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CS6 Production Premium upgrade + CS5.5 serial number on sale on Ebay is it legal?

Oct 9, 2012 6:54 AM

Tags: #licensing #customer_service

Hi all,

Please excuse me if this is not the correct forum, I’m new to Adobe’s customer service, and I couldn’t find a direct Adobe email account to send my

question, apart from which I don’t believe it would be appropriate.

I would like to purchase Adobe CS6 Production Premium and found “Toshcomputers” a supplier of Adobe and Apple products on Ebay who are selling Adobe CS6 Production Premium commercial copy for AU$1249.00, which is exceptional value. 

Toshcomputers are selling CS6 Production Premium commercial upgrade with a CS5.5 Production Premium serial number, which is unusual.  I have searched the Internet and could not find anything negative against Toshcomputers that warrants concerns; they have a very high rating on Ebay's customer’s feedback.


Are there any reasons for Adobe not to honour the CS6 Production Premium upgrade & CS5.5 Production Premium commercial licence sold by Toshcomputers, given they are genuine Adobe software serial numbers as claimed by Toshcomputers?


The following product description is from Toshcomputer’s Ebay web page.


“Adobe Creative Suite 6 Production Premium Full-Feature boxed CS6 (Adobe-sealed retail box)
Fully featured Mac or Windows Commercial license (boxed), you pick the platform you like (this means you get either the Mac or Windows version, not both). This is not Teacher/Student, Not Education, Not Upgrade, Not OEM, Not DVD-only, NOT the older CS5.5 only: This is a boxed, Adobe-sealed full Commercial CS6 upgrade retail box and a Commercial CS5.5 serial number, together making a fresh CS6 Commercial license. No other Adobe software is required. This set allows for full Adobe account creation and Adobe support, software registration, upgrades, etc. Careful when you consider advertisements that do not state specifically that the item is sent in the standard Adobe retail BOX, as re-packaged DVD-only sales are common for non-genuine product.


The only difference to our standard CS5 retail box is that you, once only during installation, enter two serial numbers. This product will register with Adobe and is eligible for full Adobe support. We have sold hundreds of these sets worldwide, check prior eBay client comments. Adobe has given us permission to use their trademarks for our advertisements. Note: We can also list here any UPGRADES to CS6, from CS3, CS4, CS5 and CS5.5 versions; just let us know what you need.”

See Toshcomputers Ebay web link for more details: ULL-New-CS6-Commercial-BOXED-Mac-WIN-/110889858229?pt=AU_software&hash =item19d18cf4b5


The following are some general information about the company:


They are an Australian company based in Sydney, registered as “Triaxis Pty Ltd” ABN 58 129 146 863 trading as “Toshcomputers” as stated by “” and ASIC.


See web page links: df.tfId=panelSearch&adf.tfDoc=/taskflows/panelSearch.xml&searchType=Or gAndBusNm&searchText=129146863



Any feedback is most welcomed, and I would be most grateful if Adobe Customer service could verify “Toshcomputers” software supply method does not infringe Adobe’s Customer software license agreement.


Many thanks,

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    Nov 21, 2012 11:01 PM   in reply to Mips

    Why is nobody answering this??

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    Feb 16, 2013 5:00 PM   in reply to Mips

    Any joy from the Admin?  What did you decide in the end??  PM me if not and if you're in the UK, I've seen another site (which seems legit) that has it at a good price.

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    Mar 28, 2013 7:13 PM   in reply to Mips

    I would not to trust this vendor. It seems odd that they are selling this CS6 software with a CS 5.5 serial number. Tosh Computers is not on the Adobe Australia list of resellers.

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    Apr 8, 2013 3:54 PM   in reply to Mips

    It would only be legal if they are transferring complete ownership of the license for CS5.5 and then destroy copies and use of the serial number. 



    If they are selling the exact same serial number over and over again then it is illegal. 


    Here is the adobe document about doing a proper transfer of ownership. ense.html


    It would involve submitting forms and getting a case number from Adobe.  It requires they provide proof of purchase if they didn't buy direct from Adobe.

    It requires the serial number to have been registered in their adobe account.  Adobe customer service will move the registration from their online account to yours in the process.


    Ask the seller if they are following these proceedures as part of their sales.  If they do not, it's likely they are improperly selling upgrade copies and using a few legitimate CS5.5 serial numbers given out to anyone purchasing to bypass the installation checks.

    They could have some older CS5.5 licenses and they are legitimately transferring the license as part of the sale.  It's conceivable they can get a better price on ebay by selling the Cs5.5 product along with an upgrade than if they simply sold the CS5.5 license alone but I'm guessing they aren't exactly playing by the rules here.

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    May 20, 2013 11:07 AM   in reply to Mips

    Trying to buy Adobe software off of eBay or from similar unauthorized sites/vendors is extremely risky and not a good idea...  A couple years ago Adobe stopped recognizing these as valid purchases because of all the bogus items

    Why Never to Buy Adobe Software on eBay, Craigslist or Amazon Marketplace

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    May 29, 2013 11:17 AM   in reply to Mips

    Mips wrote:

    Adobe cannot deny support or demand its customers to purchase from one of Adobe’s Authorized Resellers


    As described in the article linked above, those are not Authorized Resellers. 


    In fact, any "proof of purchase" from vendors like eBay, Craigslist, or Amazon Marketplace is considered invalid by Adobe and expressly rejected, because of all the fakes.

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    May 29, 2013 12:14 PM   in reply to ProDesignTools

    There is nothing inherently wrong with Ebay, Craigslist, Amazon market, or any similar sales venue.  Any sales by an authorized Adobe reseller of legitimate licenses on those venues will be recognized.  You do not automatically disqualify the sale just because of the venue it was purchased in.  You disqualify the sale because the seller is not selling an authentic product.  It's between you and the seller, the venue is incidental except that it insulates the seller and gives them some level of anonymity unlike if they were running a bricks and mortar storefront.


    Authorized resellers are free to sell products through online markets like ebay.  But they will not be able to offer major discounts or sell for a fraction of the retail prices or break rules for upgrade eligibility. 


    If I as an authorized adobe reseller decided to market and sell through these venues I would be providing the customer with an invoice from my company.  That invoice is going to be the same as if I sold it to you face to face.  The software I provide would be a legitimate license, purchased through authorized distribution channels.  In the case of a volume license or creative cloud for teams subscription it would be registered with the Adobe volume licensing service in the purchasers name and you would setup an account on the volume license or creative cloud service.  I would submit the sale through an Adobe authorized wholesale distributor with the end users contact info and adobe would send out the license confirmations directly to the end user through the contact info provided.  You could log into your account at any time to see the license, check the serial numbers, number of seats, and download a copy of the software and download a PDF certificate of ownership.  Adobe will be happy to have you as an end user and will have no concerns that you bought the license through ebay, etc.  I will have to pay the wholesale distributor the wholesale price for those licenses which isn't much cheaper than the retail prices. 


    If it were brand new boxed product again the software would be purchased through authorized distributors and the serial numbers would be completely legitimate unique numbers that adobe would happily register.  Once registered you could log into your account at any time to verify you are the registered owner of the serial number with Adobe.  The registration would not fail because the license number was never registered before and it's in the database of licenses that adobe has printed and distributed. 


    As mentioned in this thread before there are specific methods outlined by Adobe to properly transfer the registration of an existing used license of boxed product or to transfer the ownership of a volume license.  If the seller claims to be selling a used copy and cannot process the necessary transfer of ownership paperwork then you are likely buying fake/stolen licenses.


    As mentioned a large amount of conterfiet software is sold on those marketplaces and if you cannot register the serial number, cannot get the seller to do a transfer of ownership to you, etc then it's fake.  There are likely many legitimate copies sold but they will be for very close to the regular retail prices you find the software sold for in the store.  There just is not a very large profit margin on the sales of the software for the legitimate reseller to be able to do significant discounts.  The markup between the wholesale prices and the retail pricing is far less than 20%.  So any discounts over and above 20% that you see on ebay etc. should be very suspicious. 


    So this thread was specifically dealing with a likely case where a seller is likely breaking the upgrade eligibility rules.  If they were including legitimate previous full version software and legitimate upgrade copies then it would be fine but the circumstances and description seem to indicate that isn't the case.  At best the seller is providing a legitimate upgrade copy but it's not legal to use it if you do not have the eligible previous version software to upgrade from and that's where the rules are likely being broken.  Chances are the serial number of the previous version software is a pirated/stolen license key.


    Going forward with the creative cloud subscription licensing it's going to be pretty easy to tell what is a legitimate license or not.  If someone is offering to sell a boxed or disk version product copy of any of the CC editions of the software then it's pirated end of story. 

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