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Feels like I am using a beta version of PE 10

Dec 13, 2012 1:05 PM

Tags: #adobe #elements #10 #bugs #beta

I am using PE10 since about one year but I am not completely satisfied with the software. There are so many bugs in it...


-     When starting PE10 on my Dual Core 3.0 GHz PE10 will stay at a 100% CPU usage, even when there is no project loaded. I know it´s the minimum but 100% load for only an emty application...? So I had to change to another computer.

-     Lots of graphical issues:

     -     disappearing key frame buttons (known issue)

     -     When adjusting the audio level on the timeline the level indicator disappears and jumps back to it´s original position

     -     When extending a clip the clip "flips" on the timeline

     -     Graphical artifacts on the point where the time indicator had been.

-     Saved text styles have different properties when reopening the project.

-     Airbrush effect: when you set the effect to 0% the footage is still "airbrushed" (like you have set it to 10%)

-     When switching from another program back to PE it takes 8 seconds before the turning icon changes into an arrow so I can go on working

-     When using the crop effect first and after that the Edge Feather effect the Edge Feather starts at the original edges instead of the cropped footage. Changing order does not help.

-     Turning audio buttons with the mouse is almost impossible

-     Inserting clips when the time indicator is not on the current visible part of your project the project will be messed up.

-     You cannot type a long text for a crawling title in the text box. The text won´t shift so you are typing off screen. You have to copy/past it from a text file.

-     Some more annoying bugs...


I hoped Adobe would release an update to fix these problems, but they don´t...


Does someone feel the same way about this version of PE?

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    Dec 13, 2012 5:55 PM   in reply to Dpbe

    Not by any means! Something is definitely wrong with your system!


    What operating system are you using? 32-bit or 64-bit? If it's a Windows computer, have you manually gone to Windows Update and downloaded even the non-critical updates (which don't download automatically and often include key drivers)?


    Do you have at least 4 gigs of RAM and at least 30 gigs of free, clean (run Disk Cleanup), freshly defragmented space?


    What model of camcorder is your video coming from and what format and resolution is it?

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    Dec 14, 2012 6:45 AM   in reply to Dpbe

    One weakness in the computer, that you outlined, is the 4GB of installed RAM. With a 64-bit OS, 4GB RAM is just about enough to run the OS, with almost nothing left over for any programs, and especially programs, like PrE.


    Were it my computer, I would first at least double the installed RAM (8GB is about the real-world minimum w/ a 64-bit program), and even better, triple that RAM. Not sure what the capabilities of your MoBo are, but I always fill my MoBo will all the RAM that it can handle, with the exact specs. that the MoBo mfgr. suggests.


    Now, with limited RAM, the Windows Virtual Memory (Page File) will definitely come into play. Even with a lot of installed RAM, I like creating the Page File statically, rather than require Windows to manage it dynamically. With minimum RAM, I would also look into creating that Page File at about 2.5x that of the installed RAM. The Page File plays a smaller role in a 64-bit OS, as opposed to a 32-bit OS, but ONLY if one has plenty of installed RAM. For a 64-bit OS w/ 16GB RAM, one could probably get by with a Page File that is only about 16GB, or 1:1.


    Now, I am not saying that the limited RAM is the cause of all of your problems, but that would be the first thing that I would change, and then test, test, test.


    Good luck,



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    Dec 14, 2012 8:27 AM   in reply to Dpbe

    Graphical display issues are most often caused by having an obsolete video driver. The "cure" for those instances is to go to the video card's mfgr's. Web site and then download and install the latest driver for your card. Do not trust Windows, or any utility to tell you, if you have the latest version, as they will be probably 6 mos. out of date.


    As for the RAM, certain Effects do require more, when editing, and those two might well be ones, that would stress the system. To get you by, I would definitely look at your Page File, to see what the size is. If you let Windows dynamically manage it, then it would be the Max Size, that could be important.


    Good luck,



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    Dec 14, 2012 10:17 AM   in reply to Bill Hunt

    Another thing to consider: Did your Windows 7 64-bit come factory installed or did you upgrade to it?

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    Dec 14, 2012 11:09 AM   in reply to Dpbe

    For the last part - the Edge Feathering on Cropped Clips, I think that is a limitation of Edge Feather. I have never been able to get it to work, when I have applied the Crop Effect. In PrPro, I have just Nested the Cropped Clip(s) into another Sequence, and then applied the Edge Feather, but PrE does not allow Nesting, and does not have Sequences. One possible workaround would be to Crop, then Export/Share that/those Clip(s) as intermediate files, to be Imported into a New Project (or that Project, replacing the original Clip(s) ), and then applying the Edge Feather to that intermediate Cropped material.


    Sorry that I do not have any useful thoughts on the other points that you raise, but maybe others will, and can comment.


    Good luck,



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    Dec 14, 2012 7:13 PM   in reply to Bill Hunt

    I have this program on a 32-bit XP computer, a 64-bit Windows 7 and a 64-bit Mac OSX computer and I have not even remotely seen the problems you're describing. It's completely bizarre that you'd see the same problems on two different computers!


    I suppose it's possible that you got a defective copy of the program. Are you installing it from a disc or from a download?


    This is very weird. But it's definitely something beyond the program. Are you using Norton 360 or some antivirus program that might be interferring with the program on both computers?


    It really is impossibly odd that it would have exactly the same problems on two different computer with completely different configurations and running completely different programs!

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