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How can I get my web cam to work in Adobe Connect ?

Oct 11, 2011 1:37 AM

Tags: #webcam #problems

This is actually an end user's question that I am having trouble answering to...

We use Adobe Connect to give online language classes, the end user is one of the students.

I cannot find the right Support answer to give him.



My camera does not work when I connect to Adobe's rooms but camera works fine with other software.


Even though I suspected my old camera was working fine, yesterday I went ahead and bought a new camera. 

I thought perhaps my webcam software may have been a problem, so I bought a different type camera with different software. 

Even after removing all the old software, same result:  


I surmised the problem might be caused by my firewall and security software, so once I tried changing the permissions for Adobe, and my Webcam, but that didn’t work.   

Another time, I restarted my computer right before class and then turned off my firewall completely so there would be no interference but to no avail. I’m totally perplexed.  

Isn’t there anyone else experiencing a similar problem?   Has anyone else found a solution? 


I run Windows Vista with McAfee Internet Security Software.  I always reboot the computer before class and open no other programs other than Google Chrome. 

I now have a brand new Microsoft LifeCam Cinema Camera with LifeCam 3.5 Webcam Software. 

I test my camera before going online.  It always works fine.   Then I shut down the camera program and login into class.   

When I “connect webcam” in the room, the light on my camera comes on (suggesting that it is ON), but only a black image is transmitted to the room.

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    Oct 11, 2011 12:56 PM   in reply to MosesJOI

    While Adobe makes no statement about support for any specific webcam, I'll offer my suggestions.


    1. Adobe Connect support DVD quality webcams  - that is 640x480 resolution at 20-24 frames per second.

    2. If you see a black box then that means your camera is sending too high of a resolution. Most web conferencing solutions today support 640x480 webcams so Adobe Connect is no different in that regard.


    Suggest you play with the Microsoft camera settings to make sure you are using 640x480 resolution and only sending 20 frames per second. Adobe Connect can support 24 fps but the administrator would have to go into the XML setting file on the server to increase the frames setting.


    Understand that sending 640x480 resolution is pretty darn good and when you consider that you could have 1500 people attending a meeting and if a number of them had webcams the bandwidth requirements would be huge. There is a reason for liniting webcam use on web conference meetings due to the condition of your network or the networks you will be on when attending.

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    Oct 13, 2011 9:13 AM   in reply to MosesJOI

    Check to see if you have Google Voice installed. If so, remove it and see

    if your problem vanishes. If not Google Voice, check to see if you have

    any other communications software which interacts with your cam and

    disable it. This was the problem I had with a similar problem on a Mac.






    MosesJOI <>

    10/13/11 12:08 PM

    Please respond to




    jsb152 <>




    Re: How can I get my web cam to work in Adobe Connect ? How can I get my web cam to work in Adobe Connect ?







    Re: How can I get my web cam to work in Adobe Connect ?

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    Thanks a lot Heyward for the swift reply !

    I sent the advice out to the end user, but unfortunately this wasn't the



    His reply is below :-


    The default resolution of my new camera is already set at 640x360, but I

    went ahead and tried several lower resolutions (e.g. 424x240; 320x240; and

    160x120) but none worked in the room - camera still showed up as black

    blank screen.  Also, as far as I can tell, I don’t have the option of

    adjusting the frame rate.


    I started playing around with my Internet Security Settings to see if they

    might be playing a role. So far, all to no avail.



    Hmm...quite a tricky one - webcams always are - maybe if he can find a way

    to adjust the frame rate (?).

    He's going to fiddle about with the settings a bit more and see if

    something does the trick.

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    Oct 13, 2011 9:17 AM   in reply to MosesJOI

    I suspect the frame rate is above 20 and is probably 30 frames. That is too high for Flash to accept.  Most webcams stream at 15 as the norm. So, you might have to call Microsoft tech support for that camera to see what the specs are and how to change it.


    I see on that it says this: "720p sensor captures true HD quality video at up to 30 fps."


    So the default high is 30 which is why you are getting the black box....too high a frame rate.


    You'd have to go into the settings or call Microsoft to see how to change the fps to 15. You notice it says "up to 30 fps" so that tells me there is a way to change that setting.

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    May 28, 2012 7:46 AM   in reply to JJones

    Just wanted to say thanks for this tip, it worked for me. In my case, it was the Google Talk plugin. Once I uninstalled that, my web cam worked, no problem. It's annoying, since I do use Google Talk video occasionally, and the camera worked fine with Skype and other programs, but good to know.


    Thanks for posting!

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    Apr 13, 2013 2:32 PM   in reply to MosesJOI

    His problem is also of concern, hope you can help yourself!!!!




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    Apr 13, 2013 2:32 PM   in reply to mrtuyendragon

    It's annoying, since I do use Google Talk video occasionally, and the camera worked fine with Skype and other programs, but good to know...........

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    Aug 6, 2013 9:23 AM   in reply to Heyward Drummond

    I recently had issues with my LifeCam HD-3000, however everything worked fine after I lowered the resolution to 320x240 and disabled my embedded webcam through the device manager.

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    Aug 7, 2013 1:38 AM   in reply to Sonny Holloway

    hi Sonny, What is the issue you are facing with Lifecam HD 3000

    is it when you enlarge the pod size video stuck

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    Nov 5, 2013 12:31 PM   in reply to Heyward Drummond

    Now that Adobe Connect offers a 16x9 option for the video pod, is 640 still the maximun width for the video pod? And is 20fps the max still?


    Thanks in advance for your time.

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    Nov 25, 2013 12:51 PM   in reply to MosesJOI

    My LifeCam HD-5000 was not working in Adobe Connect even at lower resolutions and framerates.  Uninstalling the LifeCam software fixed this issue.  So installing the drivers but not software to control the camera is what is working for me.

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