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CS Review Panel - PPro

Sep 14, 2010 4:54 AM

I don't have one. I have the 5.02 update. I have the button on the top right with the option for creating a new review and were you sign in and out of CS Live. I have the same create a new revue option under the file menu and under Window menu/Extensions. I'm signed in to CS Live. I can use the service that is available for uploading outside of Premiere Pro. I watched the video that Terry White made and I don't have the "panel" that is demonstrated in the source monitor area. What could be the reason for this? Create a new review has .... after it. Is that right? I mean should it. I'm at my sons computer and he is a student with an academic copy - is it not available on that version?

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    Sep 14, 2010 6:12 AM   in reply to BingoFriday

    Here's what I had to do to get mine to show up:


    1. Use the Learn More option to go online to the CS Review subsite  and sign in with your Adobe ID. Go to the CS Review main section.
    2. Back in Premiere, click the Sign In option at the top of the CS Live option list; sign in.
    3. Close Premiere.
    4. Restart  Premiere. You should now have CS Review Home and Create New Review  under the CS Review option, and there will be a new option under Window  > Extension called CS Review. That's the actual review window.



    One computer worked right away doing this; the other I had to repeat steps 2 and 3 a couple times before the options and panel appeared.


    Hope that helps.

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    Sep 14, 2010 7:13 AM   in reply to BingoFriday

    That's pretty much the experience I had with one of my systems. I had actually started the process two days earlier, when they finally showed up! The other system worked the first time. You might try restarting your system; there may be some sort of "phoning home" that the CS5 software has to do to link up with your Adobe ID/account.


    It's remarkably and frustratingly inconsistent...

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    Sep 14, 2010 10:47 AM   in reply to BingoFriday

    Hi BingoFriday,


    First, sorry for the hassles.  The academic version should be the same bits as the retail version, so it's not that. And I would not recommend a reinstall - that's probably not necessary and won't help (unless the machine has been hacked in some way to specifically disable network access - in which case all bets are off).


    There are a number of things that can cause things to go awry.  I'll list a few items to check below, but first, let me make sure I understand what is and isn't happening for you.  Please correct me if any of the following are not true:


    You are unable to get the Review Panel to open up

    You believe you are signed up for CS Live services (you have "started your subscription")

    You believe you are signed in to CS Live


    The most common cause of problems is probably when you think you have access to CS Live but you actually don't.  Are you able to sign in to your account at successfully using your Adobe ID?  Be sure you're using the same Adobe ID for all of this - it's possible (and easy) to have multiple IDs (I've got a bunch...) but in order to use CS Review you must be using the one that has the CS Live subscription turned on.

    To confirm you have signed up ("started your subscription") to CS live services, please do the following:



    Sign in to your account at, and look to see if the "CS Review Home" button appears in the toolstrip.  Do you see this when you're signed in at


    If yes, then that part is OK (you already have access to CS Live set up).  If not, then you probably just need to sign up to flip the switch.  Do the following:



    1. Go to this link:
    2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Sign Up button
    3. In the "Sign up for CS Live" dialog that appears, click the Next button
    4. In the "Enter an Adobe" ID dialog, enter your existing Adobe ID and password (on the right side) and then click the Sign In button.  IF you have already signed up, it will tell you so ("You have already signed up").  If it says "Thnak you" We have used the Adobe ID <your ID> to set up your access to CS Live services." then that was the missing piece.


    Also, be sure to check your email - you should have received several verification emails, including one that you must reply to (there are two pieces of email you get when you first establish your Adobe ID - you may have done that a while ago when you installed and registered - one of those messages contains a verification link that you must click to confirm your email/identity).


    OK, check CS Review in Photoshop (no disrespect to Premiere - I just find Photoshop launches faster on my system - and if the Review Panel works in one app, it should work in all of them).


    Launch Photoshop.  In Photoshop, if you choose Window > Extensions > CS Review.... (yes, there should an ellipses i.e. three periods...) what happens - anything?  The Review Panel should open up, and you should either see a Sign In button (click it!) or you might see a message indicating that you have not yet been invited to any Reviews (if you see that message, you are already signed in to CS Live and ready to go).


    Here's one more item to check:  there are a few preferences that can block access to CS Live, including CS Review.


    In Photoshop, go to Preferences > Plug-ins... and make sure that the options in the "Extension Panels" group are all checked.

    If they weren't, select all of them, restart Photoshop, and try again.

    Note that the same setting in Photoshop CS4 can also block access - so it you still have Photoshop CS4 on this machine, check the same settings.


    There are some other things to check, but those should cover the most common items.  Please give it a try and report back with results.



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    Sep 14, 2010 3:54 PM   in reply to BingoFriday

    OK, thanks for the update.  It sounds like there's an issue with your account - or rather, you may have multiple accounts and somewhere in the mix thinks one of them is signed in, and in another place it thinks a different one is signed in.  In any case, I think the issue is with accounts, not with your installation.


    One thing to keep in mind is that Adobe IDs must map to a unique email address - you can not use the same email address for more than one ID - which (I think) you found when you tried to wrestle with an old/new ID and make one of them point to an address you had used previously.


    Here's a suggestion I'd like you to try - this will probably tell us if the problem is with your ID or something on your local machine.  It involves a little extra hoop-jumping, but I think the investment of your time will be worth it.  Do the following steps in order...


    1. First, launch Photoshop (or another CS Review host app) and be sure you are signed out. (If you're signed in, the first item on the CS Live menu should be "Sign Out" - click that; if the first menu item says "Sign In" don't).
    2. Quit out of all apps, and restart your computer.
    3. Next, create a throwaway email account at some web-based service - Hotmail, Yahoo, Google, whatever - this is just for testing purposes.  Fire up your favorite browser, surf on over and create a web mail account there.
    4. Head over to  If you happen to have checked the option to "Keep me signed in" you will need to sign out of your account - because we're going to create a test account there, too.  Click the big "Sign Up" button to create a new account - in the "Sign Up for a Free Account" box, enter your newly created web mail account as your email address, pick a password, enter the other required information, and click the "Sign Up" button to create your new (test) Adobe ID.
    5. Go back to your newly created web mail account and open the verification mail from, click the verification link, and sign in to At this point you should have a brand new, squeaky clean email address and an associated Adobe ID.  Next you need to get a CS Live subscription started for that ID.
    6. Go to this link:
    7. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Sign Up button
    8. In the "Sign up for CS Live" dialog that appears, click the Next button
    9. In the "Enter an Adobe" ID dialog, enter your (newly created) Adobe ID and password (on the right side) and then click the Sign In button. You should get the happy message about successfully getting access set up.
    10. Fire up Photoshop.
    11. Click Window > Extensions > CS Review.... and....


    I'll bet my lunch money that the Review Panel opens up in all its glory, that you can click the Sign In button, then enter your (new, test) credentials, and you'll be able to create a new Review.  If so, that's good - the issue has been identified, it's your account.  We can work on that next (it may or may not be simple - we'll cross that bridge later if need be).


    IMPORTANT: Any Reviews you create using this (temporary) account will be associated with that account - and presumably you are going to abandon that account (it's generally not possible to move files from one account to another), so while it's OK to create a test Review or two, don't use that account for any real work/real documents that you will want to keep.


    OTOH, if it turns out that you go through the above steps to create a brand new email account, a new Adobe ID, and get the CS Live subscription started for that account, if everything all has that new car smell and the Review Panel still refuses to appear - then the issue may be something munged with your installation.  If that's the case, don't reinstall just yet (if you do have to reinstall, you will want to do a careful, manual scrub-down of a couple items - but lets not go there yet/unless it's necessary).


    Please give the above a try and report back.  Thanks.

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    Jan 8, 2012 8:19 AM   in reply to BingoFriday

    I can't even get Premiere `pro to open correctly. It keeps crashing with a kernel panic.  Anyone else having this problem???? so I can't use CS live as I can't even use the application I have paid for. I am fed up spent all day restarting my computer. I am using Mac OS 10.5.8 intel core processor.  The hard drive has no problems have checked this.


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