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Andrei1 replied to copy a movieclip

"Generally speaking, there is no a streamlined way to literally duplicate instances. So, to create a "duplicate" you should create another in"

in ActionScript 3 8 replies
5 days ago
Andrei1 replied to Need an object to fade out in AS3

"First of all, it is not easy to help you because it looks like the code you show has a lot of overkills and redundancies. It seems that the"

in ActionScript 3 4 replies
6 days ago
Andrei1 replied to Connect random falling object

"I am not sure what you are trying to do but here is a code that creates connectors.   A couple of notes:   1. You should use Timer instead"

in ActionScript 3 6 replies
1 week ago
Andrei1 replied to Converting video to bitmapdata sequence woes

"1. I don't think playing with byte arrays will help you. What is captured with BitmapData.draw() is an interpreted pixel data - array of pix"

in ActionScript 3 6 replies
1 week ago