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BSOD - A Serious Issue

Jan 2, 2011 8:06 AM

Tags: #crash #bsod #troubleshoot

A BSOD is a major problem, and is very often a sign of hardware issues. The main causes are:


Heat buildup - in the CPU, or the HDD's

RAM - bad, or going bad

PSU - going bad, or improperly connected

MoBo - going bad


This ARTICLE will link to tools that will help you track those elements, and possibly show the bad element, or potentially bad element.


I would also change Reboot on Error, to OFF, so that you can write down the report on the BSOD. There might be something in that load of "abstract code" that will be helpful, but maybe not. Also, when one reboots after a BSOD, Windows will usually yield an error message to the effect of "Windows has recovered from a serious problem... " and will often help you trace the issue. Also, this ARTICLE will give you tips for finding clues as to what was happening, just before the BSOD.


This ARTICLE will give one tips on setting up their computer for an editing session.


This ARTICLE, though directed at PrPro, will be useful for troubleshooting.


If nothing else works, see this ARTICLE.


Before doing anything else, I would solve the BSOD issue.


Good luck,



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    Nov 16, 2011 12:51 PM   in reply to Bill Hunt

    just finished installing a new PS and that seems to have solved the hard crashes, that and the cpu was covered in dust.

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    Sep 4, 2012 8:45 AM   in reply to Bill Hunt

    Thank you, Bill, for the fast reply.


    i think i saw one of your earlier replies, which was very helpful in helping me through the checklist of potential causes.  I've ruled out the typical suspects, including bad memory. 


    i recently discovered furthermore that the problem happens even when trying to make a bd image, so the issue isn't necessarily related to the drive.


    also this blue sreen only occurs in Encore when trying to make a bluray disc or image, no other time.


    in the details i uploaded, can you see anything specific that might be causing this issue?


    thanks again for the help!

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    Sep 4, 2012 3:12 PM   in reply to Bill Hunt

    Could this be caused by something as mundane as memory?  I have 4GB installed on Windows 7 HP.   I could go to 8 GB.   I thought that insufficient memory would just slow things down, not cause a system crash...


    I've tried already to just burn an image ICO, but that didn't work.


    Looking at the error message detail, it seems there is a paging error?  So this is memory related.

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