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Trying to mix 5.1...Premiere CS6 not recognizing channels?

Dec 13, 2012 11:23 AM

Hi all,

I'm trying to edit a piece for 5.1 and I've found that Premiere CS6 is not seeing my motherboards audio capabilities.

In the Windows (7 x64 Ultimate) sound settings I can configure the 5.1 output and test each channel.

I'm connected to my Logitech Z680 speakers (5.1) via the analog jacks:

  • Lime: Front Speakers
  • Black: Rear Speakers
  • Orange: Center/Subwoofer


Below you can see my mapping options, only stereo.  Why can't I see all the channels?  I've confirmed I'm editing a 5.1 sequence.

Thanks for your help.

No options.JPG

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    Dec 13, 2012 3:36 PM   in reply to ScottGold


    In the image you provided you show mapping output for Premiere Pro WDM Sound.

    What I'd like to see is what other outputs you have available to map to.

    What does it show when you toggle down the menu in your Audio Output Mapping?

    Mine shows the following:


    I recommend first going into the "Audio Hardware" preferences (just above Audio Output Mapping) and check your settings there. The hardware you have selected should match the output mapping.

    From there you should be able to configure your WDM settings and verify all your active channels. Additionally, if you have the option to use ASIO instead of WDM, I strongly recommend it. ASIO tends to be a much better interface and provide lower latency audio for your programs. If you don't have ASIO, you should get it here --->

    It's free^_^


    Once you've verified your Hardware settings your output mapping should reflect it. If your Hardware settings don't show the proper outputs, then there are other issues.

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    Dec 13, 2012 6:14 PM   in reply to ScottGold


    Hmmm...if you're having pops when you scrub the timeline it might be audio latency/buffer issues.

    If you go into the ASIO HUD (get there from the Premiere Hardware Preferences settings like you did before, or look in your task bar and you should see the icon) you should see a bar on the bottom left that says "ASIO Buffer Size"


    My display might look different from yours because I have the "Advanced" Settings showing. To access advanced options click on the little tool wrench in the bottom right of the ASIO window. After you locate the Buffer slider (seen circled above) you can change how many samples it is using to buffer.  Generally the lower the number (further left you put the bar) the faster the audio responses are...but more unstable, resulting in pops and clicks when you playback or do anything with audio. The higher the number (further right you put the bar) the more stable the system and sounds with a tradeoff in response times. Try increasing the buffer size until you no longer hear the pops and clicks.  The key is to try and get away using the lowest samples you can in your buffer without getting the pops and clicks.


    Hopefully that works!

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    Dec 14, 2012 7:22 AM   in reply to ScottGold

    One other thing, to take into consideration, would be where the Cuts are made in the Audio Clip(s). PrPro does not have the "Cut on Zero-Crossings," like Audition, and other audio-editing programs offer. If one Cuts on spots, other than at Zero-Crossings, there can be pops, clicks, or other distortions. This article goes into a bit more detail:


    Looks like you have gotten great advice on the Audio settings, and I agree that ASIO4All can be a wonderful little driver. I needed it on my workstation's sound card, and it has helped many, from those with fairly simple on-board chips, to folk with some esoteric pro audio gear.


    Thank you for reporting your successes, and good luck getting everything flawless.



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    Dec 18, 2012 2:57 PM   in reply to ScottGold

    And a lot more crackles in Multicam mode when using Asio4all! any ideas?

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    Dec 18, 2012 3:03 PM   in reply to Luc van Vliet

    On my system, with ASIO4All, I have not experienced any crackles, or pops, even in Multi-Cam mode.


    Only issues that I have had were where I did not Cut on Zero-Crossings, but when I move the Cuts to a Zero-Crossing, the pops disappear. This article covers a little bit of that:


    Not sure if that is what is happening, or if it is something totally different?


    Good luck,



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    Dec 18, 2012 8:39 PM   in reply to Bill Hunt

    Very strange, i walked away for a wile, then unchecked in Cubase 6 ''Microsoft GS wavetable'' as output MIDI ports''

    (a guy told about  problems with the ASIO 4all set up in Cubase or Ableton)


    And now.. n more craks even in multicam..

    fingers crossed and listen again tomorrow


    Thanks Bill!

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    Dec 18, 2012 10:59 PM   in reply to Luc van Vliet

    Hi Luc van Vliet. Would you please explain your problem? What are you doing that results in cracks? Just editing in multicam mode?

    Have you adjusted your audio samples buffer like I mentioned above?

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    Dec 18, 2012 11:13 PM   in reply to Dragonspear

    ScottGold and Luc van Vliet,


    One more thing you both can try (if the popping is still happening) is the following:


    Adobe-provided recommendations...


    These steps were provided in another forum thread where someone else had problems with audio pops/clicks/cracks.

    It contains several steps I was already going to recommend, so I'm including it all.

    Additionally, make sure your video card and system configuration/specs meet the min. requirements for the version of Adobe CS you are using.

    For example, here:


    1. Re-create the Premiere Pro CS5 PluginCache.


    The PluginCache is  a Windows registry entry that stores information
    about the status of  all native Premiere Pro CS5 plug-ins and third-party
    plug-ins.  Re-create the PluginCache to eliminate problems that damaged
    or  obsolete plug-in data might cause.


    To re-create the PluginCache,  hold down the Shift key while you start
    Premiere Pro CS5, and then  release the Shift key when the Welcome to
    Adobe Premiere Pro window  appears.


    2. To re-create the Premiere Pro CS5 preferences  folders:


    1. Close Premiere Pro CS5.
    2. Rename the 5.0  folder (for example, to Old 5.0) in the
    C:\Users\[your user  name]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Premiere Pro folder.
    3. Rename the  Styles folder (for example, to Old Styles) in the
    C:\Users\[your user  name]\Documents\Adobe\Premiere Pro\5.0 folder.
    4. Rename the  Layouts folder (for example, to Old Layouts) in the
    C:\Users\[your  user name]\Documents\Adobe\Premiere Pro\5.0 folder.
    5. Open  Premiere Pro CS5. The application will create new preferences


    3. Update or reinstall QuickTime.


    An outdated version of Apple  QuickTime or a damaged QuickTime file may
    prevent Premiere Pro CS5  from operating correctly. To update QuickTime,
    install the current  version available from the Apple website at


    4. Please uninstall Audio Driver and install the latest version of
    Audio  Driver.
    5. Update Graphic Card Driver with the latest version.


    My notes: I did not need to go as far as steps 3-5 and although my problem does not sound like it would be addressed by rebuilding the plugin cache or preferences folder, the loud popping sounds were eliminated or seriously reduced.

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    Dec 19, 2012 9:09 AM   in reply to Dragonspear

    No adjustments, just the ASIO4All own settings.

    Today again flawless NO crackles in CS6 (also perfect in 4 cam multicam) or in Cubase.

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    Dec 19, 2012 3:29 PM   in reply to Luc van Vliet


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    Dec 19, 2012 5:41 PM   in reply to Luc van Vliet

    Great news!


    That little free driver really helped me, years ago, and then I became a "convert." I picked up on that tip, from the Audition forum.


    Good luck,



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