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Best editing tip!

May 2, 2012 3:58 PM

I appreciate the help, but I think someone needs to say what a lot of us are thinking.


People who come on support forums, come to try to get help for their frustrating editing problems, in their already frustrating film projects. They are not experts coming to talk shop. They don't come for a lecture from Daddy, or to be the butt of tech snob ego trips. Wow, people who have posted thousands of posts on a tech support forum, and have been using premeire for ten years are actually good at premeire. This does not make you special, nor would learning premeire in a week.So why not give up trying to prove how smart you are, and help peope or don't.


Don't ask people questions or get them to make screen shots, then be high and mightily unimpressed with their answers, that you abandon the conversation. Don't say "sounds like inexperience and operator error", and then have no comment as to what makes you think this(sounds like an experienced ego trip opportunity searcher). And don't get high and mighty over information you didn't get that is self explanatory, or a normal thing for a novice to not understand.


If you are an expert, you would know that there are plenty of fixes that don't require screen shots or tech info. These are not the holy grail of tech support, and most of my fixes have come from things like cache cleaning or changing the timeline my footage is on. So if you are put to tears by people who aren't PP nerds, then leave us lower people to share our commenplace tips.


We are all people struggling to understand things in life, and you will not escape this position.

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    May 2, 2012 4:21 PM   in reply to Johnrh76

    There's nothing wrong with being new at something and needing help.


    There's everything wrong with not having the fundamental education you need before you try your hand at something.  (And that includes technical know-how.)


    First you learn, and then you do.  If you get that sequence wrong, you will almost certainly have unnecessary difficulty.  (And once you have that education and experience, it will start to become pretty clear when someone else doesn't.)

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    May 2, 2012 4:40 PM   in reply to Johnrh76

    Adobe doesn't advertise the need to become a tech expert to cut and render your project.


    It is true that the price of the hardware and software has come down to a point where just about anyone can get their hands on it and give it a go.


    But that doesn't obviate the lesson here.  If you try your hand without first getting the proper education, you will almost certainly have unnecessary difficulty.


    The solution, then, is to get that education first.  This applies to any subject, not just editing.



    Its obvious to a mechanic that people don't know their cars, but it would be ridicuous to talk down to them for trying to get theirs fixed.


    A fair point.  But people who simply "drive their cars" use Premiere Elements.  People who use Premiere Pro are more akin to those who drive Formula 1.  And yes, anyone trying to do that without having the fundamental education and technical know how of doing so is very likely to get quite a ribbing from any mechanic.

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    May 2, 2012 5:01 PM   in reply to Johnrh76

    Johnrh76 wrote:


    ....being a snob and talking down to them from years of experience is ridiculous. This isn't a club for premeire experts, its a club for premeire users.


    I've had quite the opposite experience here on this very forum.

    The great thing about it is, that this is a club of Premiere users with different backgrounds and duifferent levels of experience.
    I love that this is a friendly forum, where i can always expect the best possible support and help and TIME (yes, it is a great thing, people actually sacrifice their time to help me and many others out, patiently explain stuff that i just thought i woldn't be able to wrap my head around to save my life) by people way more experienced than me.

    Also it gives me the opportunity to help those with less experience than me with easier questions, so decade-long experts won't have to deal with the trivial stuff but i can jump in and share some of my humble knowledge...


    It's just wonderful that this seems to work out here down the line from the people who know the color of the underwear of the guy who wrote that one script or plugin all the way to the first time user...


    It seems to me that you just had a bad start, John. Don't let that frustrate you to soon.


    and my favourite best editing tip:




    1. It is true to the emotion of the moment
    2. It advances the story
    3. It occurs at a moment that is rhythmatically connected to the flow of the film
    4. It is connected to the eye-trace, the location and movement of the audience focus
    5. It connects to the stage line, two dimensional plane of screen
    6. It respects the three-dimensional continuity


    if not, sacrifice your way upwards the list from 6 to 1 ..."

    Walter Murch.




    and keeep smiling

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    May 2, 2012 7:44 PM   in reply to Johnrh76

    Over in your recent question you were asked some questions that you could not answer, which I am very sure was frustrating for everyone... people here DO try to help, but there are some bits of technical information that are needed to provide that help


    Down at the bottom of that message (my reply is #7) I just posted some information, and links to help you learn


    Video editing is not simple, and does require knowledge... if you will click the links I provided and do some (well... maybe a lot) reading, you will learn how to use Premiere Pro

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    May 2, 2012 8:16 PM   in reply to Felix Lewis



    I've had quite the opposite experience here on this very forum.

    The great thing about it is, that this is a club of Premiere users with different backgrounds and duifferent levels of experience.

    Me too - this forum is a huge rescourse and people like Harm, Jim, Ann and many others put a lot of effort in making stuff available for us all, such as the "PC building thread" "Storage thread" etc.


    Just my 2 cents



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    May 2, 2012 9:12 PM   in reply to Johnrh76

    Just what you don't need when your pulling your hair out trying to get your project, is to have someone call you stupid, ask you to answer questions then dissapear.


    I never saw anyone call you stupid but the reason people ask questions of you is to help you with the issue. 


    The reason they dissapear sometimes is because they are in different time zones and also have a private and professional life as well. 


    The questions asked are "triggers" so that someone else may have enough information to also be able to contribute to an answer / solution.


    It is expected that the poster will contribute to their own solution by making some  effort to understand the "questions" (ie. keywords easily searcheable on Google or within the Forum. ). 


    In your case  you did need to have a simple understanding of what footage you were dealing with from the camera and what PPRO sequence settings you used.  Others can not read your mind or see over your shoulder.


    Anyway..I do agree that newbies should not be discouraged by rudeness.

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    May 3, 2012 11:02 AM   in reply to shooternz

    shooternz wrote:


    It is expected that the poster will contribute to their own solution by making some  effort to understand the "questions" (ie. keywords easily searcheable on Google or within the Forum. ). 


    Too may people ask a question on a forum without reading the help file or searching Google for a solution  or tutorials.

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    May 3, 2012 2:34 PM   in reply to Peru Bob

    Personally I have no issue with people asking basic questions in the Forum ...but I do expect them to provide enough information to work with and  a clear concise question.  Then I expect them to do a bit for themselves.

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    May 3, 2012 4:57 PM   in reply to shooternz

    "Its obvious to a mechanic that people don't know their cars, but it would be ridicuous to talk down to them for trying to get theirs fixed."

    I have a 96' Nissan Pathfinder that wouldn't start last month.  I was fairly certain it was the starter.  I prefer to do my own mechanical repairs.  I raised the vehicle and saw no way to get the upper starter bolt out.  I tried many combinations of sockets and extensions.  Nothing even came close.  Someone on You Tube did a video with narrative describing their experience replacing their starter in a Pathfinder.  It took them 3 days because they removed part of the suspension to get to the upper bolt.  I decided to pass and took my vehicle to a good mechanic.  I was somewhat apologetic when I took the car in and told the mechanic the upper starter bold may give him trouble.  He just looked at me.  I talked to the shop owner and kind of watched my car go up on the lift out of the corner of my eye.  I saw it come down after about 10 minutes and expected there to be a problem.  The mechanic got in my car, started it up and backed it out of the bay.  The entire R&R only took about ten minutes.  I felt like an incompetent without the mechanic even saying anything about the job.  He didn't volunteer any information when I told him I was amazed the job took so little time.  What seemed like magic at the time wasn't quite as impressive once I learned how he got that upper bolt out.


    The more you work at something the better you get.  You just have to keep at it and not let anyone discourage you.  I haven't been editing with Premiere all that long.  I started editing professionally with Premiere 6.5 in 2003.

    There's always something new to learn.

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    May 3, 2012 5:32 PM   in reply to Chuck A. McIntyre

    i get the impression that this thread so far has been about the technical aspects of formats and forms of products ( interlaced, progressive, etc )


    the list of things in the world of product is endless ....frame rate, broadcast stuff, is endless.... think about 2 perf anamorphic for full chips if you doubt my confusion... like, when will THAT be available with digital ?


    Anyway, regardless, the tech stuff and getting from point A to point B ( input to output ) is pretty confusing and full of wisdom and knowledge with pro equipment, and when someone like ME ( an idiot on a home computer I admit ) tries to figure this out and do something on the crest of the new wave of our revolution in media.... well, to be honest I am sometimes just amazed and nonplussed ( if thats the word I want ? ).


    maybe plussed is the word ?


    anyway, snakes help, and coors lite.  gets me through the hard parts of studying stuff as needed.  MIT has a cool free program about electronics and physics ( MITx) you can take online now.... if you wanna get into THAT stuff...but I doubt it will help you tell a story and edit the thing so I sit on the edge of my seat and eat a ton of popcorn during the " show ".


    Is that your intention ?? to make me love your story and your work ???  If so, be patient with us idiots, as we usually do our best to be a part of the community and act honestly if not wisely.



    ohhh... i just remembered why i started writing this thing...


    im watching ' avatar' now on some cable station in nyc area. thank God I am now watching avatar for like the 5th day in a row on the same channel this week.  i dont know if you ever watched anything about 1 thousand times, but after a while ( with some imagination etc ) you can sorta get some idea " how it was edited "....

    not only THAT...BUT you can sorta see how it was SHOT .... so it could BE edited that way...

    it is a wonderful experience for any student or professional editor IMO.... to watch something over and over and over and over like this.


    Im not sure its the best thing for the " media " in general to show the same stupid stuff over and over and over , like law and order and csi and stuff like that...but when you get something really SERIOUS... like ! watch your blood pressure !!!!!


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    May 3, 2012 5:49 PM   in reply to able123

    Rod wrote:

    "anyway, snakes help, and coors lite".


    I was thinking about posting this video.  My friend found a young snake in our backyard.  I looked it up and it's a King snake.  I'm trying to pick it up and it's striking.  I have it in my hand and it starts crawling up my arm.  My daughter comes out and wants to hold it.  Next my wife comes out and wants to hold it.  I have it all on video.  It's funny because some people are totally terrified of snakes.  Seeing my wife try to pick up the snake and it's striking would just freak some people out.

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    May 5, 2012 12:30 PM   in reply to shooternz



    Guess that I am lucky, as I missed the earlier thread in the product forum, as I have been gone for a bit.




    Troubleshooting remotely, without being able to sit at a user's computer, with their Assets and Project/Sequence, and diagnosing issues is really tough. One needs to ask some questions, to try an emulate the problem, either on their machine, or at least in their mind.


    Often, a poster wants a quick, simple answer, and for some problems, that is possible, but certainly not always. Other problems might be much more involved, and require many more answers, before one can offer any useful help.


    I see some posters, who feel that questions are unimportant, and that someone should just have a "fix" handy.


    Also, many of the responders here (and elsewhere) have rather a list of "boilerplate" questions, and perhaps not all of the answers apply, in a particular case. That is not because those respondents want to bother the poster, but because, over time, they have learned many of the "common issues," and their questions address most of those. It is not to be mean, or obtuse, but only to try and eliminate common issues, and get a handle on the problem.


    I do agree with you 100%, that rudeness should never, never play into things in the product forums.


    Good luck to the OP, and I offer a blanket apology for any perceived rudeness - that is seldom seen around "these parts."



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