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Please fix this someone

Nov 10, 2009 7:19 PM

You know I have to say that difficult does not express the challenges working with these products.  With alll that is written about being able to view and share (which to me means other can view) PDFs on, does it make sense that when I try and view them I see a "for the best experience........ open the PDF in acrobat 9 or Reader 9...... "get Adobe reader now!" ?  Why don't I see the front page of the portfolio just like when I open it on my computer, or when I go to a website with a link to the PDF, click the link and it opens......!  No message about downloading or needing another software.


  1. I don't want to open it in anything.  I want to click on the file and have it open, just like when you go to a web site that has a link to a PDF and when you click on it, it opens....!
  2. My only choice on the right appears to be "download".  I don't want to download, nor do I want my customers who I would be sending to to view the PDF to have to download it.  I wan them to view it.  Just like when you go to a web site and click on the link to a PDF, and it opens.....!    And as soon as you force someone to download something, it is a different event for them; less attractive, less convenient, perhaps risky (downloading something onto their computer... what might come with it?), more time, "do I have the right reader?", etc., etc. , etc.
  3. So then I conclude based on what you are telling me on the screen, OK, maybe the problem is that somehow I don't have Acrobat reader 9 (why couldn't it tell me whether or not I do?).  So I go to my list of programs and nowhere is Reader listed. Of course I have Reader, and I beleive I have Reader 9, but no way to know... so now do I get to go look through my computer to find the answer somewhere else?
  4. So what if I just try to download Reader 9 ands see what it says?  So then I go back to "Get Adobe Reader Now!"  and click...........nothing, of course.


Am I the only one that goes through these user experiences and takes the time to tell Adobe?  If someone else is responsible within Adobe, could you possibly forward this to them?  It would be great if your other customers don't have to go through the same thing, again, and again, etc....


Does the CEO get notified about this?  Do you all keep score on customer happiness?  What is the metric?  Does it include this kind of issue?


I hope you can share the attachmnent I included with this post so you can see the screen I got after clicking on "post message".... classic....."you cannot post a blank message... please type your message and try again".  The text is gone, the form is blank.....But wait, I spent a lot of time on this post and you're telling me you lost it?????   Well, I saved the text before pressing the button.... so you didn't lose it, and it did get sent.

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    Nov 11, 2009 1:23 PM   in reply to dwagster

    Hello Dwagster,


    I'm sorry for the frustration with the PDF previewer on's share service, and thank you for your feedback. As you've discovered, it can't yet support PDF portfolio type documents, and the only choice is to download the document. The ability to preview PDF Portfolios is on the list of enhancements for a future release so we thank you for your patience in the meantime.


    The wording on the download screen could perhaps be a bit more clear. Instead of "Get Reader Now" it should probably say "Need Adobe Reader? Get it now!".


    Please be assured that the team at pays very close attention to these forum posts, as they are a primary source of ideas and feedback that steer the direction of our products.


    Again, I'm sorry for the trouble. Please keep the feedback coming... we appreciate it!


    Kind Regards,



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    Feb 13, 2010 2:04 PM   in reply to dwagster

    I couldn't agree more strongly with point #1.  My workaround was to download the file and post the file on my own website with my own link.  Now, when a user clicks on my link, Reader comes up in the browser and they fill out the form.  No download needed.  Why on earth couldn't just do the same thing?  Download a file?  Are you kidding me?

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    Feb 13, 2010 6:03 PM   in reply to JordanSparks3

    My workaround was not quite as good as I thought.  It needed some more work as explained here:

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    Dec 12, 2011 10:49 PM   in reply to dwagster

    I agree - the user experience would be greatly improved the recipient of a link to a published file viewed it in Reader not on - the res. seems to be low and you can't easily print a page for example.

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