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Word does not close when converting over LAN

Apr 9, 2013 9:37 AM

Tags: #word #open #leave #word_to_pdf #acrobat_x-pro

I created an Action macro to convert documents contained in a directory in our corporate LAN.


The macro stipulated the source "Start With" as "A Folder on My Computer". The folder was specified using a UNC file naming convention as other users of this macro might have different drive mappings,


The "Save To" was set as "The Same Folder Selected at Start".


I then saved the macro and ran it.


As each word document was processed, it would open Word and leave the document on the screen. After processing 20 documents I would have 20 word documents opened. The folder contained 1000s of documents so after about 30, the computer would grind to a halt.


If I tried to close the document, I would get a prompt asking to save my changes which of course, none were made.


I looked at Word settings and Acrobat Pro settings but could not find any setting that would impact my problem.


So, I changed the "Start with" as "A Folder on My Computer", but instead of using a UNC file name, I provided a mapped drive and path location to the same folder. Low and behold, the document processing worked without the problem of Word leaving the documents open.


Please fix this problem in a future release.


Just wondering, with the discovery of this bug, do I get a free iPad or something????

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    Apr 9, 2013 2:32 PM   in reply to LesDukes

    It looks as if you are trying to run Acrobat at a server asking to handle files on a remote computer/server. This may not be a permitted use of Acrobat. Someone at Adobe might drop by and let you know if this is a prohibtted use. If you created this macro with Javascript, you will get more help in the Acrobat Javascript forum:



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    Apr 11, 2013 11:54 PM   in reply to LesDukes

    This is probably a bug (though whether in Word or Acrobat isn't something I know how to find out). But Acrobat's batch conversion facilities are light duty, best used for a dozen files at most. I occasionally see people trying to use it as if it was a batch engine to do serious amounts of work on dozens to thousands of files, but it ends in tears. It's just not made for that. For best results, convert a dozen, then completely quit Acrobat and Word, then continue.


    Or look into Adobe's "LiveCycle PDF Generator" product which is designed to sit on a server all day doing this sort of thing without anyone running it.

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    Apr 12, 2013 7:33 AM   in reply to Test Screen Name

    I looked up UNC and found From looking through this site, I concluded the problem may be a limitation of Windows. The process you are using likely uses DOS processing and thus you run into this DOS limitation. I am purely guessing, but it seems reasonable that it is an OS issue and not an Acrobat issue. Acrobat does not always work well with network drives and this may be a key to that problem. Now that I have shown I know nothing about what I just said, maybe it will make sense to you.

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