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AMS 5.0.3 availability and Refresh of PHDS/PHLS/PRTMP certificates

Aug 8, 2013 2:29 AM

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Dear customer,

We are glad to announce the availability of AMS 5.0.3 .

This hotfix release provides a refresh to the certificates used by PHDS, PHLS and PRTMP content protection. The certificates provided with the earlier releases will expire in August 2013. The refresh of the certificates can be done by simply replacing the older certificates with the new certificates.  The list of certificates that have been refreshed are -

§  creds/static/phds_license_server.der

§  creds/static/phds_production_transport.der

§  creds/static/phds_license_server.pfx

§  creds/static/phds_production_packager.pfx

§  creds/static/phds_data


You can see the expiry date by double clicking on a certificate in your Explorer window. Please note that only the refresh of the certificates is required to have the PHDS/PHLS/PRTMP functionality working as your certificates expire. It is not required to do a complete upgrade of your existing server version.

AMS 5.0.3 release also provides enhancements to PRTMP Streaming

§  PRTMP now supports Key rotation, which was earlier available for Protected HTTP streaming.

§  The common-key file and whitelist file can now be updated at runtime, without requiring a server restart.

§  The common-key and whitelist access in the PRTMP on-demand workflow is now routed through the file adaptor, if present, and can be configured to handle requests of content-type “PRTMP”.

§  AMS access log now supports an additional column “x-sprotection-ver” that will be logged with application and stream events with a value of “1″ if the stream is protected (PRTMP enabled)


The f4f packager has also been updated to support the generation of manifest lines with different license server URLS without doing the packaging multiple times. This is helpful when the workflows consists of different Test Servers and Production Servers.

The details of the Bugs fixed in this release are available in the Release Notes


On Premise users can download the update from AMS Updates Page . Amazon Web Services users can subscribe to the new AMIS here. The details of Amazon AMI IDs can be accessed in the AMS Documentation.


The official announcement is available here -

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    Oct 28, 2013 7:05 PM   in reply to lakhotiaanuj



    I would be grateful if you could help me with a problem.


    I am trying to use the f4fpackager to package and encrypt files but the command fails because I don't enter the correct credential password when setting --credential-pwd=. According to the packager reference docs, the password string is used to secure the packager credentials which I understand to be phds_production_packager.pfx. Where can I get this password string?

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    Oct 29, 2013 9:06 AM   in reply to lakhotiaanuj

    Where can i find a stand alone installer for the latest Adobe Media Gateway 5.0.3?


    I only see the installer included with AMS starter edition, but AMG was not included with the AMS 5.0.3 patch bundle.


    i noticed the AMG forums have disappeared from most of the adobe pages... are they going to cancel it too?

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