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Warner Harress 40 posts
Nov 7, 2012
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Have you tried the new Adobe Exchange?

Nov 15, 2012 6:58 AM

You may have seen that Exchnage was recently rebranded as Exchnage Classic and that was really to make way for a brand new Exchange. It is designed to deliver a much better experience to users and producers.


If you just want to try it out, download the CS6 Adobe Exchange panel here (a Creative Cloud integrated Web site is in the works):


If you want to submit products on Exchange sign up here (you just need to use your Adobe ID or create one).


Try it out and give us your feedback.




Warner Harress | Adobe Exchange Team

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    Nov 15, 2012 8:49 AM   in reply to Warner Harress

    Hi Warrner


    Although I like the fact that the new extension is product relative, (finds exchange products for the program opened in) I am left wondering what will happen to extensions that a currently in the 'Classics' exchange.


    Will the 'Classic' extensions be moved to the new exchange or will they remain on the 'Classic' web site?

    If so how about a link in the new exchange panel to open the 'Classic' site in a browser?



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    Nov 27, 2012 5:33 PM   in reply to Warner Harress

    I used to develop Flash components since 2004 (until 1-2 years ago) and devleped/managing a Flash components site since 2008.

    I think Adobe is killing the Exchange service and killed Adobe Flash (with Steve Jobs helping); these two (Flash and exchange) are the only two things that I came here for, and I think they were very important for the community.


    For me the components stopped selling when Adobe site layout changed and you didn't give any importnace to the exchange anymore, it was literally the last link (bottom right corner of the downloads page) when compared to previous site layouts when "adobe exchange" was a menu item under "Downloads" in top menu, it had a significant traffic impact for the exchange. If you don't drive traffic to exchange, components do not sell/download so developers will not delvelop anymore or will not submit anymore.


    Macromedia used to carefully review and test extensions before approvig them and provided proper personalized feedback for each submission, not anymore. Now files seem to be pending for no reason and feedback/testing is superficial.

    Adobe approves many duplicates because you allow each components website to submit their own copy of the component, this is a receipe for a mess.


    Nobody seems to understand that sucessfull things need to be clear and simple, I received multiple emails from Adobe about the new exchange, I have no idea what I signed up for or where the email went, adobe used multiple domains for the new exchange sytem, gives it new names, notifies me from multiple locations and with different landing pages, it is a total mess in my opinion, I was even contacted trugh my site's contact form and invited to submit to the new Adobe exchange.


    New Adobe Exchange will not be available as a website but as an interface inside the application? How long do you think this will last until things change again? Why can't we just use a website like all decent services? MXP files are not valid anymore, now we need to create ZXP files, what about next year? We need to learn new things and create new file formats? I don't think I am the only one that would accept a .ZIP file with proper description and speciffications next to it.


    Now something else that I hate about latest Flash versions ... when editing a FLA file and publishing the html page... why on EARTH do I see my html page filling with code ? When technically you could do that by 2-3 lines of code (see Swf Object solution); it seems to me that Adobe did everything possible in order to discourage developers from working with flash. Looking at the way CS5 publishes fla to html I could not see a more complicated way to do this then the way you did it. I think you must have some employees there that really hate the company.


    If there are developers here that used to be around site and Macromedia Flash I think they can feel the changes and complications mentioned above.



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    Nov 27, 2012 6:31 PM   in reply to adrianTNT

    As the oldest developer of client-side commercial extensions for

    Dreamweaver, perhaps I can lend some perspective...


    The original Exchange was a well-intentioned idea gone terribly, but not

    unexpectedly, wrong. The tipping point came shortly after Adobe

    purchased Macromedia. First came a rush of new developers, most of whom

    created "original" works by copying others or by simply wrapping a

    rudimentary interface around an open source jQuery widget. Then vote and

    download gaming, where these new developers (and I use the term very

    loosely) voted for their own extensions while voting down the extensions

    of others. This is where we left the Exchange, never to return. It is,

    to put it mildly, a joke. 90% of the extensions listed are rubbish. As

    for "Adobe approval", it is for the most part meaningless. The people

    testing these things are off-shore and most do not understand even even

    the basics of JavaScript and CSS.


    So this leads me to the new Exchange. I consider it a good experiment.

    If it works, Adobe can create something modern and akin to Apple's App

    Store. If it fails, we are no worse off than we were before.


    We intend to monitor its progress and experiment with at least one

    product. The keys for us will be the level of expertise that Adobe's

    testers exhibit and how customers accept the system.



    Al Sparber - PVII

    The Finest Dreamweaver Menus | Galleries | Widgets

    Since 1998

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    Nov 28, 2012 5:38 AM   in reply to Al Sparber

    Warner to your original statement:


    If you just want to try it out, download the CS6 Adobe Exchange panel here (a Creative Cloud integrated Web site is in the works):


    Is this to mean that the Exchange will be different for traditional license users vs Cloud users? Can you please clarify what that statement means since there is still a lot of confusion at times about what is and what is not Cloud.  Thanks.

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    Nov 29, 2012 6:45 AM   in reply to pziecina

    The new Adobe Exchnage relies on prodcust being signed and uses multiple and larger prevew images, it also has better social media links so we are asking producers that are creating or have created products for Exchnage Classic to submit their products to the new Exchange. For anyone that has already created a .zxp file for Adobe Exchange we are working to update the Adobe Exchnage Packager app to sign your .zxp files. However you can just add the files that make up the zxp file witht he current app. Just sign in with your Adobe ID at and you will be able to download Packager and submit your products.


    I hope the above helps.


    Jonathan Ferman | Product Manager

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    Nov 29, 2012 8:39 AM   in reply to SnakEyez02

    Hi Snakeyez02,


    The Creative Cloud integrated website will need some way to verify you as a user such as an Adobe ID or your Creative Cloud membership (free or paid), so anyone will be able to see the products on the new Adobe Exchnage website when it is live, but when you dpownload or buy a product we need to know who you are to be able to reference it as your stuff. We will also continue with the panel, so this will add another route for people to see the products.


    Jonathan Ferman | Product Manager

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    Nov 29, 2012 8:48 AM   in reply to Al Sparber

    Hi Al (Sparber),


    We look forward to seeing your product on Adobe Exchange. We soeant a lot of time listening to users and we of course continue to do so before we embarked on the new Exchange. Some ways it is different and better to Exchnage Classic:


    One approver for all products - currently every product you submit to Classic has to go via that product team, so for example a Photoshop compatible product goes to the Photoshop team to approve, a dreamweaver product to the Dreamweaver team and so on. If your product supports more than one product things get much more painful.

    Private sharing - test products with groups of users or an individual privately

    Make money - using our payment vendor you will earn money on every product sold.

    Localization - this is in development but we want to support a lot mroe than just English. The Adobe Exchange panel already supports French, German and Japanese.

    In product - right now Exchnage is visible through a panel, soon it will be integrated with Creative Cloud and then we will look at more direct product integration.

    Promotion of your products - while Adobe has provided great creation and development tools, producers had no way to promote their products or track them. With Adobe Exchange you do.


    We have worked with Adobe partners for many years and every single one I spoke with asked for Adobe to create this, something modern and powerful that would help them reach new customers. We want to continue to provide new ways to do that with Adobe Exchange.


    Jonathan Ferman | Product Manager

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