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rdolishny (DC)
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how do i pause the timeline cursor at the point where i press the spacebar

May 25, 2012 10:01 AM

Right now the cursor always goes to the start of the timeline after i press the spacebar.

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    May 25, 2012 11:51 AM   in reply to rdolishny (DC)

    You have received 40 or so views in less than an hour. Sometimes it takes days for other suers to drop by and your post is arriving during the start of a long holiday weekend in the Sates so it might not be till next week befor someone who really knows how to answer this shows up. Your post is being viewed by people who want to know if you are serious but have no help to offer. Woudl you rather they posted nonsense? I have never had AE jumpt back to the start of the timeline and posting that information does not help you. I can assume you have a some sort of pref incorrectly set or your keyboard has been tweaked at the OS level to interpret a spacebar in AE as a Media Start command.


    From the AE help system:


    To modify keyboard shortcuts, use the KeyEd Up script from Jeff Almasol, which is available on the Adobe After Effects Exchange website.

    Sebastien Perier provides instructions on his website for assigning keyboard shortcuts to scripts so that you can run a script with a single keystroke. This technique relies on the KeyEd Up script.

    For information on remapping keyboard shortcuts for keyboard layouts other than the standard US English layout, see Jonas Hummelstrand’s website.

    For a reference of keyboard shortcuts, see Keyboard shortcuts reference.

    Note: On Mac OS, some keyboard commands for interacting with the operating system conflict with keyboard commands for interacting with After Effects. Select Use System Shortcut Keys in the General preferences to override the After Effects keyboard command in some cases in which there’s a conflict with the Mac OS keyboard command.



    Time navigation (keyboard shortcuts)

    Go to specific time



    Go to beginning or end of work area

    Shift+Home or Shift+End

    Shift+Home or Shift+End

    Go to previous or next visible item in time ruler (keyframe, layer marker, work area beginning or end)

    Note: Also goes to beginning, end, or base frame of Roto Brush span if viewing Roto Brush in Layer panel.


    J or K

    J or K

    Go to beginning of composition, layer, or footage item

    Home or Ctrl+Alt+Left Arrow

    Home or Command+Option+Left Arrow

    Go to end of composition, layer, or footage item

    End or Ctrl+Alt+Right Arrow

    End or Command+Option+Right Arrow

    Go forward 1 frame

    Page Down or Ctrl+Right Arrow

    Page Down or Command+Right Arrow

    Go forward 10 frames

    Shift+Page Down or Ctrl+Shift+Right Arrow

    Shift+Page Down or Command+Shift+Right Arrow

    Go backward 1 frame

    Page Up or Ctrl+Left Arrow

    Page Up or Command+Left Arrow

    Go backward 10 frames

    Shift+Page Up or Ctrl+Shift+Left Arrow

    Shift+Page Up or Command+Shift+Left Arrow

    Go to layer In point



    Go to layer Out point



    Go to previous In point or Out point

    Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Left Arrow

    Command+Option+Shift+Left Arrow

    Go to next In point or Out point

    Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Right Arrow

    Command+Option+Shift+Right Arrow

    Scroll to current time in Timeline panel




    Previews (keyboard shortcuts)


    Start or stop standard preview



    RAM preview

    0 on numeric keypad*

    0 on numeric keypad* or Control+0 (zero) on main keyboard

    RAM preview with alternate settings

    Shift+0 on numeric keypad*

    Shift+0 on numeric keypad* or Shift+Control+0 (zero) on main keyboard

    Save RAM preview

    Ctrl-click RAM Preview button or press Ctrl+0 on numeric keypad*

    Command-click RAM Preview button or press Command+0 on numeric keypad*

    Save RAM preview with alternate settings

    Ctrl+Shift-click RAM Preview button or press Ctrl+Shift+0 on numeric keypad*

    Command+Shift-click RAM Preview button or press Command+Shift+0 on numeric keypad*

    Preview only audio, from current time

    . (decimal point) on numeric keypad*

    . (decimal point) on numeric keypad* or Control+. (period) on main keyboard

    Preview only audio, in work area

    Alt+. (decimal point) on numeric keypad*

    Option+. (decimal point) on numeric keypad* or Control+Option+. (period) on main keyboard

    Manually preview (scrub) video

    Drag or Alt-drag current-time indicator, depending on Live Update setting

    Drag or Option-drag current-time indicator, depending on Live Update setting

    Manually preview (scrub) audio

    Ctrl-drag current-time indicator

    Command-drag current-time indicator

    RAM preview number of frames specified by Alternate RAM Preview preference (defaults to 5)

    Alt+0 on numeric keypad*

    Option+0 on numeric keypad* or Control+Option+0 (zero) on main keyboard

    Show current frame on video preview device

    / (on numeric keypad)

    / (on numeric keypad)

    Toggle Output Device preference between Desktop Only and video preview device

    Ctrl+/ (on numeric keypad)

    Command+/ (on numeric keypad)

    Take snapshot

    Shift+F5, Shift+F6, Shift+F7, or Shift+F8

    Shift+F5, Shift+F6, Shift+F7, or Shift+F8

    Display snapshot in active viewer

    F5, F6, F7, or F8

    F5, F6, F7, or F8

    Purge snapshot

    Ctrl+Shift+F5, Ctrl+Shift+F6, Ctrl+Shift+F7, or Ctrl+Shift+F8

    Command+Shift+F5, Command+Shift+F6, Command+Shift+F7, or Command+Shift+F8

    Note: Some shortcuts are marked with an asterisk (*) to remind you to make sure that Num Lock is on when you use the numeric keypad.


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    May 25, 2012 2:01 PM   in reply to rdolishny (DC)

    Here is you original post:


    >Right now the cursor always goes to the start of the timeline after i press the spacebar.<


    And here is your present situation, implying some kind of dissatisfaction with Adobe and with me, the only peorson in 50 views to offer anything:


    > Not sure why copying and pasting the help file can help anyone.<



    That is because most people, apparently not including you and you are now the exception, post questions like your without bothering to do any research at all.


    I just opened a project in AE. Pusing and starting the timeline with the spacebar works exactly has it has always performed. There are a few ways to make it go back to the start but it requires more than the spacebar to return to the start of the timeline. If your machine does this, it is unusual.


    This claim of yours:

    > Every installation of AE I've ever used on a Mac or PC for five years has done this and until recently I've been fortunate to use Flame, Inferno or Combustion for my compositing. It's not a configuration problem unless it's a standard setup that every experienced AE user changes the moment they sit in front of a fresh install. <


    is in direct contradiction to every installation of After Effects I have ever used. While it is difficult to believe this claim of yours, I have no reason to disbelieve you. But there is no intrinsic behavior in AE's keyboard shortcuts that would cause the spacebar to take the cursor all the way back to the beginning of a comp unless you deliberately tell it do so.


    Your additional information:

    > It's time for me to learn my way around AE's strange behaviour. But the first and most pressing order of the day is to solve this 'timeline cursor jumping to the beginning of the timeline when I press the space bar or zero key' problem.<


    This use of 0 is not described in your original post. You did not inform us you had done all that other research. You just made a statement. In fact, your OP does not even include a question, it's just a statement. What was anyone to do with that? And your second post, in addition to complaining about the level of support you received includes this question: >  is this possible to do in AE?< How are we to interpret THAT?


    Do you know how to use the Preview window controls? That is the only place I know of that includes a looping option.

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    May 25, 2012 10:25 PM   in reply to rdolishny (DC)

    As bogiesan said, AE will stop just fine when using the space bar during RAM previews. This is the default behavior. If it doesn't, then something is askew with your settings or hardware configuration. Such issues have been known to happen with anything from flakey graphics card drivers to specific audio hardware. Likewise, specific compressed footage types have been known to act funny in combination with setting the playback options or work area since they require decoding more frames than actually needed for the previerw. At any rate, there is always a specific cause if AE "resets" the preview. It's not the intended behavior.



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