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question not answered how do you get help

Oct 28, 2013 6:15 PM

Tags: #photoshop_elements_10 #help_technical

See my last post.  If my question is not answered or I am given two different answers and there is nothing in Photoshop elements help from adobe, what do you do to get your question answered?  Is there a next step that one can do?

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    Oct 28, 2013 7:20 PM   in reply to Jan9368

    You show no other posts in these forums, Jan9368. If you could explain what the problem is, someone here might be able to help you.

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    Oct 29, 2013 9:48 AM   in reply to Jan9368

    You have had probably to many answers in your other posts...

    To make it simpler, there are two main ways to do what you want.

    - drag and drop

    - backup and restore.


    Both ways are good (I regularly use both ways). To understand the difference, it appears that you did not catch the principle of the backup and restore. The backup from the organizer file menu saves not only your 'library', that is all the individual picture files and their folder structure, but also your catalog : the database containing all the information about your files, their tags, captions, ratings, albums...

    The result of the backup is a folder containing everything the organizer needs to restore everything. It's not a simple copy and you can't use it as if it were a copy ready to be opened in PSE; you have to use the 'restore' function in the file menu of the organizer. You'll be asked where you want your pictures to be restored : either in same location (that's not what you want), or in a custom location, that is in a new empty folder on your external drive. Generally, you create your backup on an external drive and restore to another external drive, but you could use the same external drive if there is enough free space. Using the same external drive will be slower.


    About the drag and drop method : experienced PSE users may have had problems with that in older PSE versions. Anyway, experienced computer users always prefer to replace a 'move' by a 'copy' followed by a 'delete' when they are sure the copy is ok. That's why they tend to favour the backup method. But in my recent experience, the 'drag and drop' method in recent PSE version is safe. A recent (involuntary) test was when I was dragging a whole library of nearly 50 000 pictures to a new drive : I had a power failure at 95%...

    The result was that nothing was lost in my original drive, I only had to start the process again.

    You can easily try the drag and drop method with moving a single folder.

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    Oct 29, 2013 10:44 AM   in reply to Jan9368

    Jan9368 a écrit:


    Thank you


    A few questions

    In the back up method how do I remove the pictures from the computer hard drive after I know they are on my new EHD and I make sure everything works fine.  Do I just go into “my pictures” folder and delete them?  All of my pictures are in elements program.

    In the backup method, yes, when you are satisfied with the restore on the new external drive, you can delete safely your pictures on your internal drive (the more so because you have the backup additionally). After the restore, you still have your original catalog and files on your internal drive - and you have a new catalog and all pictures copied on your external drive. Since you don't need your original catalog, you can safely delete your files in 'My Pictures' outside of the organizer, via the Windows explorer. You can also delete them from within the organizer : a 'select all' with all pictures, and delete (that may take time...) In that case, the catalog itself remains, you have to delete it from the catalog manager of the organizer. To delete a catalog, in the catalog manager, that catalog should not be the one in use : select the new catalog to be able to delete the old one.



    In the drag and drop method do you drag from the photoshop program itself or from the “my pictures” folder?  Highlight a group of say 100 pictures and drag them over to the new EHS? 

    The drag and drop method must be made from the organizer itself. Look at the left panel for folder view  (it's not quite the same in PSE10 than in ulterior versions, but the principle is the same). You can see the same folder tree than in Windows explorer. In our case, we are moving folders or subfolders, not individual files. You click on a subfolder, maintain and drag the subfolder or folder on another folder or disk drive, as you would with the explorer. The organizer updates the database for each moved file.


    Is this folder in photoshop or ”My Pictures folder” Then how do you tell PSE how to find the new location of the pictures?  In the drag and drop method don’t the pictures stay in the old location and a new copy can also be found in the new location (EHD).  So I would then need to delete from the old location (computer hard drive).

    The image folders and their picture files are stored on the computer, there is no copy in Elements, no duplication, only a list of the files, their locations and properties. When you have dragged and dropped successfully, the pictures are wiped from their original location, you have nothing to do. If it's not successfull, you get a warning, everything is cancelled and you are back to the situation before the drag and drop. Generally, you move pictures from a 'My Pictures' folder in the C: drive to a new one of your choice, say 'My Pictures on E' = E:/My Pictures on E if your external drive has the letter E.

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    Nov 3, 2013 1:19 AM   in reply to Jan9368

    Jan9368 a écrit:


    ...I have a back up on a small external hard drive.

    Is it :

    - 1) a backup made from the command 'backup' of the organizer

    - 2) a copy of your picture files ?




    My question

    Is there a way that I can move the file from small EHD to my new bigger EHD then connect my new bigger EHD to my computer and then restore.  I plan on keeping my program on my laptop and working on photoshop when it is connected to the big EHD. 

    If case Nr 1 (PSE backup), have both EHDs plugged in at the same time. From your newly reinstalled Elements organizer, select the menu option to 'restore'. You'll have to tell the program where to find the backup on your small EHD (browse to the backup folder and wait a few seconds for it to recognize the backup.tly file), and where you want it to be restored : it will be on your big EHD. My advice is to first create a master folder for the restore ; suppose your big EHD has the letter F:, create F:/My new catalog for instance.

    You'll also be asked if you want to keep the old folder tree organization : generally you do.

    The restore process will first copy all your pictures files on F: then restore the catalog, also on F:

    In the catalog manager, the new catalog will be shown in 'custom location', not in 'available to you' or (to all users). I think that is what you are after. If for some reason you want the catalog (the database, not the picture files) to be on your internal C: drive, you can move it via the catalog manager. It's generally quicker, but you can't plug in your EHD to another computer with PSE and have the catalog available...

    A common situation : you are allowed to install PSE on two PCs : a desktop and a laptop. If you keep the catalog and pictures on the external EHD, it's enough to plug the EHD to the PC you are presently using.

    Another situation : you have only one PC with little disk space : the catalog itself is not huge, you can have the catalog on your PC instead of your EHD.


    If you are in situation Nr 2, the process will be different...




    When moving the pse backup folder to the bigger EHD is this just a drag and drop process.

    In situation Nr 1, you don't need to drag and drop, the restore process cares for the move. If situation Nr 2, it's a bit more complicated, I hope it's not the case. In a few words, situation Nr 2 will only recover your picture files, except if you have also a copy of your old catalog folder containing the database .

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    Nov 3, 2013 4:13 AM   in reply to Jan9368

    With both EHDs plugged in, the restore will write both your pictures and the catalog on the EHD.

    You can stay like that, but if you prefer to have your catalog on the laptop itself, that's only a quick and easy additional step : open the catalog manager and select the 'move' button, choose 'available to the current user' for the new location. It's very quick.

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    Nov 3, 2013 8:52 AM   in reply to Jan9368

    Yes !!!

    You did it...

    Now, there is an English saying : 'if it ain't broke don't fix it'. You don't need to change anything.

    The catalog folder (database and associated files) is now on your big EHD, no problem.


    Now, just to understand what you could do if you wanted the catalog folder to be on your laptop, open the menu file in the organizer. You should have an option like 'catalog...  Ctrl Shift C'. That option opens the 'catalog manager' dialog. There is a list of catalogs : you could highlight the one marked 'current' and see different buttons no longer grayed out, one of which is 'move', which in turn will open a new dialog... Once again, you don't need to do anything, but you'll now see what the catalog manager option can do.

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