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Cannot center Smart Guides exactly? CS6

Jul 14, 2012 12:55 PM

Tags: #help #cs6 #circle #center #pixels #ruler #smart_guides #guides #windows_7_64_bit #compass #x_value #y_value

Hello:                                                                                     Level: Newbie  OS: Windows 7 64 bit   Illustrator CS6


I am learning about Smart Guides but have found myself a bit perplexed.


I have drawn a Circle with the Ellipse tool by clicking and then entering the values: 432x432


Then I hover the mouse over the "center" square which reads: x:260 & y:259.5 which doesn't make sense to me ~ if it is the Center shouldn't the x & y values match? Any way, so then I manually type in the x & y value boxes 260.000 and they both stay at 260.


However, when I pull out the Smart Guides and place the horizontal guide over the center the x & y values also do not match and so I enter the number manually but the values will not stay where I set them.


e.g. The x value states: 259.5 and the y value: 260.000 and no matter how many times I reset the x value it always reverts back to 259.5 ... ???


The vertical smart guide is also off by rougly .5


Now, since I am attempting to make a symmetrical object ... won't this differentiation cause "eye sores" once the artwork is done?


I am (still) attempting to construct a compass with a rose, increments, needle etc. etc. and my first attempt ... and I quote the awesome Jacob ...


looks as if I have dropped it on the floor


So, after all that ramble'n ... I suppose I would like to know from others if this is just the way things are and rather I am suppose to just deal with things being a "bit" off??


Thank you for your time

hope you're having a great day/night

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    Jul 14, 2012 1:04 PM   in reply to Kar209



    When you click, you choose somewhere on the Artboard for your circle, and that somewhere may have any X and Y values (unless you have Align to Pixel Grid on, of course).


    You may set the desired (whole/integer) X and Y values in the Transform panel.

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    Jul 14, 2012 2:56 PM   in reply to Kar209



    When the Align to Pixel Grid is on, the outer bounds of the circle (which are defined by the top/bottom/side Anchor Points) should fall on the (invisible) lines of the pixel grid and have integer pixel values.


    The W and H should also be integer values.


    If both the W and the H values are even, the centre should have integer X and Y values, but if both/either are/is odd, the centre will have an X and/or Y value that is midway between integer values, in other words whatever.5px.


    With W = H = 432, which is even, the centre should have integer values of both X and Y when Align to Pixel Grid is on.


    The house being haunted may have confused Illy or made her nervous, or you may have with all that clicking.


    In either case, you may consider helping her regain her composure by the reversible procedure to  Move the folder


    It is more gentle than ECT, and reversibble.


    All is well here, midnight in five minutes.

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    Jul 15, 2012 3:27 PM   in reply to Kar209



    Are you absolutely sure that both the Width and Height of your circle have even pixel values (as in 432 rather than 423, or 431 or 433)?


    However, when I tick OFF the Align to Pixel Grid I can set the Guide to exactly 260 but as soon as I tick the Align to Pixel Grid the Guides go back to X 260 and Y 260.5


    An odd Height pixel value is the only possible explanation, unless Illy is quite unwell, hence the suggestion to Move the folder.


    ECT is the abbreviation of ElectroConvulsive Therapy, the current term for what was earlier known as shock treatment or electroshock.


    Does it even matter? Will this slight difference throw off my entire compass?


    You may get away with half a pixel, but it is always better to weed out the strangenesses; it may also be hard to tell how far they may lead Illy astray.


    And good luck kittyfinding. Almost half an hour past midnight here.

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    Jul 19, 2012 9:38 AM   in reply to Kar209

    The Stroke value can be set to any number, including decimal points IF the Align to Pixel Grid is not ON. If it is on, then only whole numbers can be used.

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    Jul 19, 2012 11:57 AM   in reply to Kar209



    I am glad the Stroke Weight was solved.


    Everything looks aligned, congratulations with the freehand work.


    I hope the slight difference (3 - 4%) in width/height only applies to the raster image.


    Or it may be another thing pointing at the folder.


    By the way, has anyone ever mentioned that View>Smart Guides may be your (only) friends?

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    Jul 21, 2012 3:30 PM   in reply to Kar209



    Pondering over this, I have come to think about the Stroke Weight (if any).


    Align To Pixel Grid will ensure that the outer bounds in the X and Y directions have whole pixel values, so if there is a Stroke Weight of 1px (or similarly with another odd value), and you choose an even Width/Height value, this value applies to the centre of the stroke (unless you have Edit>Preferences>General>Use Preview Bounds ticked) so the Width/Height between the outer bounds will be odd, namely 1px more (1/2px on either side), so the artwork will be pushed 1/2px either way, miving the centre to a decimal value, whatever.5px.


    But this should apply to bith directions, so both the X and Y values at the centre should be either whole or whatever.5.


    In other words, using Align to Pixel Grid along with an odd Stroke Weight, you should use a Width/Height equalling the desired (outer) value minus the Stroke Weight, to get even Outer Bound values and whole px centre values.


    Is there a reason to use Align to Pixel Grid?


    Still pondering over the other aspects.


    Kitty found?

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    Jul 25, 2012 2:48 PM   in reply to Kar209



    I apologize for my overlooking this thread for days (and nights).


    When you need to scale down something like the compass, you should have Scale Strokes & Effects ticked. You can do that in Edit>Preferences>General or in the Transform palette/panel flyout.


    The Align to Pixel Grid only makes sense in connexion with web and similar use, when you really wish the artwork to (simplistically) have shapes that follow/are contained in whole pixels.


    About the folder:


    Is that all I needed to do?




    I hope good luck has struck.

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