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Jun 25, 2009
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InDesign/InCopy 7.5.3 is out [ANN]

May 2, 2012 11:44 PM

Tags: #cs5.5 #release #updates #notes #7.5.3 #

You can tell CS6 is getting close.

Adobe has released InDesign and InCopy (and InDesign Server) version

Release notes at 5-51.html

(well, linked from otes.html#indesignCS55753 if you want to compare InDesign and InCopy and InDesign Server).


Changes from to


Architecture / Document  

  InDesign unexpectedly quits when performing certain copy/paste operations. [3073952, 2941163]*

  When opening files from a newer version of InDesign, non-meaningful errors about missing plug-ins are shown rather than a clear indication that the file is from a newer version. [2944763]*

  Degradation in performance when moving objects when display is set to High Quality [3128109]*

  InDesign unexpectedly quits when recovering a file on product restart. [3100953]*


  White stitching line in JPEG export with certain placed images scaling percentage and JPEG export resolution [2987040]*

  Redraw performance for ID CS5 is slow compared to CS3. [2910574]*

  Poster: From Current Frame' option in the Media will not restore the poster from that frame after re-linking. [3097841]*

  Reduced transparency support for TIFF files from Photoshop CS6 [3073238]*

  In certain drag and drop scenarios, URLs are getting changed in InCopy/InDesign CS4, CS5.5 [3054805]*


  Uninstall/Reinstall removes Bridge's "Place>In InDesign" menu item. [3079235]*

Import / Export  

Wrong page number on export book to PDF [2940448]*


  Tab override gets reset in INX/IDML [2827174]*

  Master applied incorrectly when opening IDML file [3114965]*

  Legacy versions fail to read ID CS6 files that contain files with new Pantone Plus colors. [3119501]*


  Inconsistency in loading and exporting a linked image from INDD [3017929]*

  Strange offset occurs between two pages on same spread [3080049]*

Print / PDF

  InDesign unexpectedly quits when exporting to PDF with text variables [2866963]*

  Note inside document table with text variable causes InDesign to quit unexpectedly on export to PDF/IDML. [3089441]*

  Unable to navigate document if TOC is on master page. [2907482]*

  Text appears misplaced in certain cases when DataMerge is used to export [2939067]*

  InDesign hangs or quits unexpectedly during certain package and preflight operations. [2982454]*


  Problem copying stories via VBScript when called through an application [3059225]*

  Unexpected shutdown when JavaScript is executed with InDesign followed by closing of document. [3021908]*


  Using Smart Layout with Linked frames causes InDesign to unexpectedly quit in certain cases. [3085379]*

  Fonts not loading from different locations. [3013562]*

  InDesign quits unexpectedly with certain fonts when balancing columns [3099740]*

  Fonts of the same family but different type behave unexpectedly on IDML round trip. [3114961]*

  Certain documents go into infinite loop when adjusting frame size [3113902]*

  Incorrect glyph selection with certain Indic fonts when using specific virama and joiner character sequences. [2849232]*

  Broken spanning columns cause issues with Text Wrap & Keeps Options [2958674]*


  Folio Builder and CS Review's SWFs will not render when '<' is present in doc filename [2971572]*

  InDesign CS5.5 quits unexpectedly on deleting unused swatches using small view option [2987294]*


associatedXMLElement returns 'NULL' for a merged cell in table. [2946288]*


InDesign Server Only  

CCommandLineArgs::ProcessArgsLate will cause product to hang in certain cases when used with LogToApplicationEventLog [2988814]*

InDesign Server quits unexpectecly when running spell checker on certain documents. [2935990]*

Document installed fonts get locked on Windows. [2890001]*

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    May 3, 2012 1:44 AM   in reply to John Hawkinson

    Hey, what about this one!


    When opening files from a newer version of InDesign, non-meaningful errors about missing plug-ins are shown rather than a clear indication that the file is from a newer version. [2944763]*


    This needs to be retro-fixed for all existing versions, all the way back to InDesign 1.0!


    It's unimaginable this particular issue had to persist for more than a decade, leading to frustration and bewilderment of literally thousands of users, and hundreds upon hundreds of posts in this forum alone.

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  • Currently Being Moderated
    May 3, 2012 2:05 AM   in reply to [Jongware]

    That would be nice, but realistically it's not likely to happen, and wouldn't you rather they fixed something more important that's still broken, like footnote imporvemnets, or wonky Word import? Bad error messages will become self-limiting as time goes on.

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  • Currently Being Moderated
    May 3, 2012 2:19 AM   in reply to [Jongware]

    Nice and helpful fix!





    Marijan (tomaxxi)

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  • Currently Being Moderated
    May 3, 2012 2:27 AM   in reply to Marijan Tompa

    Hah -- perhaps all it does is run my Javascript before opening a file ...

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    May 3, 2012 2:42 AM   in reply to [Jongware]


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