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Multiple use of the same video time line for different audio tracks

Apr 5, 2013 6:46 PM

I have a 90 minute video timeline


I will be putting different audio tracks in multiple languages.


But as i was just editing i wondered if i could use only a segment (30 minutes ) of the timeline

along with a 30 minute audio.




So the first thing on the menu will be the whole 90 minute video

with a 90 minute music track


Second thing might be the 90 minute video with a 90 minute commentary


Third thing might be the first 30 minutes of video with a different commentary


Forth thing on the menu might be the first 30 minutes of video and 30 minutes of

a different language




I realize i will need to make space (mb)  for all the audio.....but if i could use the same video or pieces of it

that would be fantastic.


If i can do this i am presuming i should use playlists and chapter playlists to get it done?


I have never done this before and would love some feedback on an over view or tips

that might save me some guess work


Thanks for any help :-)



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    Apr 5, 2013 7:04 PM   in reply to Soshman

    If i can do this i am presuming i should use playlists and chapter playlists to get it done?

    My first thought, as you describe, chapter playlists, not playlists. The buttons just need to specify the audio track to use. I suspect some users would advocate making more than one timeline (export shorter video to import into Encore), then use a playlist for the full length version.


    DVD or bluray? Only difference I see there is prior to CS6, Encore did not have Bluray chapter playlist.

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    Apr 5, 2013 7:38 PM   in reply to Soshman

    I like the idea of making different video timelines ( because they are different locations...about 5 different videos )

    and then making a chapter playlist for the whole 90 minute piece...this is great advice and i can see how that will work much better.


    I still only have i would have to upgrade. Any version beyond 6 coming anytime soon?

    With 5 timelines, you will use a "playlist" not a "chapter playlist" - CS5 is fine.


    Make 2 separate Encore projects, one for DVD, one for Bluray.


    Lots of talk of the new features to come in the next version of the adobe apps. Don't know whether called CS6.5 or CS7, but it will be soon.


    No info about Encore changes yet.


    An upgrade from CS5 to the next will be a 3 version upgrade (CS5.5 to CS6 to CSnext). Will not be cheap, and will the cloud option (special at 29.99 per month for one year agreement), very attractive.

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    May 24, 2013 11:56 AM   in reply to Soshman

    As a former collegue would say: "Eek!"


    Correct me if I'm wrong, but you are placing multiple videos on one timeline, then adding audio to that timeline. That is not a "chapter playlist." It is a single timeline with multiple assets. That can sometimes work, but often causes problems.


    As noted above, use a "playlist," not a chapter playlist.


    Timeline 1 will have only "Balloons.m2v" and its audio. Timeline 2, Lanterns and its audio.


    New -> Playlist. In the playlist, add Timeline 1 and then Timeline 2. Balloons will play, followed by Lanterns.


    Now I know from another thread that you want different audio tracks for various conditions. So delete that Playlist. Add a second audio track to Timeline 1. Now create a Playlist. When you add Timeline 1, don't use the pickwhip, use the little arrow and "specify link." Then pick Timeline 1 with Audio Track 2. When doing this, you need to go back and specify Audio Track 1 for the first Playlist.


    In the end, you will have a playlist for each combination of video and its audio tracks that you wish. Any particular button on your menus will play a playlist that has the video/audio combination you want.


    Playlists do add to the size of a project, but they don't create a whole video for every use.


    The audio you show in the screenshot is mp3. There are often problems with mp3's. I would convert them to wav's and let Encore transcode to a3c.


    Also, the audio should be exactly the same length as the video for its timeline. The easiest way to deal with this would be to put the audio on the sequence in Premiere. Export the MPEG2-DVD with only your main audio, which will give you the m2v and a wav. Then export audio only for other audio tracks.

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    May 24, 2013 1:52 PM   in reply to Soshman

    I watched the video, but will not have time to respond specifically to that until later. But you seem to be getting on track.


    3. I create chapter playlists of the assets i will need from each time line for each menu button

    I'm not sure you need the chapter playlists. One of the problems is your titles. It is not a good idea to mix them into the timelines in Encore. Did you try the transition idea I posted in the other thread? Yes, that may be a problem with size on disk as well as the possibility that you could exceed the 1 gig limit for menus etc.


    You could put the title on its own timeline and add that to the playlist as needed.


    I suspect that you are wanting to have the audio play continuously while you go from one chapter to another. No can do. Create a very small fade out/in at the beginning/end of each audio (in Premiere).

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    May 26, 2013 5:45 AM   in reply to Soshman

    I'll just say I'm not sure what you are actually doing, but that's okay!


    Encore preview is an estimate. You won't know what you have until you play a burned disk on a dvd player. And black gaps and the like can vary from one player to another. Get a rewritable disk and burn tests.


    Some of the problems you risk with unequal video/audio may not show till you are playing a burned disk.

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    May 29, 2013 7:18 AM   in reply to Soshman

    Soshman wrote:


    Hey Stan!


    Thanks for your help...i think i am really getting this. And have learned a lot.

    I had to go back to my computer programming and flowcharting skills to figure out the flow :-)

    And i still have 153mb to spare when i build it.


    I ended up lining up all the different videos and audios exactly for each time line except for 1 timeline.

    Question: I know if the audio is shorter it will be ok.... but if the audio is longer than the video on a timeline ( and its the audio i assigned it by specify link )

    Will the DVD keep playing until the audio is done or end when the video is done playing?


    2nd Question: I am previewing the playlists with the "Preview from Here" feature

    I specify the link and chapter within that timeline ( it is the only timeline with more than one chaper....the one with the longer audio than video from the question above )

    For most of the audios i only need video chapter 1.....the preview here plays it ok but if i hit the skip to next (in the preview button on theright of the play button) goes to the next chapter #2... instead of the next timeline chapter 1 like it is programed to do from the playlist.

    I am wondering if this is just fluke in the preview feature...or will it do that on the actual DVD as well?


    Lastly because i am using different timelines. I am wondering if there are delays between playlists? for example...i have a long audio that continues between three timelines...i have spliced it pretty fine so it picks up perfectly on the next timeline...but i am wondering if the DVD when playing in realtime will have a little black space inbetween timelines.


    Thanks again for your help and time :-)



    Hiya Mark.


    DVD-Video is video dominant, with the audio always following the visuals so if the audio ends berfore the video it will not (okay, should not) be a problem.

    However, the other way around could go either way - if the actual video timeline has ended the audio may well truncate so I would personally add videoblack at the very least.


    I am also not at all sure how you are going to work a single contiguous audio file across 3 separate playlists. This sounds flawed in concept to me (have I misunderstood your meaning?). In DVD-Video the format is graphically/visually dominant - the audio must always be tied to a visual asset be it a menu or a timeline - so there is no way to have one piece of audio playing across 3 timelines and having it play back glitch free whilst the timeline changes. You will not get a black space - it will simply stop. So unless I have misunderstood you in some way.........


    As Stan says, preview is flaky - the only way to know for sure is to multiplex & burn.

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    May 29, 2013 8:56 AM   in reply to Soshman

    Hiya Mark.


    That's one way to fix it!

    Some players handle transitions between timelines better than others - rather like the layer break on dual layer discs.

    Encore will always write timelines to the disc in the order you create them in (it used to be rfeverse order in the old days) so the way to cut transition time to a minimum is to reduce the seek time on the disc - and create timelines that have transitions sequentially in the project.


    Transiting across timelines using a playlist (a chapter playlist is a different object) is a fine way to go. It is only a shame that Encore never did allow re-use of assets as you can in Scenarist - and the real shame of it is that the code is there to do it in the Sonic authorcore, just never switched on.

    The engine behind encore is actually what used to be Sonic DVD Producer.....which uses the same core as Scenarist does/did (or did at the time Adobe licensed the core technology, anyway).

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    May 29, 2013 9:05 AM   in reply to Soshman

    In the end the DVD has 74 minutes of video and 10 hours of possible audio they can listen to while watching the video.

    I can't say I know exactly how you did it in the end, but it sounds like it is working. Congratulations!

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    May 29, 2013 9:13 AM   in reply to Soshman

    Soshman wrote:


    Wow!  Fantastic information!!!


    So can i now change the order of the timelines in the timeline tab to get a quicker flow based on the order of my primary playlists flow?


    Or do i have to build it that way from the start?


    I would love it if Encore would incorporate that "Orphaned authorcore Code" into its current application.





    Hiya Mark.


    You would, I believe, have to create them that way from the start - at least this is how it always used to be.

    I may be mistaken - but the timeline tab can be arranged in any way you like (date of creation, alphabetical etc) and I am pretty certain it is simply for ease of finding stuff and not to optimize placement on the final DVD.

    So, for example, if you have created the timelines in say A-B-C-D order but want them to play back in D-C-B-A order, it is too late. This is where project planning is critically important - we still create flowcharts on paper before we import a single asset into authoring and get client signoff on those first as a day spent in planning at the start can save you days of hassle troubleshooting later. The flowchart should detail all menus, timelines, timeline content (audio streams, subtitle streams, closed captions etc) and - most importantly - what links are needed between menus & timelines. When all is agreed you can then layout the menus and simply join the dots in authoring. Any confusion you just check the flowchart & all is done.

    The Encore flowchart is a different animal - this is merely a project overview in graphical form that is built as you import assets even though you can create links from it. Always remember - once you start creating timelines you are setting things in stone at that point because of the Abstraction Layer.

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    May 29, 2013 9:34 AM   in reply to Soshman

    Soshman wrote:


    PS i had many of the elements in the project already before i flowcharted it.

    I can see from this experience how having the project flowcharted would make it so

    much cleaner.

    For sure - When I first started doing this I used to wing it on the lkines of "how hard can this be?"

    I soon learned the error of my ways! My problem was laziness - flowcharting by means of drawing one out always seemed too much like hard work to me, yet the reality is that it saves you work in the long run as there are generally a lot fewer nasty surprises on the way.


    If you ever find a software package that can do this please let me know. A3 paper, pencil & ruler is still a hassle

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