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Rallymax-forum replied to Can I Export Chapter Markers from PP to MP4 (iPad) Using AME?

"x264pro, an alternative h.264 encoder for Media Encoder supports QuickTime chapter markers in the MOV file."

in Adobe Media Encoder (AME) 7 replies
6 hours ago
Rallymax-forum replied to How to Export timeline work area not entire timeline

"I don't think you can. Zac????"

in Premiere Pro SDK 5 replies
1 week ago
Rallymax-forum replied to Is there anyone here at the forum, seems no one responds ¿, xml presets ?

"I was never able to get it going programmatically making x26pro. Although it was a pain to do, I ended up making all the presets in AME and"

in Premiere Pro SDK 4 replies
1 week ago
Rallymax-forum replied to What's difference between mpeg4 and mpeg 2 yuv 4:2:0 pixel formats?

"technically the difference is where in the 2x2 block the chroma is sampled. In practice there is no difference."

in Premiere Pro SDK 1 replies
1 week ago