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Date Created in CONTENT

Dec 7, 2012 9:51 AM

Tags: #bridge #content #metadata #cs6 #date_created #date #created #bridge_cs6 #taken #date_taken #date_file_created

I'm trying to organize my files in Bridge for the first time. I've used PS/Ai/ID/etc for years, but Bridge always just seemed odd to me. Bridge still is odd to use, but it lets me label and keyword files, which I need to organize my files. I've tried organizing them without things like these for years, and it's just not working, especially for files I create with adobe products.


I switched to the METADATA workspace (assuming Bridge calls them workspaces, PS does) since it has the table of files their details, but then I noticed the Date Created was wrong, it's actually the Date Taken. Why my psd files that are digital paintings have a Date Taken, I'm not sure (they don't come from cameras or scanners). Why Bridge calls "Date Taken" "Date Created" I'm not sure either. But I need to organize my files, and Bridge has "Date File Created" that shows the real "Date Created" that I need.


Anyway, I'm in METADATA and I need to see the real Date Created (Date File Created) in the table of files in the CONTENT panel. However, I can't figure out how to do it. Is this possible to do?

(I know I can open the METADATA panel to get to the Date Created, but I'd rather not open a whole panel for just this 1 field, I have many files to organize and Bridge is slow enough on my desktop with the METADATA panel closed)


I'm using Brisge CS6 via creative cloud on Window 7. Both are up to date. Desktop is custom build about 6 months to 2 years old depend on which part we're talking about. I can get more detailed tech spec's if they're needed.

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    Dec 7, 2012 10:00 AM   in reply to jacquilynw

    The date file can be confusing. There is Date Created (set by camera when picture shot), and date file created (when imported into Bridge), and date file modified.  You can choose which ones to display in metadata panel by clicking on edit/preferences/metadata.

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    Dec 7, 2012 10:43 AM   in reply to jacquilynw

    You can add a seperate line of metadata under the image using edit/preferences/thumbnails then select the line of metadata you want to show.


    If I read you correctly there may not be a Date Taken as this is a field from the camera.  Since you are creating them it would be Date Created.

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    Dec 7, 2012 11:24 AM   in reply to jacquilynw

    Here is an old thread that might clear things up.  See post #5 in particular.


    Also, reread post #1 above.  Date Created is from camera or scanner, and Date File Created is something different as when the Date Created file was entered into Bridge, or a file you created and entered into Bridge.

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    Dec 7, 2012 5:53 PM   in reply to jacquilynw

    To test I created a document in photoshop and saved as jpeg.  The Date Created,  Date File Created, and the Date File Modified were all the same.  If I look at this document in Windows Explorer and right click to get Properties it shows Date Created and Date Modified.  In Bridge termonology in Windows this is really Date FILE Created and Date FILE Modified.  I come to this conclusion as I viewed an image where the Date Created and Date File Created were different, and W.E. does not list the Date Created timestamp.


    So depending on the program used you have to figure out if the listed Date Created is really that or Date FILE Created.  In a camera they can be quite different, but if you are making a drawing they should be the same with the date stamped at the time you save it.


    Does this make sense?

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    Dec 10, 2012 8:06 AM   in reply to jacquilynw

    All I can do is try testing to see what is happening and conclude the "logic" from there.


    Took jpeg picture  date created  7/26/2010

                               date file created 2/4/2011

                               date file modified 2/4/2011


    added a layer and made some line on picture saved as psd metadata changed to

                              date created 7/26/2010

                              date file created today

                              date file modified today


    From this, and previous analysis, it appears that DATE CREATED is the date the camera or scanner created the picture, or if created in some program the DATE CREATED is the date it was first saved.  That date created will not change with future operations even if format changed.  I did this same test and saved as jpg and results same as adding a layer and saving as psd.


    Therefore from my test if the image is modified and saved the date created remains the same, but the date file created and date file modified can change


    Date Created is not read in Windows Explorer.  In Windows Explorer the DATE CREATED is really what Bridge calls DATE FILE CREATED.


    Hope this helps.  Try it yourself for conformation.

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  • Omke Oudeman
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    Nov 27, 2004
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    Dec 10, 2012 8:10 AM   in reply to jacquilynw

    Do you know the logic PS uses to set this piece of data?



    Sadly enough logic and Adobe are not often a matching pair. Due to different teams (often also in different location and countries) working on different applications and the scale of the Adobe Company it seems very hard to get everyone on the same line for details. This is a known point of frustration for many users, even in the Creative Suite itself.


    But for a digital image captured by a camera PS and Bridge read the IPTC data in the Exif that is created in the Camera itself and is written to the File Info. Ideally this is for every vendor the same according to the IPTC world standard but you know how it is with an ideal situation...


    I don't know exactly where Bridge get's the data from for the fields its shows in the Metadata panel (there are a lot of tabs in the File Info, especially for a digital image, just check it yourself) but a file created in PS gets its creating day and time the moment you save it and it's modification date and time the moment you save the changes you have applied to that file. Of course only the last modification is showing.


    Like Curt said, in Bridge preferences Thumbnail section you can choose to show both Date created and date taken under the thumbs. The sort order respects those info also.



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