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Dov Isaacs replied to Price indesign

"If Salah's response isn't sufficient to answer your questions, please contact Adobe Customer Support by phone. These forums cannot answer sp"

in InDesign 2 replies
22 hours ago
Dov Isaacs replied to Microsoft Word bullets may not convert properly to PDF format

"It would help us if you provided some specifics such as version of Microsoft Word, platform (Windows? MacOS?), version of Acrobat, and exact"

in Creating, Editing & Exporting PDFs 1 replies
5 days ago
Dov Isaacs replied to Exported PDFs from InDesign will not print

"How exactly are you trying to print those PDF files to the HP printers? From Adobe Reader? From Adobe Acrobat? Or are you just somehow sendi"

in InDesign 4 replies
6 days ago