain in a video workflow. I realize the need for consistency across the platform, but if nothing else, it needs better explanation in the Help documents.


      I think I've figured out a good workflow, but it took some trial-and-error. As it is, I create a Review that matches my Premiere Pro project name, and then each "part" (gag ) matches each sequence. Again, I think the implementation is fine; this is just a semantic issue, from my view.



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      Sep 14, 2010 11:38 AM   in reply to Colin Brougham

      Your points are spot-on, Colin - I agree 100%.  We've got some terminology challenges that may not be immediately apparent (or immediately clear).  "Parts" (or, as I prefer to always refer to them, "Review parts") are just one on the terms we've introduced.  It's tempting to think of these as "pages" but obviously there are no "pages" in video projects (and "pages" really doesn't work even for print-based Reviews - how do InDesign spreads (facing pages) map to that?).


      Ultimately we settled on the more generic term "Review parts" since that's more technically accurate and inclusive - but I'll be the first to admit we need to do a better job of clarifying, explaining and reinforcing its meaning and usage.


      It's all still new, though - we hope that it starts to make more sense over time and as the service evolves.  We're looking at ways to do that in future updates.


      Thanks for the feedback - we appreciate it all.

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      Sep 14, 2010 11:52 AM   in reply to David Herman - Adobe

      Thanks for the reply, David. Now that I'm playing around with the service a bit, it does make sense--I think it's just a matter of getting over that original terminology bump and then it is actually quite logical. I'll just start training myself to tell my clients to "check out that part!"


      While I've got your ear... err... I mean, eye, a couple questions:


      1. Is there a means of replacing an original uploaded review with a new revised video? Maybe that doesn't make sense in the CS Review idiom, but I guess I'm just used to uploading an updated edit in the same location, so a client doesn't have to fiddle around with new URLs, and run the risk of looking at an outdated edit. Again, I've only been playing with this for about one day now, so maybe this isn't even a necessity.
      2. Can an new uploaded review be placed in a specific Acrobat workspace from the CS Review panel, or must this be done from the web interface? Since I do multiple projects for a particular client, it would be convenient to specify a destination for a new review to that client's workspace, which I have shared with them. This makes it much easier than sending an email notice or sharing each individual review with the client.


      Thanks again.

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      Sep 14, 2010 12:24 PM   in reply to Colin Brougham

      Short answer to both questions is "not right now."


      1. You can add an additional Review part to the same Review, but that does not "replace" the original Review part.  You could, of course, delete the original Review part from the Review, after adding revised content, but the comments attached to the original Review part would go with it.  So if it's important to preserve a record of what comments were made (and it usually is), we suggest that you either add the revised content as an additional part to the same Review, or create a new Review for the revised content.  We recognize that there's room for improvement here, and addressing it is on our list.


      2. Regarding managing Reviews and workspaces - currently you can only move Reviews from one workspace to another via the web client, not from the Review Panel in the apps.  This is also high on our to-do list, but for now, if it involves managing assets and workspaces, the Web Client is the place to do that.


      Thanks again.

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      Nov 23, 2010 8:36 AM   in reply to David Herman - Adobe

      One of my coworkers, Kevin, just wrote up a useful page for setting up and using CS Review with Premiere Pro CS5: -review-in-premiere-pro-cs5/

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