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DVR with 4.5 RTMP and iOS, is possible??

Sep 16, 2011 3:04 PM

I was previously using FMS 3.5 to record from flash media live encoder using the DVR app. This worked well as I was able to seek into a live stream, all of it not just a window, and I was using RTMP for playback (not HTTP).


Now I would like to upgrade to 4.5, and keep using RTMP for DVR BUT add support for iOS. So my question is, is this possible? I've looked over the documentation many times and cannot figure it out. I see livepackager and that appears to support HLS but it also requires using adobe dynamic http streaming and it says nothing about true DVR (yes actually recording it).


So is the dvr app now obsolete, and if not how can I add iPhone support to it? I already have a custom player and really hope I don't need to rewrite it to use adobe http dynamic streaming just for this.




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    Sep 16, 2011 3:17 PM   in reply to tuvman1

    You should use FMIS becasue otherwise you cannot write a serverside script and use DVR . The streaming version will allow you to stream nothing but video. FMIS will allow you to leverage the sever to do all kinds of things for example you can make chats and send users message such as "Bob has logged off" when bob leaves. among many other things. If you plan to build robust applications you need Flash Media Interactive Server 4.5 or Flash Media Enterprise Server 4.5.

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    Sep 16, 2011 3:51 PM   in reply to tuvman1

    I imagine you will be waiting a long time for an answer here. for one thing its the weekend and for another forums are notoriously slow at answering questions. Finally if you are upgrading from a previous version of FMS then you should be able to get plenty of support on this issue by calling adobe. Have you ever purchased FMS before? Have you considered paying for a monthly subscribtion to adobe support services? not sure if such a service exsists but my guess may be good I know other companies such as microsoft have such service. If you buy a subscription it shows that you are serious and not just curious. A serious buisness  that wants to use adobe products tends to have a budget just for things like this.

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    Sep 17, 2011 6:39 PM   in reply to tuvman1


    Thanks for trying the new FMS 4.5.

    To support iOS we are levereging the HTTP type of delivery and not RTMP. DVR is meant for RTMP delivery and the new livepkgr app with HLS support is meant for iOS delivery on HTTP. So to have simultaneous delivery, livepkgr would be the ideal solution. The content is still recorded on to the disk in the case of livepkgr (and when it uses HLS), but in the form of F4F, the new file format from Adobe. livepkgr, in a sense is DVR on HTTP.


    The strobe media player can out of the box play any RTMP/HTTP stream. you can get it from


    Hope the information is useful. Thank you !

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    Sep 17, 2011 7:10 PM   in reply to tuvman1



    a. Any plan to update dvrcast for 4.5 and to support RTMP and iOS. Am I correct that it would just require server side code and would be possible if livepkgr were open sourced?

    Ans: DVRCast is not updated. You have to use the livepkgr app if you are looking for out of the box ready apps in FMS for iOS. The livepkgr code is available under FMS-Installation\samples\application\livepkgr. You can use it to make your own apps, given you make the necessary changes elsewhere too (httpd.conf and etc).


    b. How do I configure livepkgr to record everything to disk (not just a window) so that an F4F is created for the entire recording session, that can be watched later. I've read through the documentation and could not find it. I'll give you an example use case, we need our website to record live meetings which may last minutes or hours (and let remote users watch and seek into any point even to minute 3 when the meeting is already 5 hours) and we need to let users access recordings of previous meetings.


    Ans: Livepkgr app records the full length of your live on to the disk, without any time limit (if you do not want to). Everything is recorded on to the disk.


    c. and is b possible also on iOS or do we get just a window during live recording?

    Ans: Recording is separate from delivery. iOS might be or might not be subscribed or being used, but the recording will continue as long as the publishing happens. Remember, that the publishing is happening on RTMP (persistent connection), but the HLS delivery is on HTTP.


    d. with http delivery instead of RTMP will we have frame accurate seeking or just keyframe seeking? This is a requirement because we associate bookmarks and metadata with frames.

    Ans: I am not much expert on this, but i guess its keyframe seeking.


    e. I don't look forward to rewriting my current netstream code, but if it needs to be done then it needs to be done. Is the strobe media player open source and would it be possible to integrate it into my custom player (not the other way around)?

    Ans: It should be possible to integrate seamlessly.

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  • bobsagat123
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    Oct 3, 2011
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    Oct 4, 2011 2:35 AM   in reply to Nikhil Pavan Kalyan

    Nikhil, After reading these forums you seem very knowledgeable about HLS and 4.5. We are moving away from IIS Smooth Streaming, and are using the livepkgr app to stream content to so we can playback on iOS. Live streams work wonderfully. But the recorded f4f file (that hls-vod fragments and makes a .m3u8) takes insanely long to load as the f4f filesize gets larger. We've run in to an issue where a recorded f4f file will NOT playback on iOS (or Mac) if it's larger than say 500MB. You can read more about this issue at


    I've spent the past 72 hours trying to figure this out and im drawing blanks, I have no clue what causes it. (Is there any way to seperate the m3u8 and f4f?) Any insight would help!



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