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Mar 7, 2011
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NEW FEATURE: Redirect after Submit

Dec 20, 2011 12:13 PM

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We just released the Redirect after Submit feature on Friday (6/24/11). This has been a very commonly asked for feature. The problem is this - how do I get the respondent back to my website once they successfully filled out the form. Currently the respondent ends on the confirmation page and has to manually navigate back to your website - which is far from optimal.


This feature is part of the Basic and Plus plans; and it can be found on the "Options" tab under the "Redirect URL" section. This option will work on previously created forms as well as new forms.


Here is what the UI looks like:

Redirect - Authoring.PNG

You have two redirect options:

  1. Redirect back to the first page of the form - Why would you ever want to do that?? If respondents are filling the form out in person (like an event registration) at a kiosk-like computer or tablet then this feature allows you to automatically redirect back to the beginning of the form (and it will be empty) so the next person in line can fill it out.
  2. Redirect to a specific URL - Type in the URL to the website you want to redirect and set the amount of time the user sees the confirmation page (the minimum time is 5 seconds).


Now when the user Submits the data the confirmation page will look something like this:

Redirect - respondent.PNG

After 5 seconds it will automatically redirect back to your website or to the beginning of the form depending on the option you chose.




Randy Swineford

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(Randy Swineford, 12/20/2011) Updated description to include new option

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    Dec 2, 2011 6:02 AM   in reply to Randy Swineford

    I'm new to FormsCentral, so forgive me if this is a dumb newbie question...


    I understand the redirect idea, but I'm curious as to whether the target page has a way to access the data entered by the user on the form.


    For instance, could I have a form that (say) asks the user to rate a service, redirect him to my site, and then understand whether the user rated my service one star (which might trigger follow-up of some sort) or four stars (which might trigger a "thank you" message)?



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