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How to perform a "clean install" of Flash Player in Mac OS X

Jan 15, 2014 2:12 PM

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To start, Please follow the Uninstall instructions posted here: tml


Download the offline installer here: /install_flash_player_12_osx.dmg


If it won't download directly, right click and "Save as"… and make note of the save location


DO NOT mount the installer DMG or run the installer yet!

Empty the trash


Reboot (this will "kill" all running processes)


Quit your Browser (Press Cmd+Q - Don't just close the window)


Go to: Mac HD/Library/Internet Plugins


Verify that the Flash Player.plugin file is not present.  If it is, trash it.


Go to: Mac HD/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Flash Player

Verify that the Flash Player Install Manager folder does not exist.  If it does, trash the whole folder



Empty the trash


Reboot (This will "kill" all running processes)


Before launching any apps, mount the DMG and run the installer.


BEFORE opening any Flash content in Safari, open Safari>Preferences, and check the Security tab to make sure "Allow all other plugins" is checked.