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Ps CS6 Problem: Transform applied to Smart Object cannot be repeated on another target

Aug 9, 2012 4:18 PM

Ps CS6

OS X 10.6.8


Problem: Transform applied to Smart Object cannot be repeated on another target.


"Edit > Transform > Again" fails to transform any target after a Transform is applied to a Smart Object. The following message appears:


Screen shot 2012-08-09 at 23.31.26.png

  • JJMack
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    Aug 10, 2012 9:20 AM   in reply to conroy

    When ever I have a problem in CS6 and I have many I always test priot releases like cs2 cs3 cs5.  I nevet nitice before you posted this problem the Photoshop has different favlors of Free Transform and that free transform for CS6 has been modified.  Adobe seems to be introducind new improvement matche with new bugs, 


    Investgating your bug using CS5 I see the following.  There are two types of free transform one type seems to be for smart Object layers and the other for other layer types.  In CS5 you should see a difference in the Option bar for Free transform.


    The option bar for layers other then smart object looklike this:

    Transform 9 anchor point icons  X: field Relative icon Y: filed  W: % Constrain icon H: %  Angle ° H: ° V: °


    The Option Bar for Smart Object layers look like this:

    Transform 9 anchor point icons  X: field Relative icon Y: filed  W: % Constrain icon H: %  Angle ° Check Box Anti Alias (grayed out)


    If I use the one for other then smart object layers Transform Again is not gratey out and I can use Transform Again on layers even smart object layers However the anchor point seems to be relative always to the first transformed layer's anchor point


    If I use free transform on the smart Object Layer and not have done any transform on a other then smart object layer in this Photoshop session not even in an other document the smart object layer will be tramsformed and Transform again menu item will be grayed out. If any had done a Transform on an layer other then smart object layer even in an other document Transform Again would not be grayed out and could be used on the smart object layer at hand.  The transform would not be the one just done on the smart object layer rather it be the one done to the other then smart object layer.  Seems a bit bazzar to me.  This may be how CS6 is also working.


    CS6 also added interpolation method to the other then Smart object layer transform and not the one for smart object layers. To be consuitant Adobe should have also put interpolation into the omart opject transform for Adobe transforms smart opject layer by first rendering the pixels for the smart opject then transforms them like a raster layer.  Adobe did manage to record the interpolation use into an action step.  However I do not know if the made it into Scripting  it did not make it into the photoshop javascript user guide. I will test the scriptlistener plugin to see if it records it for the action manager....



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    I have now tested the Scriptlistner Plugin it does record the interpolation for transform normal layers. Still the layer resize method in the Photoshop Javascript user guide has not been change for that support. In the past what I have done is scripting was to save the users default interpolation Photoshop prenerenvr changed the preference to what I wanted to use do the layer transform resize then restored the users interpolation preferance.  Adobe broke that in CS6 if the users defalt preference is what Adobe's defalt is "Bicubic Automatic" an internal Photoshop error occurs. Adobe did not add "Bicubic Autoimatic" to scripting when I try to save the preference scriping has the internal error. There is also no way to set the preference back to "Bicubic Automatic.  I'm also transform smart object layers so I would still have to use the save preference, change preference, transform, restore preferance method.  This works if the users preference is set to some preference other the "Bicubic Automatic"



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    So to me it look like CS5 and CS6 transform work basiclly the same.  There seems to have been some behavior changes made to CS6 I can not seem to put my finger on as well as the addition of the interpolation method in the option bar. I can't put my finger on it so it may be the same in CS5 and CS6.

    It may have to do with the bazar behavior of Free Transform  and Transform Again not being available on smart object layers if no free transform to a normal layer has been done in this Photoshop session  but are available if one was done in any doument. And thet you can start to do a transform on the smart object layer and see the Transform handle but then start using transform Again shortcut Ctrl+Shift+T and watch the old transform being done perhaps rotating some virtual anchor point and not around the acnchor point bing displayed in the Transform bounding box and control points.




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    Over in the Adobe Feedback site several issues were posted with CS6 Transform one was marked "Not a problem" by Adobe. One was marked "Solved" by Adobe and the others have no Adobe markings the may on not be a problem


    So I beleive there is a bug but I do not think it originated in CS6 the bazar things I see happing also seem to be in CS5.

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    Aug 13, 2012 11:22 PM   in reply to conroy

    We know about it.


    And please don't bump threads.

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