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DJ Drops have always been in the background of your favorite DJs mixes since the beginning of hip-hop. Either by the use of a friend’s voice, or the typical hip hops vocal samples. These popular DJ voices, as some would call them, are a vital factor for DJs looking to brand themselves in the competitive music business. After conducting extensive research on various DJ forums, I have found that DJ’s have a unique way of sifting out talent. Though many companies boast that they are the best and offer the most affordable DJ drops, many fall short of incorporating true urban music essentials. These essentials include proper voice pitch, quality dj vocal samples and catchy phrases. The DJ voice overs are intended to speak for the DJ without the DJ actually leaving his or her mixing station. Adding catchy phrases to drive the target audience into a feeding frenzy is called promotional branding. Artist drops are often used as a tool to provide the mixer with more creditably to his or her craft. This can be done through hyping the mixtape DJ hosting or radio personality using shout-outs, from popular and current music artists. These artist drops are often heard throughout a dj khaled mixtape, dj clue mixtape and even dj trapaholic mixtapes. These samples can also be heard throughout dat piff instrumentals from producers. Producers rarely provide free beats with

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