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Teddy R
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I have a Bauhn "Actios" eBook Reader and even though I have items in the "explorer part of the devic

Apr 18, 2012 1:03 AM

Tags: #digital #ebook #ebooks #activation #digital_editions #adobe_digital_editions

I have a Bauhn "Actios" eBook Reader and even though I have items in the "Explorer" part of the device, I am unable to read anything in the eBook section. It tells me that there are NO Files. my device has been authorised but I just can't open anything to read. I looked for the "activation.xml" file but can't find it. I am using Windows XP.

When I have the device attached to my computer, I can see the files in the appropiate Drive and open them but, still nothing on the actual e Reader.

I have followed the instructions from the Bauhn instruction manual but how do I continue without the "activation xml." ?

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    Apr 18, 2012 12:36 PM   in reply to Teddy R

    ADE does not support that device.  THIS LINK (click here)

    <>lists all of

    the ereaders that are supported.


    If your ereader is not on the list, there's nothing you can do with ADE.

    You can try one of the other packages, like Bluefire Reader, and Overdrive.



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    Apr 24, 2012 4:54 AM   in reply to Frustrated in AZ

    Frustrated in AZ wrote:


    ADE does not support that device.  THIS LINK (click here)

    <>lists all of

    the ereaders that are supported.


    If your ereader is not on the list, there's nothing you can do with ADE.

    You can try one of the other packages, like Bluefire Reader, and Overdrive.





    If ADE does not support our device then why did the E-reader come already loaded with an ADE folder containing 1) Activation.xml & 2) Device.xml and the handbook for the device instructs us to Start ADE and you will be asked to get authorisation for the device. Click "Device Authorisation" and the authorisation will start and finish automatically?


    I am in the same boat as Teddy R, my Activation.xml file is also missing, I stumbled into the Forum looking for an answer to out dilemma.

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    Apr 24, 2012 8:24 AM   in reply to subyroo

    Why did the manufacturer load 'ADE files' on their device?   They didn't.


    Unfortunately, the files you refer to are not from Adobe, and are not part

    of ADE.  Perhaps it's an attempt by their programming staff to make the

    ereader look like a supported device to ADE, which might - or might not -

    work.  The proof would be if you had all the files the manufacturer told

    you that you were supposed to have and they worked.


    You and Teddy R will have to go back to the manufacturer and work with them

    in order to get the files you're supposed to have on the device.  Then,

    fingers crossed, you can attempt to link up with ADE.



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    Apr 24, 2012 2:46 PM   in reply to Teddy R

    I also have a Bauhn and am having the same trouble. Interestingly, I am able to download content from a memory stick without a problem, but if I attempt to download through Adobe Digital I can view the downloads on the Ereader but get the same message when I attempt to open them :No file etc". Adobe Digital is also giving me the following message when I attempt authorisation

    E_ACT_TOO_MANY_ACTIVATIONS 6903:903:8903 urn:uuid:8d56ae37-c44a-4aae-9942-aa78b9eed5f1, although my Ereader appears on the bookself and the downloaded content is in the reader.

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    Apr 24, 2012 4:14 PM   in reply to sirbenton

    I haven't a clue as to what the capabilities of your ebook reader are, but

    I do know that ADE does not support that particular ereader directly.  THIS

    LINK (click here)

    <>will show you

    all of the supported devices.


    Someone else on here was asking about how to get an 'ADE file'.  It appears

    that the manufacturer/distributor supplies software that is supposed to

    allow the ereader to interface with Adobe Digital Editions.  That software

    is not from Adobe - it's strictly from the manufacturer, so if you're

    missing a file, you have to go back to them to get it.


    The 'too many activations' message from Digital Editions may mean that the

    software from the manufacturer is messing around with the Adobe Digital

    Editions' activation counter - or that you've been trying to get this

    ereader going several times and the software is getting at least to the

    activation stage before it quits on you.  Adobe's tech support has the

    ability - and responsibility - to reset the activation counter in Digital

    Editions.  However, if you continue to attempt to use the ereader and its

    software continues to increase the activation counter each time you do,

    then you'll be back to the same place sometime soon.


    Soapbox mode on


    Many electronics houses want to get into the ereader business - especially

    those in China and other countries in the Far East.  They send us off-brand

    ereaders or supply them for 'private label' distributors with simplistic or

    nonexistent instructions on how to use the darn thing and get ebooks

    downloaded onto them.  I've never heard of this brand until two days ago,

    when someone posted the first message to the board with its name.  What I

    fear happens is the 'sizzle' is too good to be true - and people will not

    get what they thought they bought.  Since ADE has such a dominant market

    presence in the general ebook world, ADE gets blamed for the crude

    attempts  by others to get into the marketplace.  In addition, because the

    instructions on how to do what you're supposed to be able to do tend to be

    pretty basic and overlook steps and software requirements, the users get

    frustrated, thinking that it's supposed to be so simple.  It isn't.  There

    are rules in place, such as the number of activations permitted, and the

    digital rights management of copyrighted materials that these manufacturers

    and distributors don't care about.  Then there are add-on 'apps' to go on

    your mobile device which is a world that Adobe was not designed to



    As new ereaders become popular, Adobe scrambles to test them and update the

    compatibility/supported devices lists.  However, they're behind the curve

    in part because it takes time to do that, and these devices are popping up

    like mushrooms in the forest after a rainstorm.  I get 'Frustrated' also

    that buyers of these devices don't take time to check out the requirements

    for the software, the hardware compatibility and the methods needed to make

    it work.  They just get 'frustrated' themselves!


    Soapbox mode off


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    Apr 24, 2012 4:48 PM   in reply to Frustrated in AZ

    Whilst I appreciate your assistance I must take offence on behalf of me and everybody else out there who is not "techno savvy" and believe me there are many of us. Your comment regards being "frustrated" "that buyers of these devices don't take time to check out the requirements for the software, the hardware compatability and the methods needed to make it work, just frustrate themselves" I find is a little insensitive to "we buyers" when the manufacturer of the device, clearly states in the user manual that the device is to be registered  to adobe-digital-editions. As a typical mug, I checked that the Bauhn, sold through Aldi Supermarkets last Wednesday, was compatible with the various formats e.g. PDF,TXT,EPUB etc and then when it stated the ereader was to be registered through A.D.E. I figured I had a ticked all the boxes.


    So spare a thought for we idiots and don't be so insulting. It's buyers like us that keep the industry afloat and sometimes we just don't know all the boxes to tick. Cheers

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    Apr 25, 2012 1:36 PM   in reply to sirbenton

    I'm sorry that my tone is getting a bit abrasive.  I answer a lot of posts

    to the forum, and it's typical to have someone ranting about how Adobe is

    messing up when it's not an Adobe problem.  And in fact, I'd addressed

    three or four folks who were in a lifeboat in the same ocean you are within

    the past week.  All had 'off-brand' ereaders with claims to be able to use

    Digital Editions - and all did not work 'as advertised'.  All thought Adobe

    was the problem.....  You see where this leads.  Maybe I should take a



    Your problem is still typical.  Something doesn't work the way you've been

    led to believe that it should.  And the finger has been pointed at

    Adobe, because the manufacturer has made a claim.


    A manufacturer can make all sorts of claims - even use the Adobe logos -

    and not tell you how it all works or what the requirements there are for

    making it work.  Most of the User Guides I've seen for devices like these

    are not very helpful.


    The manufacturer can provide small pieces of software and tell you that

    this is the way you use those pieces to make the connection.  None of these

    claims means that the hardware/software you purchased will indeed work with

    Adobe software (be it Digital Editions, AIR or Flash Player) or anybody

    else's.  They're claims until proven.  In this case, the ereader you

    purchased claims to work with Digital Editions, and supports all of the

    nominal document formats.  But something in the stuff they've supplied

    isn't working properly, so, in my book (pardon the pun), the claim has

    failed.  And you're not alone.


    It would be interesting to see just how the manufacturer instructs you to

    use the ereader and how they tell you to interface with Digital Editions -

    what steps to follow - but you're in the UK and the device you have isn't

    available here, so it would be an intellectual excercise only.

    'Activation' with Digital Editions isn't going to occur unless there's some

    support for the device in Digital Editions.  If the manufacturer supplies

    software that makes Digital Editions think the ereader is one of the ones

    that is supported (which may be the case here), then it might work.  But

    that is all up to the manufacturer.  You have to go back to him and his

    technical support function if something they supplied isn't working.  I

    hope you speak Chinese.


    There are alternatives.  They involve doing 'tecchy' stuff such as using

    Digital Editions to download ebooks to your computer first, then

    transferring files directly and then using software that 'should' be found

    on the ereader to incorporate the ebook into its library. You should be

    able to use the USB connection to do data transfer without Digital

    Editions, but you'll need to understand some of the technical capabilities

    of your computer's utility software.  If that's not in your repetoire, we

    can walk through the steps together - just send me a private message and we

    can take this off-line.


    Also, there are other packages that will work with certain basic ereader

    types, rather than a named device like a Nook or SONY PRS-xxx.  You might

    be able to get one of those packages working.



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    Apr 26, 2012 4:47 PM   in reply to Frustrated in AZ

    Thank you for your very helpful and informative reply. To give you some background on this problem, I am from Australia and the reader was purchased at an Aldi Supermarket and was available all over the country, so you can imagine how many were sold. I in fact did not purchase one as I already have two ADE friendly readers , both of which work perfectly.  This reader was purchased by my neighbour, who, when she discovered she could not download on it, asked if I could help. What I find most disturbing is that Bauhn have devoted  two pages in their manual to installing ADE with step by step images of how to go about it.  So when I connected it to my computer, I could find no files on the reader and after much fiddling eventually found “hidden files”. The free space showed 100%. We returned the reader to the store and replaced it, only to find the same thing happened.  We have since returned the reader and have a full refund. The store and their backup people did not want to know about the problem.


    No wonder you get frustrated.


    Hopefully you can assist me with another problem, After trying so many times to authorise these two readers to Adobe, I have probably used up my allowance, so how do I go about having my allowance reset? Would very much appreciate your help. Cheers SirBenton

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    Apr 26, 2012 4:53 PM   in reply to sirbenton

    Ah!  An issue that I know well!


    First, please accept my apologies for getting the country wrong - I

    couldn't hear your accent from here.


    The activation count can be reset by the Adobe Help staff - although some

    think that, since ADE is a 'free' program, they don't have to do that.

    Persevere - they're the only people who can fiddle the bits and reset the




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    Apr 26, 2012 11:12 PM   in reply to Frustrated in AZ

    Thanks for your help. Shame about the sound, can’t seem to get good audio these days, always spoils a good accent!! Cheers SirBenton

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    May 1, 2012 6:38 PM   in reply to Teddy R

    I too have a Bauhn Actios and have been able to download OK following the instructions in the Bauhn manual.

    However some of the text appears in Chinese characters. this seems to be happening with quotation marks and apostrophes. Any suggestions?

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    May 1, 2012 7:09 PM   in reply to dbaybobj

    Go back to the manufacturer.  Either your software is defective or there's

    a switch for 'display language' somewhere that needs to be flipped.   Keep

    in mind that this ereader is NOT supported by ADE.  You are working with

    software supplied by the manufacturer, which has no guarantee that it will

    work - or if it does, that it will continue to work - with ebook downloads

    via ADE.



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    May 1, 2012 7:32 PM   in reply to Teddy R

    I have returned my replacement Bauhn "Actios" and received a refund .......... no more Aldi Electronics for me.

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    May 3, 2012 2:53 AM   in reply to Frustrated in AZ

    I have the same eBook Reader and have managed to download ebooks from and have also put my PDF documents onto the Reader. I also have Digital Editions on my computer.


    I downloaded to my Downloads Page in My Documents folder and from there downloaded them onto my eReader through Right Click "send to Removable Disc F", which was the designation given the eReader. The books download in Epub and/or PDF reader, which both work on the Reader.

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    May 3, 2012 9:39 AM   in reply to George H Jones

    Yes, that works because you're using a site that's not going to try to open

    ADE.  There aren't many sites like that, and your solution won't work with




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    May 5, 2012 10:29 PM   in reply to George H Jones

    Thanks for your input George

    The problem I am having is with library books downloaded through Adobe Digital Editions.

    The books are good when read on the computer but when transferred to the ereader

    Most of the print is in English and is quite OK but for some reason apostrophe s ('s) are replaced with Chinese characters.

    There are other substitutions with different Chinese  characters

    Not getting much help anywhere on this one



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