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why am I losing my video quality when I render my video clips?

Jun 26, 2013 3:17 PM

Why am I losing my video quality when I render my video clips?

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    Jun 26, 2013 3:25 PM   in reply to Triplerod3

    First some questions;

    Which Elements version?

    What are your source clips?

    What are your project settings?

    What are your export setting?

    Preferably all screendumps.

    For analyzing a clip use Mediainfo and post a screendump in tree view.

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    Jun 26, 2013 3:46 PM   in reply to Triplerod3

    These questions below may be for a different product... but the information you need to supply is the same, for the products you use

    -Information FAQ

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    Jun 26, 2013 4:27 PM   in reply to Triplerod3

    For the Export/Share/Publish settings, you should be able to select the desired Preset, and then if you hit the Advanced button, see the settings, and adjust some of those.


    What format do you need to Export/Share/Publish to, i.e. what is your desired delivery?


    Good luck,



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    Jun 26, 2013 4:36 PM   in reply to Triplerod3

    OK, so you want to author and Burn a Disc (DVD-Video), or Burn to Foler.


    Thanks for that information.



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    Jun 26, 2013 8:57 PM   in reply to Triplerod3



    From what you have written you seem to have 1920 x 1080 footage, Premiere Elements 11 Windows, and you want to get your footage on a DVD disc as NTSC DVD-VIDEO Widescreen.


    The Publish+Share/Disc/DVD disc settings would be NTSC_Widescreen Dolby DVD as you already know.


    But as important as the export settings are, so are the important settings. From what you wrote, your source media are 1920 x 1080 pixels. But do your have 1080p (progressive video) or 1080i (interlaced video) there? Although the program is set up to set up automatically the correct project preset for you, sometimes it does and sometimes it does not. If it does not, then you set the project preset yourself manually.


    If you have interlaced video, you would probably be using NTSC AVCHD Full 1080i30; and, if progressive, NTSC DSLR 1080p DSLR 1080p30 or DSLR 1080p30@ 29.97. Bottom line: check to see if the program set the correct project preset, if not set it yourself. You can check to see what the program set via Edit Menu/Project Settings/General Editing Mode, Timebase, Frame Size.


    But let us look what is in between import and export.


    You wrote

    Why am I losing my video quality when I render my video clips?


    Whether you use Premiere Elements 11 or another video editor to take your 1920 x 1080 to DVD-VIDEO Widescreen on DVD, you are not going to escape the DVD-VIDEO which includes a frame size of 720 x 480 for both standard and widescreen. In the case of the widescreen a 16:9 flag stretches the video for display after encoding. And, even if you have progressive source media, the DVD-VIDEO standard will give you 29.97 interlaced frames per second.


    Another consideration is project settings contributing to results that do not meet your expectations.


    Your computer environment looks impressive so that is an excellent starting point.


    Are you actually tried a run through to DVD-VIDEO? Are you having any problems with the burn to process?


    Please let us know what specific information you need to get your Premiere Elements 11 DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc completed.

    And, please check out the TV DVD player settings for best results.


    Thank you.



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    Jun 27, 2013 6:58 AM   in reply to Triplerod3

    Some previous discussions that may help


    Saving & Sharing

    -Sharing to DVD or BluRay

    and, in case you want to do this in the future

    -Sharing for Movies

    -Sharing for Computer

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    Jun 27, 2013 6:53 PM   in reply to Triplerod3



    Thanks for the follow up and the opportunity to try to help you with your Premiere Elements 11 on Window 7 64 bit project.


    The first thing that we need to do is to define the properties of the video that you are using. You say that you are shooting AVCHD 1920 x 1080i60. When you see i60 or 60i, that represents 60 fields per second or 30 interlaced frames per second. So, if that is the case and you have Stereo audio, your project preset should be



    Full HD1080i30.


    If you had 1920 x 1080p60, that would represent 1920 x 1080 @ 60 progressive frames per second. Progressive video does not have fields.

    The following is an excellent article on what interlace and progress video is all about which included the fields vs frames matter.

    But, I do not want to distract from this project to focus on this other than to say this matter is relevant to our choice of project preset.


    The next order of things to do is to make sure the project preset is being set correctly by the program. So let us grab control away from it and set the project preset ourselves before we import the video into the project. To do that

    a. Open a new Premiere Elements 11 project.

    b. Go to File Menu/New/Project

    c. Click on Change Settings and make sure that the setting is NTSC AVCHD Full 1080i30.

    d. Before you click OK to the new project dialog that you are in, put a check mark next to Force Select Project Setting on this Project.


    Now in the workspace, go to Add Media/Files and Folders and bring your video into the project's Project Assets from where you drag the file to the Timeline.

    a. Does your video fill the space in the monitor that has been selected by the program based on our project preset choice? Answer should be yes.

    b. Do you see no colored line, orange line, or green line over the Timeline content? Answer should be no colored line.


    Another important concept. Your interlaced video has frames that consist of two fields (Upper and Lower). That is all in the link that I mentioned in this post. Your video has interlaced video that is characterized by Upper field first; whereas the standard that was established for DVD-VIDEO is Lower field first. We need to switch the "Field Order" for the DVD-VIDEO on DVD phase. We could have used the special Hard Disk Flash Memory Camcorders project presets for this in the new project dialog, but, for reasons that I will not go into now, we are going to take care of that by right clicking the video file on the Timeline, selecting Field Order, and then Reverse Field Dominance.


    Now we are ready for Movie Menus. Are you customizing the menu of choice? Changing font styles and/or sizes. For now leave as much as possible as un user customized to try to get a back line result.


    Next is the Publish+Share/Disc/DVD with the choice of the preset for NTSC Widescreen.

    To this point, have you seen any pixelation of movie or menus?

    When you are in the burn dialog (with your disc in the DVD burner tray) just before you hit Burn, what does the burn dialog show for Space Required and Bitrate?


    Now let us see what the end DVD-VIDEO Widescreen looks like at computer and TV DVD player playback.


    You mentioned having DVD burning problems. If you follow through with the steps above and have DVD burning problems, specifically what are they and where do they occur? If the menu problems persist, what menu are you using, how many menu markers are on the Timeline, and how many main menu pages and scene menu pages do you have?


    Lots I questions and things to do, I know. But, let us give the above a try. Please do not hesitate to ask for clarification on anything that I have written.


    We will be looking forward to your progress.





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