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Bo LeBeau replied to "Color Range" isn't even listed under "Select"?

"And that is only one of the many reasons your Photoshop Elements cost $89 rather than the $699 for Photoshop CS6 Standard or $999 for Photos"

in Photoshop Elements 6 replies
6 hours ago
Bo LeBeau replied to No matter what I do, all my PDFs come out as RGB, instead of CMYK.

"Have you checked your settings in Preferences?   PDF  check "Directly to PDF" rather than the other choice "Save ps for distilling later ,"

in Color management 4 replies
2 days ago
Bo LeBeau replied to My D5200 NEF files do not open in Photoshop 14

"As Curt Y mentioned, either your ACR plugin is in the wrong location, or you have more than one ACR plugin for your version of Photoshop and"

in Photoshop General Discussion 8 replies
5 days ago
Bo LeBeau replied to How do I Update Photoshop CS for Mac OS 10.9?

"No, it is not possible to run Rosetta in anything later than Snow Leopard 10.6.8.   John Waller in post #3 gave you three good alternatives"

in Photoshop General Discussion 11 replies
6 days ago
Bo LeBeau replied to How to send formatted text to an Editor (person)

"If you are sending text to an editor, it seems like you are producing a lot of text in Photoshop. Is it several paragraphs or even more? P"

in Photoshop General Discussion 6 replies
6 days ago