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heathrowe replied to Is Adobe Edge Animate the best program to make videos like this?

"Edge Animate is for creating animation - you can see the full speficiations, here:   As for producing v"

in Edge Animate CC 4 replies
2 days ago
heathrowe replied to Edge animate composition forwards user to on "rollover" style events

"There must be a trigger or event action somewhere in your project/ code that is firing it off.   To help pinpoint it, go to the Window > Co"

in Edge Animate CC 2 replies
2 days ago
heathrowe replied to Why filters are not awailable for my objects?

"Based on your screenshot preview, I can see that from your Elements panel, you are using an external .html file, correct?   Some in-app Pro"

in Edge Animate CC 1 replies
2 days ago