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Can someone please vectorize the following image :)

Jun 27, 2013 6:52 PM

Hello. I was wondering if anyone could vectorize the following image and upload it as an .ai file?  It's going to be a vital part of a birthday present for a friend, but I need to upscale it to a bigger proportion; however, the current image is a .png file and it becomes pixelated when I upscale it.


In addition to attaching the file, you can find the image here:


It would be greatly appreciated, thank you.


Edit: You can also contact me at [email address removed]







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    Jun 27, 2013 7:27 PM   in reply to SERIOUSLYSJIASJDIJAS

    This is not the venue to solict free work.


    Don't you get paid to do whatever it is you do for a living?

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    Jun 27, 2013 8:41 PM   in reply to SERIOUSLYSJIASJDIJAS

    Welcome to the forum.


    So do you have Illustrator or you just joined the forum in hopes to have someone with Illustrator vectorize this? I have to admit it does seem extremely odd being your very first post. If that is the case did you ask the creators of the artwork for assistance, or better yet approval to do so? , according to google's search by image, it's from there.


    With minimal initiative on your part, you could have downloaded the 30 day trial of Illustrator and used the live trace / image trace feature. Or alternatively you could have googled "free raster to vector" and found online tools as well as downloadable software and already been done with it on your own without ever having the need to sign up on a forum just to ask others to do it for you.


    Again though welcome to the forum, but it is a very odd and inappropriate approach as Scott mentioned, since this is a "user" forum. As well as the fact that your asking others to manipulate artwork that is not yours in the first place.

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    Jun 28, 2013 2:08 AM   in reply to SERIOUSLYSJIASJDIJAS

    Imagine if you will....


    You walk into a bakery you've never been in before. You don't know anyone there, never seen the employees before, never had any conversations with them. You walk up to the counter and ask, "Hi, my name's Seriouslysjiasjdijas.  You don't know me but I was wondering, would you mind making this cake for me as a favor?"


    Or imagine you call Pizza Hut. You don't know anyone there, never had any real communication with them and you ask, "Hi, my name's Seriouslysjiasjdijas.  You don't know me but I have a friend with a birthday coming up and I'm in need of a vital part of the present I'm giving. Would you mind delivering a pizza to my house? I sure would appreciate it. Thanks."


    What do you think the responses would be?


    Unlike many forums and web sites, this site may be a bit different because the bulk of the users here make a living doing this very sort of thing. Asking for a "favor" which amounts to free work and intellectual property infringement from a professional community which you've never been in before is simply flat out rude. That's right, you were the rude party here. FYI, many here make a living via intellectual property, they aren't of mind to start stealing from others just because you need a "favor." It's comical that my gentle nudging you to realize how rude you were being has, in turn, seemingly made you project the rudness you displayed as if it were my fault???


    Where do you work? Can I walk into your place of business and expect free service as a favor? Why are you entitled to strangers doing you a favor? If I ask you to steal something for me, are you going to?


    The work you posted is copyrighted. Meaning it's OWNED BY SOMEONE. You can't simply ask others to duplicate it trusting that your use is within warranted limits. No one here knows you. No one here has any clue what you'd use the artwork for. Anyone can post anything regarding their reasoning why they want someone to STEAL from others. That doesn't make it true. You could very well want the artwork to put on t-shirts and start selling them. How are we to know? Because you typed one sentence???


    FYI, those sites you mention regarding t-shirt printing put the onus of infringement ON YOU. You are forced to agree to terms which contain specific passages where you agree you own the artwork and if you do not you are the liable party, not them. You clearly have never read what you are agreeing to there. While it may be true major corporations won't bother with you, you are liable. And any artist doing this "favor" of theft for you would also be liable unless you signed a similar agreement taking all legal responsibility for the unauthorized dulpication of copyrighted materials.


    Ultimately, I posted one simple sentence and a question. The first politely explaining that what you were asking is improper here. The second a question to perhaps get you to reflect on what it was you were asking of strangers. Obviously, that failed. The fact that you've in turn decided the proper action is to begin insulting me for merely pointing out how rude you were being states a great deal. You've extrapolated a great deal from my two simple lines of text regarding who you think I am with no other information to base any of your opinions on, yet have completely missed the point that really.... you should be reflecting on what type of person would behave as you have behaved in this thread. You've now given the impression of a 6 year old throwing a tantrum because they were told "no." Good Job!


    I'm not the party who was out of line here. If you think I am... then you should really look into your own actions. But hey, I realize as a user with a whopping 3 posts in this community you know EVERYTHING about everyone here and how things are done.

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    Jun 28, 2013 8:12 AM   in reply to SERIOUSLYSJIASJDIJAS



    Not sure how it's odd.


    Your approach is/was very odd and inappropriate. You just showed up wanting someone to do something for you. You never said that you have tried yourself but could not get the desired results. Or that you were having trouble with something that you tried, nor did you ask for suggestions or techniques, you just flat out said "can someone do this for me". Again, as stated previously, you were also asking others to manipulate work that is clearly not your own as well.




    - Can someone please vectorize the following image

    - I actually do own Illustrator and I've watched the basic tutorials, but I wasn't able to accomplish the task

    - I figured that people would be kind enough to just do a simple request to an experienced user of Illustrator.

    - I just tried the live trace feature and it's not that great tbh. It's pretty much putting a sketchbook filter in Photoshop.

    - Seeing as how I don't even know what a raster is

    - the current image is a .png file and it becomes pixelated when I upscale it.

    - I'm sure I would have helped if I had the skills to do so. Maybe in a year or two when I'm more proficient in Illustrator...


    Given your own statements it makes even less sense. You know the term vectorize yet you don't know the term raster even though you also mention Photoshop and know the image you want turned into vector becomes pixelated. You said you were not able to accomplish the task yet did not state what methods you tried. You state you own Illustrator, and claim to be experienced, yet you seem to have been unaware of the live trace feature, even though you know terms that would lead you to this feature when searching for the basic tutorials you talked about.


    In the end, for all we know you could be just spamming for the site you posted about, you didn't remove it but I see your email is now removed. Or perhaps you realized that what your asking is wrong and now your not wanting to be associated with it? Regardless I wish I would have not given you the google search string you needed to accomplish your task, since you can't seem to realize or can't understand that your approach is inappropriate.

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    Jun 28, 2013 9:31 AM   in reply to W_J_T

    I suspect a forum moderator removed the email. That's a common occurance to protect new users from their own folly. Posting the email live here just opens that user to mountains of spam.

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