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radzmar replied to Using regexp

"Hi,   have you tried replace(/?=\r/g, "") ?   There are a few limitations in EcmaScript used by Acrobat/Readers JavaScript engine, so look"

in LiveCycle Forms 1 replies
2 days ago
radzmar replied to Can't hide field in repeatable subform;only hides first instance

"Hi,   to hide all instances of an object or an objects child element you can use FormCalc with a wildcard.   if (Apps._Fields.count ge 1) t"

in LiveCycle Designer 7 replies
2 days ago
radzmar replied to Adobe Acrobat Felder gestrichelt unterstreichen

"Ist jetzt der Text in der Feldern unterstrichen oder ...? Die wortweise Unterstreichung erreicht man wenn man im Feld RTF-Formatierung erla"

in Deutsche Foren 1 replies
3 days ago
radzmar replied to Unnamed fields in a form: how to reference them in a dataset

"Hi,   the data of the unnamed fields won't get saved in the data DOM, because of the missing namings. You can easily check how the data DO"

in LiveCycle Designer 1 replies
3 days ago
radzmar replied to OT Calculation

"Hi,   could you please upload your form anywhere and post a link to it here? It's hard to unserstand how your form is designed without seei"

in LiveCycle Designer 8 replies
4 days ago