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Problem with copying and pasting text blocks in Fireworks CS5

Mar 20, 2012 11:06 AM

Until recently when I copied and pasted a text block in Fireworks CS5, the block would retain all formatting applied to the copied text block, font, size, color, etc. Now, the pasted block reverts to some default setting. Oddly, if I copy multiple text blocks, the formatting is retained as expected, but not if I copy a single text block. I cannot find a preference that affects this, and I cannot figure out what might have changed. The current behaviour is definitely not desired, and is dramatically affecting my efficiency. Anyone experienced something similar or have any ideas how to correct this? Thanks.

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    Mar 20, 2012 11:25 AM   in reply to theLLancer

    Can you share the specifics of your workflow? What commands are you using to copy and paste? Are you copying the text objects themselves, or selecting text within the objects? Are you copying and pasting within the canvas or within the Layers panel? Are you copying and pasting strictly within Fireworks itself?


    Generally, you've got multiple options for copying text objects: Copy (Command-C) and Paste (Command-P), Clone, Duplicate, or option-dragging the text object (on the canvas or in the Layers panel).

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    Mar 20, 2012 12:09 PM   in reply to theLLancer

    The fact that the problem occurs with Copy and Paste suggests to me an issue with the Clipboard—as if some text settings are being retained there.


    My old version of Fireworks (FW8) doesn't have a command to clear the clipboard, but your newer version might. If not, I know that Photoshop has a command for this—you should find it under Edit > Purge > Clipboard. (Also, the fact that the typeface is stuck on Myriad Pro suggests the handiwork of Illustrator or InDesign, which always used to default to that font, I think.)


    The Clone command will work just like Copy and Paste, preserving the X-Y positioning of the original. (In fact, it's better at this than Copy and Paste, which sometimes moves objects if they're partially outside the canvas bounds.) Also remember that you can option-click within Layers to copy an object in place. That might be a good subsitution for you, if Copy and Paste remains a problem.


    Sorry I don't have a magic answer for you, but I think that clearing the Clipboard might help in the short term. And the other methods of copying text objects are viable alternatives in the meantime. (In fact, if you use the keyboard shortcut for Clone, it'll actually be fewer keystrokes.)

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    Mar 20, 2012 12:40 PM   in reply to theLLancer

    I edited my previous post to include the Photoshop CS2 command (Edit > Purge > Clipboard).


    Thinking about it, maybe Myriad Pro is now the default font for Fireworks, too—though it would be an odd default for a web design application. If that were the case, then maybe the font information isn't getting copied to the clipboard. I'd then wonder if how the font were originally applied could have any impact on whether it's successfully copied—i.e., whether the font and sizing were applied to the text object itself or to selected text inside the object. Just speculation. I still think that purging the clipboard is a good first step.


    For future reference, you can attach images to your forum post using the little camera button that appears in the composing window. (If you don't see one, you might need to click "Use advanced editor".)


    Good luck!

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    Mar 20, 2012 1:08 PM   in reply to theLLancer

    Just to be clear, the Clipboard is shared by all applications, so clearing it in Photoshop (or using any other method) will clear it for Fireworks as well.


    I could be wrong about this, but I believe that the Clipboard is a resource of the operating system, not the application. And I think that's why it doesn't always retain information within an application to the extent that one might wish (as in the X-Y positioning issue that I mentioned). The alternatives to Copy and Paste—like Clone, Duplicate, and option-dragging—sidestep the Clipboard.


    I'm not sure whether Fireworks's integration with the Clipboard is flawed, or if the Clipboard itself can only support certain information. Basically, it's a great resource, but not without its flaws from time to time.


    And yeah, you likely copied something to the Clipboard while using Illustrator or InDesign, and those text settings may have gotten a little stuck somehow.

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    Mar 20, 2012 2:07 PM   in reply to theLLancer

    Well, I'm totally over my head now... but it's possible that each application loads the clipboard contents on startup (or simply retains any previously copied or pasted items for as long as the application is running), in which case purging the Clipboard in Photoshop while other applications are open may not affect those other applications. To test this theory, you could copy a new item to the clipboard in FW and then close the application. Then open Photoshop and paste the item (to confirm its presence), purge the clipboard, and close Photoshop. Then open FW again and attempt to paste the (hopefully purged) item.


    P.S. I tried this, and it seemed to work. Fireworks' Paste command was greyed out, and Command-V failed, suggesting an empty clipboard.


    P.P.S. Another cool thing I observed while running Fireworks and Photoshop simultaneously: Using copy and paste passes clipboard contents between the applications, whereas using the Clone command in Fireworks has absolutely no effect on Photoshop (since it doesn't involve the clipboard).

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    Mar 21, 2012 8:35 PM   in reply to theLLancer

    Incidentally, if purging the clipboard fixes the Copy/Paste problem in Fireworks, but you find that the problem recurs later on—i.e., as you resume working across multiple applications—you might consider filing a bug report with Adobe, as it could represent a compatibility issue between Illustrator (or InDesign) and Fireworks:



    I wouldn't sweat it, though, unless it becomes a recurring problem, or if you cannot clear up the issue at all, despite purging the clipboard (in Photoshop or another application) and restarting Fireworks.

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