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are there any good tutorials out there on how to create a sphere consisting of image & video files?

Apr 27, 2013 2:40 PM



I'm just starting to brainstorm a video design I want to put togethr to ceebrate my sons 1st birthday using pictures and videos from the past year... And I envision a 3d sphere made up of various "frames" - like puzzle pieces - that create the form of the sphere, and as I set the camera to move and rotate, I could zoom in/out on certain frames, whether it's a video or text. Then taking those frames that got curved to match the spherical shape, and flatten them out to view.


Does that make sense? If so, does anyone know where I might find a tutorial on how to create something like that - or do you have any ideas yourself?

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    Apr 27, 2013 11:25 PM   in reply to AxiomaticChaos

    Having the tiles of a photo mosaic unwrap and swoosh around with smooth transitions? That's gonna be one hell of a keyframe nightmare based on some third-party plug-in. Unless you can find a premade template on sites like Videohive or there is a plug-in, you can probably forget the whole matter. Otherwise settle perhaps for something a bit smaller, less fancy that is actually doable in AE. "Spheres" can be assembled using 3D layers (manually or with expressions) and you could then pick out the occasional one to present in full screen, but if the sphere rotates or there's other movement in the scene, figuring out alignment with the camera alone will be tricky and cost you some nerves. Or you could create you tiled screens in a pre-comp and wrap them into a Sphere using CC Sphere. If it's just the classical "screen wraps into sphere" transition from the 1990's, you'll have to buy some plug-in and if matched with your otehr sphere and combined with some fade in it may not look that shabby, too. Personally I wouldn't venture beyond that, despite having FreeForm Pro, which could give me all sorts curved 3D stuff. It's simply way too complicated to do this all in AE's limited 3D space and it still would be if you had all the 3D-ish plug-ins that exist out there since they are bound to the same limitations. That aside, the whole thing might get pretty boring, repetitive and too longwinded after having seen it two or three times. Fully animated custom transitions can add considerably to the length of a video and get in the way of doing a good cut. You may think your little toddler is the most beautiful creature on the planet, but wait until your neighbors have fallen asleep after the first half hour of showing them every poop and announcing it with a title slate... That is to say you might use such an animation for the opener and perhaps once inbetween, but otherwise I wouldn't bother and could think of a million ways of doing this better using anotehr design approach...



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    Apr 28, 2013 9:41 AM   in reply to AxiomaticChaos

    Yes and No... You would first need to map out what it is you want to accomplish. Be it a Globe that rotates, that has place holders where your video clips are parked. Rotates and then zooms in to show a video clip. Pans back to then show the Globe and appear to randomly spin and pull in and pan back into place holders where your videos are parked. Whcih will start once the globe stops on it.


    I would start small. anything 5 minutes long in today's society needs an intermission (Sadley enough) With that being stated....Go to Creative Cow or Video to Brain, or Google search how to make a sphere rotate in 3d space.


    Then I would search the same for working in 3d space with video (something to that effect) First you set the stage then you plug in assets. Only after you first have selected the music to time it all to.


    Big project. Sounds like  a 1000 dollar job min.

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