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PSCS6: stuck in "Adobe Application Manager is Missing or Damaged" hell

May 10, 2012 1:06 PM

Tags: #damaged #missing #photoshop_cs6 #adobe_application_manager

This problem began for me after installing the PSCS6 beta. I started getting a popup saying "Adobe Application Manager is missing or damaged" and advising me to download and reinstall AAM. I did that, with no result. The responses from Adobe in teh beta forum were unhelpful ("you must have a bad installer"). I was able to leave the beta as it was and use PSCS5.

Fast forward: PSCS6 is released and I purchase and try to install the upgrade, which won't install with the beta present. The Beta uninstaller won't run because of the AAM error. I laboriously search and delete all files related to the beta.PSCS6 release version installs, but when it starts I get a popup witht the same message about AAM.

I have spent over 12 hours in chat with Adobe support with only negative results. Not only have they not fixed the problem -- they have managed to propagate it to my PSCS5 installation -- which they subsequently deleted. Net: I am now without any working copy of Photoshop.

As part of attempting to diagnose I have tried the PSCS6 unistaller, which fails with the same error; used the CS cleaner tool and reinstalled -- same problem; verified permissions and file ssytem on my system drive; tried removing CS6 and reinstalling from a new, clean admin account -- same AAM error.

I am at my wits' end with this. I have NO working verion of photoshop (big problem for a photographer/designer), NO confidence in Adobe support (most of the 12 hours was watching them try the same things we had done several times before), and NO idea how to fix this short of stripping my Mac back to the metal and reinstalling everything. The last would take me more than a day -- and I am not sure I wont' find myself in the same mess.


Does anyone have any suggestions?


If anyone from Adobe sees this I hope they take pity on a poor customer and help me find a solution.


Thanks in advance

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    May 10, 2012 1:49 PM   in reply to Stu.Farnham

    No answer but I feel your pain.  Purchased CS6 online about 6 hours ago and I've pretty much done nothing but work on this since.  I'm currently on hold with my 4th Adobe person of the day - so far 1 hour 7 minutes with this one.  I also now have non-functional CS5 and Acrobat X Standard installations as a result of taking the recommended steps.  I'm on Windows 7 64-bit, so it's not just a MAC issue.  If my person comes back to the line with a solution that works I'll post it immediately.

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    May 10, 2012 3:35 PM   in reply to smoddelm

    Got off the phone with them an hour and 45 minutes ago.  They told me to stick close to the phone because someone would call me back within 10 minutes.  No call after 105 minutes.

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    May 10, 2012 5:45 PM   in reply to smoddelm

    Finally decided to call them to find out what was going on.  After 17 minutes on hold, the support guy came back and said my case had been "escalated."  He said typically that has a 3-day turnaround.  In the meantime, not only do I not have CS6, I'm also without CS5 and Acrobat X Standard.

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    May 10, 2012 5:57 PM   in reply to Stu.Farnham

    Why didn't you guys download th cleanup script for CS 5 and 6?


    Try running that what it does is removes the necessary registration items that prevent you from doing what yoiu need to do to install.


    if this does not work try creating a new user accoutn and instal the application form the new user account.


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    May 10, 2012 6:05 PM   in reply to Wade_Zimmerman

    Wade_Zimmerman, thanks for your reply.  Unfortunately, I've run it about 10 times today.  That was one of the many steps recommended by some or all of the tech support people I spoke with.  The cleaner is pretty terrible - it leaves thousand of files in Adobe/Common Files, many files and folders in other locations, many registry entires, and does not solve the problem.  One tech had me removing files manually in Common Files/Adobe/OOBE after running hte cleaner, and none of them had a Windows "Owner," so I had to set the owner for each file I deleted, then set the security permissions for the owner, and then delete.  Took about 30 seconds in all for each file, and there were over 3,000 files in the folder.  After 10 or 15 minutes, I told him I needed a different solution.

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    May 10, 2012 8:18 PM   in reply to smoddelm

    By the way, creating a new user account was also one of tech support's solutions.  That also did not work.  Nor did "unhiding" the default Administrator account (the one that comes installed but then disabled on a new computer) and installing there.

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    May 10, 2012 8:38 PM   in reply to smoddelm

    Well, my "solution" for now was to restore my entire hard drive from a True Image backup.  I'm afraid to install CS6 again until I hear back from tech support, but at least I've got CS5 and Acrobat X Standard back.  It's a pain - wrecks MS Outlook (*.ost files have to be wiped out and re-downloaded), have to restore files created since last True Image backup (I create one a week, but my most recent was 5 days old), there were lots of Windows updates on Tuesday of this week, etc.

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    May 11, 2012 3:14 PM   in reply to smoddelm

    I had the same problem on my iMac / 10.7.3. I installed the Beta of PS CS 6 and could never start it due to the error message that the Adobe Application Manager was missing or damaged. Same as you, I also was unable to run the CS6 Beta uninstall script which stopped with the same AAM error code. Today I got the regular PS CS6 update and could not install it due to the presence of the beta. Luckily, rthe Cleaner tool mentioned above did the job and I could finally install PS CS6. However: still the dialog would pop up that my AAM is missing or damaged (PS would work, though)


    The solution that worked for me was triggered by looking at the PDApp.log file which should be in $HOME/Library/Logs which cited a "FATAL" error as the DestPath:/Applications/Utilities/Adobe Application Manager/ could not be created.


    Turned out that I had a put an alias for the AAM into my /Application/Utilities folder to have easier access.


    I removed the alias and downloaded the new AAM version 6.1 (?) from here and this time the installation went through (before with the older version it stalled and just ended). It put the whole folder now into the /Applications/Utilities folder and now PS is running without problems.


    Long story short: check if you have made an alias of the file already in your /Applications/Utilities folder.


    Maybe that helps.



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    May 12, 2012 4:01 AM   in reply to MooseMeister67

    I received an e-mail yesterday from Adobe support telling me to install AAM from this link and follow the instrufctions: ded-cs5.html


    Haven't tried it yet.  SJFWW - did they give you a similar link, and if so, did it work for you?

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    May 12, 2012 4:47 AM   in reply to smoddelm

    No, I downloaded (and finally successfully installed) from here:



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    May 14, 2012 1:15 PM   in reply to Stu.Farnham

    Thanks, but that link is for the MAC.  I'm on Win 7.  I have the same problem with AAM 6.1 that I had with 6.0 - "Installer failed to initialize..."

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    May 14, 2012 1:43 PM   in reply to smoddelm

    Solution finally from talking to Adobe!  The person who had me deleting the files in the OOBE folder (one-by-one) apparently didn't know, as I also t, that even without permissions that would allow the folder to be deleted in its entirety, it could be moved to another location on my hard drive.  Once I moved it from Common Files/Adobe, I was able to install CS6 and launch it without any AAM issues.

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    May 18, 2012 11:42 AM   in reply to Stu.Farnham

    I believe moving the OOBE folder will do the trick.  Post again and let us know.

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    Mar 30, 2013 7:16 AM   in reply to Stu.Farnham

    Had same problem on machine running Windows7.

    After 2 days of fiddling around I ended up to uninstall and re-install ALL (!!) Adobe Applications.


    This post convinced me to take the path of re-install:


    All is well now.

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    Aug 3, 2013 5:43 AM   in reply to snahphoto

    That is no solution. They need to FIX this buggy peice of software:


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    Aug 4, 2013 2:46 PM   in reply to George in Seattle

    I had the same problem and actually had a live chat with a rep who knew what to do.  Here is the transcription of the chat.  Sorry for all the extra stuff but I am just cutting and pasting.  Worked great.


    Santosh: I will be glad to help you

    Barbara: Thanks. I sure hope so.

    Santosh: You're welcome

    Santosh: Close Adobe related open program

    Barbara: The only thing that was opened was the application manager. Do you see anything else opened. I did close that just now.

    Santosh: Open task manager

    Barbara: I don't see a Task manager. Is that the same as the application manager?

    Santosh: No

    Santosh: Right-click on task bar and select start task manager

    Barbara: Okay. Now I know what you mean. I was looking for an Adobe product. It's open.

    Santosh: Click the processes tab

    Barbara: Okay.

    Santosh: Now verify if any Adobe related services are listed within processes list

    Barbara: Will they say Adobe because if so , I don't see any.

    Santosh: Thank you for confirming.

    Santosh: Open OS C drive

    Barbara: Okay, opened.

    Santosh: Open program files x 86 folder

    Barbara: Okay, done.

    Santosh: Open common files folder

    Barbara: Done.

    Santosh: Open Adobe folder

    Barbara: Done.

    Santosh: Rename OOBE folder as oldOOBE

    Barbara: Done

    Santosh: Open Control panel

    Barbara: The Microsoft Control panel?

    Santosh: Yes

    Barbara: When I do that (from the Start button) it covers our chat. How else can I access it?

    Santosh: Resize the chat window, then try opening control panel.

    Santosh: Let me know if this helps.

    Barbara: Yup, that worked. Thanks. Of course it won't stay open so I need you to tell me what to open on the control panel.

    Santosh: You're welcome

    Santosh: Now select the program and features window

    Barbara: Okay, done.

    Santosh: Or uninstall a program widnow

    Santosh: *Window

    Santosh: Do you see Adobe Application Manager or Creative Cloud listed within the uninstall a program window?

    Barbara: No, I don't see either of them.

    Santosh: Thank you for confirming


    Barbara: Do you want me to open that link?

    Santosh: Click this link

    Santosh: Yes

    Santosh: Download Creative cloud

    Santosh: Follow the on screen installation to install Creative Cloud and it will get installed.

    Santosh: After that you will be prompted to sign in with the subscription email address id

    Santosh: Let me know once you have downloaded/installed and signed in successfully.

    Santosh: We will then be able to download the Photoshop CC which is available for Creative Cloud subscription.

    Barbara: I have a slow DSL connection so please be patient. I sure wish it was faster. ;-)

    Santosh: Sure

    Santosh: I am glad to help you.

    Santosh: You can just inform me the information displaying on your computer and I will also help you with further information.

    Barbara: It just says downloading creative cloud desktop.

    Santosh: Okay

    Barbara: Looks to be about 1/8th finished.

    Santosh: Okay

    Barbara: Sorry this takes so long.

    Santosh: That's ok

    Barbara: not even 1/4 through yet.

    Santosh: Okay

    Barbara: now about 1/4

    Santosh: Okay

    Barbara: about 1/3

    Santosh: Ok

    Barbara: DSL lines really teach patience, don't they?

    Santosh: There might be possible the connection is slow and there might be technical issue within the area coverage.

    Santosh: May I know the internet speed which is subscribed with your connection?

    Barbara: It's supposed to be 1.5 mgs but the actual download time is usually 75-150 k. Ridiculous!

    Santosh: I would suggest you to cross check with the internet service provider for the connectivity status.

    Santosh: When you try to download Photoshop CC the download will be performed online.

    Barbara: Very old rural phone lines.

    Santosh: Okay. You are using the connection through the phone line.

    Barbara: Yes, I know it will be that.

    Barbara: About 1/2 done.

    Santosh: Okay.

    Santosh: Are you using a laptop?

    Barbara: No, a desktop.

    Santosh: Okay.

    Santosh: May I know if you are also having any portable internet connection such as wireless data internet device?

    Barbara: Do you mean wifi? Or an iPad, phone, etc.

    Barbara: Actually getting very close to done now

    Santosh: Ok.

    Barbara: Okay, installer closed

    Santosh: Please give me two minutes

    Barbara: Okay, signed into Creative Cloud Desktop

    Santosh: Thank you for staying online

    Barbara: You are welcome

    Santosh: Barbara, the download size for Photoshop CC will be around 1.1 GB

    Santosh: Depending upon the internet speed the download might take serveral hours to complete the download.

    Santosh: The download will work however you might experience slow download.

    Barbara: okay as long as I can install it. I am actually used to that. I just walk away and let it do it. Should I disable the screen saver or the firewall.

    Santosh: Yes

    Santosh: This will help the download to increase the connection speed.

    Santosh: From Apps tab, you will see Photoshop CC with ''install'' option

    Santosh: Click on it

    Barbara: okay. It loaded a bar but is at 0%

    Barbara: Will it take time to start? It doesn't seem to be doing anything.

    Santosh: Barbara, we will disconnect the chat for present so we can allow the internet to completely allow the download to save faster.

    Santosh: You can contact us with case number for any further technical issue

    Santosh: I will keep this case open.

    Santosh: You can leave the computer connected and running idle.

    Santosh: Once you see the download completed you will see the program icon.

    Barbara: Okay, what is the case number?

    Barbara: I need the case number.

    Barbara: Okay, it is running. Is at one %. Should I deactivate my regular PS6 after the CC is installed.

    Santosh: The Photoshop CS 6 is another product

    Santosh: You can keep both the product running on same computer

    Barbara:  I see that I need to install Bridge CC separately. Is that correct?

    Santosh: Yes the bridge CC needs to be downloaded separately

    Santosh: You may choose to print or email a copy of this chat transcript by using the options at the top right corner of this chat window.


    Hope this helps.  Application Manager is actually working now also.  Very weird.

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