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How do I install Photoshop Elements 10 on my new mac that doesn't have a disc drive?

May 13, 2013 2:38 PM

Help!  I have an old imac that has Photoshop Elements 10 installed on it.  I bought a new imac that does not have a disc drive.  How do I uninstall/reinstall on my new computer???  Is there a way besides having to purchase a disc drive?

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    May 13, 2013 2:46 PM   in reply to jkb906

    Download the trial version from pse-premiere-pre.html


    Ensure that you follow the Very Important Instructions on that page first otherwise the links will not work.


    When you launch the trial enter your serial number to license it.

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    Jul 9, 2013 10:28 AM   in reply to John Waller

    I am trying also to do what the original poster needed : I have a MacBookPro on which I loaded PhotoShopElements 10 from a disc. I now also have a new MacBookAir which has no optical drive so I would need to download PSE10 from Adobe's website, as in your lilnk.


    I've read alll the cautions on the Adobe site and think I'm in "compliance" with them all.


    When I use this link  [ I guess this forum does not allow posting screen shots because when I tried to use them here to show you what I see on my screen this forum justs pastes in an address - hope's they're accessible to readers of this ].


    file://localhost/Users/robertspecker/Desktop/Screen%20Shot%202013-07-0 9%20at%2012.13.08%20PM.png


    on their site for Mac users with Elements regular, not premiere, I get this Acess Denied message :    


    file://localhost/Users/robertspecker/Desktop/Screen%20Shot%202013-07-0 9%20at%2012.12.37%20PM.png


    Can anyone help me past this hurdle ? Because the Air is just one day old, I've omitted its operational details since it's current. If any info is needed beyond that I'll surely give it.


    Thank you               Bob

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    Jul 9, 2013 10:42 AM   in reply to gotisch68

    Follow the Very Imortant Instructions on the page before you click the download links.

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    Jul 9, 2013 2:46 PM   in reply to John Waller



    Thank you for working this through with me.


    Okay, so I'm going to describe the step-by-step following of the instructions [which I thought I had done before ]. If you see where I'm making an error can you point it out to me.


    1. I clicked on the link in your post of May 13 which took me to a page called "Direct Download Links for Adobe Photoshop/Premier Elements 10". I have basic Elements, not Premier and I need to get PSE 10 onto a Mac, which the site says I will only need a "single .dmg file for each program".  Then I


    2. logged in to the Adobe account ( required by instructions ) set up when I bought the disc version last August.


    3. I turned "cookie control" to accept all; having a Mac I have no antivirus software nor any firewalls


    4. I "clicked here to visit this page" in the instructions .........BUT ............ that took me to a PSE 11 download page, not 10


    5. That dropped a .dmg called "AdobeDownloadAssistant.dmg" into my downloads box.


    6. I opened the .dmg file, which took me to a window with an "Install Adobe Download Assistant" folder icon which


    7. I opened. I was asked if I wanted to download it from the internet; I clicked "Open"


    8. Another window opened; its message said "The same version of the application you opened already exists on this system. Would

         you like to run the version already installed?".


         A. Because I used the same Adobe i.d. when I tried the download on the Air as I used when I created the Adobe account on the

         MacBookPro I wondered if Adobe thinks the PSE10 on my older MacBookPro is on the newer Air. I did check the Applications

         listed in the Air's Finder and PSE 10 was not there although I had tried to install it earlier today before my first post on this matter

         in this forum.


         B. Given the above, I clicked on a "Run Now" option in the window mentioned in the first line of # 8 here and it


    9.  Took me to a Adobe Download Assistant window with a message "Make the most of your trial " referring apparently to 11

         when what I want to put onto the Air is the 10 I bought last August. I did check the registration on Adobe's site of the purchase

         of 10 last August and it showed everything correctly, including "mul" which I took to mean I could put it on multiple laptops.

         Maybe !


    10. I was aksed in that box to choose my level of familiarity with photo editing software and I chose the middle one.


    11. I also noticed in the bottom third of that box a blue download bar which got "stuck" at about 2/3 done. The yellow triangle with

         an exclamation point inside was followed by this message : "Error downloading this product (Error 109). Check you network

         connection or destination disk. You can also uses the "Reset product download" button.  My network connection was full bars

         the whole time.


         Given that there was an error message - that the download was not complete - that explains my surprise in # 8 above that

         "the download already exists........". That can't be given the error message I quoted in # 11.


    12. There is/was no "Reset download button" to be seen so I cllcked on an 'x' by it and it closed the stalled download bar.


    And, after all this voluminous [sorry] activity that's where I'm stuck.


    No PSE 10 on the Air

    Can't d/l a trial of 11, even if I wanted to.


    Extremely frustrating.


    Adboe's website does not appear to offer any contact with an Adobe person to solve this other than paying $39, which does not seem right.



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    Jul 9, 2013 3:28 PM   in reply to gotisch68

    Step 1 - Correct


    Step 2 - Correct


    Step 3 - Correct


    Step 4 - Correct (required to set a trial cookie on your hard drive so you can download PSE10 from


    Then, per step 3 in the Very Important Instructions, cancel any download dialogue box which pops up (Step 4 has done its job).


    Then back to and download the PSE10 trial download .dmg file.


    That's it.

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    Jul 9, 2013 9:08 PM   in reply to John Waller



    Hallelujah !  It worked. What a stress reliever ! I so very much appreciate your help at multiple stages in the process. Thank you very much.


    I consider myself reasonably intelligent+  but the opacity of Adobe's instructions I find very disappointing. I certainly may have missed a key instruction, even though I used two screens to follow the instructions on the MacBookPro while working on the Air's screen, onto which I wanted to install PSE 10. If the Elements world will permit a bit of non-p.c. commentary, relative to Adobe, I'd like to opine that Adobe's PSE product is anything but smooth, intuitive, quick, or other such positive attributes one seeks in software. The 2.1GB installer itself took 2 hrs. and 35 minutes [ !! ] to download on my Air with an ISP download speed on Speedtest which over time has averaged about 35 Mb/s, not super fast, but not slow either. The actual installation of PSE from the installer went quickly and now I've been able to utilize full functionality of it on my Air, at least to the limited extent I use it.


    Which is to say I use Mac's Aperture photo editing primarily [ along with the Nik Collection ] which like all things Apple and UNlike Adobe, works smoothly, quickly, and, yes, intuitively. I know Aperture cannot do all the things PSE can and that's why I bought PSE originally. However,  I do feel Adobe's interface, and obviously their download instructions, are just downright impenetrably dense to the point of complete opacity. I have watched a number of their tutorials on aspects of PSE for which I did not originally buy it in order to expand my horizons a bit but gave up on trying to use most of the "tutored" features as the instructions were either incomplete, wrong, or not actually visible in PSE itself when I used Aperture's link to PSE as an External Editor.


    So pardon my "rant-ish" opinions above but I really did intend them to be more like feedback in case any Adobe staff monitors this forum. I hope they didn't come across as a true rant.


    In any case, thank you again immeasurably for your help and its promptness to my postings.



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