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No longer have indication of need for synchronizing a folder

Feb 21, 2013 12:30 PM

Tags: #lightroom #problem #library #lr4

My workflow in LR is to do all of my editing, etc. and then open Bridge and change all of the file names to reflect more discriptive titles. I then switch back to LR (4.3). In the past this would result in all of my edit pictures involved in this process showing the infamous question mark, BUT also the new discriptive names. I would then sync and all would be well. Now the file name does not change and the question mark does not show. The folder needs to be sync'ed and since I know that I do so and all of the titles then change in the LR view.


One other piece of data - I installed win7 64 bit (was on 32 bit) and of course reinstalled LR and CS5. I suspect there is some preference setting I need to change to have LR reflect the new file name and thereby need a sync and so indicate it, but I don't know what it is. I could use some advice on this one. Thanks.

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    Feb 21, 2013 2:55 PM   in reply to colblip

    And why do yu change the file names in Bridge when you could do it much faster and easier in LR?

    You can select any number of images in the Grid View and then go >Library >Rename Photo, This will bring up the file name editor where you can set your file name with whatever descriptive names you like. Click <OK> and all selected images will be renamed in the blink of the eye.

    And better yet, Lr "remembers" the original file name, so you can always go back to it.


    I'm often amazed that some people go out of their way to create a cumbersome workflow that is prone to mistakes and creates unnecessary work.

    BTW: Have you noticed that by doing < synchronize folder> you loose your Lr edits (unless you saved to xmp)?


    Why don't you take the time to learn Lr. It is time well spent.

    Watch some video tutorials, please.

    Start here: m-4/

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    Feb 21, 2013 3:44 PM   in reply to colblip


    It was not my intention to insult you. But your workflow goes totally "against the grain" of Lr.

    I know that some people insist on their workflow even if it is not optimal. But - and that is my experience from participating in the forum - they usually come to grief.

    It's absolutely fine if you find that Bridge is better for your workflow. But then, why don't you stay in Bridge?


    Mixing Bridge and Lr just doesn't work for the simple reason that Bridge saves to file while Lr saves to its catalog.

    And most experienced users of Lr agree on that Lr and Bridge don't mix well.


    And I used strong words to drive the point home that - indeed - you would do well familiarizing yourself more with Lr, because your current workflow is far from optimal.

    Please, don't take offence. But sometimes strong words are needed to drive a point home.


    You wrote: "this would result in all of my edit pictures involved in this process showing the infamous question mark, BUT also the new discriptive names."

    While it is correct that Lr would show the question mark, it would not display the new file names. Lr displays a question mark when the link between its catalog and the image file is broken. If Lr would display the new file name - created outside of Lr - there would be no need for a question mark.

    Lr would have displayed the changed file names only after <sychronizing folder> but not before.


    The correct way to handle the situation after changing the file name in Bridge would have been to relink the file. You do this by clicking directly onto the question mark (in Grid View) and by selecting <find missing file>, then navigating to and selecting the new file name. This procedure will preserve the Lr edits. But <Synchronize folder> does not.


    <Synchronizing folder> imports "new" images, i.e. the images are read and imported from an file, i.e. from the hard drive. While this procedure is OK for new files that haven't been imported into Lr before, with images already imported into Lr it will discard all catalog data related to this image and replace it with what is on disk. And since Lr stores the edits in its catalog, the edits are lost.

    There is only one way to avoid this: The catalog data has to be written to file before you change the file name.

    Are you beginning to see that your workflow is not optimal?


    You also wrote: "Now the file name does not change and the question mark does not show"

    It may be that the cells are compacted. In the Grid View go >View >Grid View Style and check <Expanded cells>.

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    Feb 21, 2013 4:42 PM   in reply to colblip

    colblip wrote:


    I find Bridge much better at handling my naming convention.

    I think Adobe should enhance Lr to match Bridge in filenaming capability (and then go beyond). I wrote a custom import plugin for Lightroom because it didn't handle my previously invented filenaming convention, and I had good reasons why I did not want to stray from it in favor of something Lightroom could handle. Lr's filenaming might be good enough if one starts using it before they have a bunch of already named photos (and maybe also other photo-processing infrastructure still being used...), but who does that? (answer: some, not many...).


    (and yes, dj_paige, I understand that you don't much care how things are named because you use 100% metadata for organization - trust me: I have good reasons for wanting naming just so, some of said reasons have roots in a time before Lr was even a gleam in Adobe's eye. Kinda like drive letters in Windows - would Microsoft do it that way if Windows was being invented from scratch? of course not, but then re-inventing Windows from scratch is not considered a viable option)


    So some are stuck with an Lr pre-processing stage, or using Bridge in conjunction with Lr...


    Note: if you want to custom-name files upon import, consider Ottomanic Importer.

    if you want to custom-name files after import (so-as not to lose standing by re-importing, and avoid need to re-link...), consider File Renamer.



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    Feb 21, 2013 7:09 PM   in reply to colblip


    I am relieved that you don't edit your photos in Lr before renaming them in Bridge.

    This was really what made me use strong words because I was thinking that you would "undo" your Lr edits.

    So that's out of the way. I apologize for insinuating that you don't know Lr.


    The question mark should show up when you change the file name in Bridge.

    I have no explanation why it wouldn't, except that maybe your Preference File has been corrupted. Not your fault, it seems to happen randomly.


    When the Preference File goes "funny" it can create all kinds of strange behavior of Lr that are not explicable. The remedy is replacing the Preference File.

    BTW: Re-installing Lr does not replace the Pref. File since it is designed to "survive" upgrades.


    See here for where to find the Preference file for your OS: m-4.html

    See here for how to go about Replacing the Preference File:


    I hope this helps.

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