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Slow performance, fragmented fla64.tmp file

Dec 5, 2012 4:39 PM

This is NOT AN ANSWER. In my search for "what is a fla64.tmp" file, I came to this forum. After defrag my computer showed 6 fragments from that file (the only frags on the partition). Wanted to know what that meant, so I began searching the internet. I read this ENTIRE thread to only discover every detail of all problems I've been having since I downloaded the Adobe flash player is listed herein. And not a single -even fragementedly general solution has been found. Nice, I guess; if you just want someone to sit around and complain with.


First my question, then I'll join the rest of you with my woes (and a cup of coffee):

If I install the "flash decompiler" [] will that help?


If I weren't in the Army Reserve, I wouldn't have to have the stupid flash player. By the way, NOT A single upgrade of Adobe to date [12/3/12] has solved the problem. Specs on my machine apparently don't matter as many have been listed here and none fare better than any other; and, unfortunately I'm so late in joining this now ancient yet still voracious problem many of the links provided along the way don't work. I clicked 'em all! That is sad - that the problem is older than any of the helps tried to be, and actually outlived them.


Adobe doesn't care. Can't wait to publish that as far and wide as possible, since there are -yes there really are - comparable players out there some of which can convert Adobe specified items, so you don't have to use Adobe for some stuff.  I really hated that I had to sign up for tons of junk e-mail in order to seek help on the matter, am worse in attitude because for all that there is still no solution.


People in the Army get mad at a lot of us soldiers because it takes FOREVER to get any of our required classes, programs or other computer stuff done since they use Adobe and it makes us crawl through everything (honestly after basic training I thought I was through low crawling through mud just because the powers that be liked to watch us do it). Well, not all Reserve personnel have as much of a problem - like for KGLAD's site, some soldiers have the technological understanding, experience and knowledge available to them; that is those who live near the Army servers actually don't have as big a problem. But for the almost 1/2 of us who live too far away and have only what we have available, it is agony! [Love the way you treat your citizen-soldiers in real life].


If there is an Adobe employee, or stock holder, or somebody who could actually get someone in Adobe to answer us about this (without the political pleasantries please!) maybe faith in at least people in the company could be restored.  Really, does anyone in or about Adobe care? Can't wait for some Mogul to come swallow you up. {That is unless you ever get around to humbling yourselves to address the little guys like me on our 'less-than-whatever-you-think-is-your-level' level.}


Sincerely, Just A Soldier

Branched from an earlier discussion.
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    Dec 3, 2012 2:13 PM   in reply to Surveys&Shops

    You shouldn't be having terrible performance nor drill up this very outdated post as relevant.


    Most of the original people had a single core (not even sure if hyperthreaded) P4 with 2GB ram, in 2008. That's basically a solar powered calculator with a keyboard. Multi-core CPUs had been out for years yet they expect their system to handle it just fine. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know if your computer is old and slow, nothing is going to run great on it.


    I'm not really sure how or why your military affiliation applies in any way here but that's your chosen analogy so instead of just complaining you can't take out an Apache with your musket/bayonette combo, how about providing some relevant details?


    What EXACTLY is your OS, CPU (brand/model), RAM (brand/model), video card (brand/model)? If your system specs are at least remotely up to date then we can attempt to help you get it working from there. Otherwise I would never suggest converting Adobe software or decompiling. That's treating the symptoms, not fixing the problem. The fix very well may be your system is far too old.

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