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Waiting for server...

Jul 4, 2008 1:49 AM

I have noticed increasing problems with DW:s FTP functions lately. I almost
always get the "Waiting for server" message, even on sites where I did not
have that problem before. I also get into loops with error messages and I
have to use the Windows Task Manager to get out of them.

For example I get the alert "An FTP error ocurred - cannot put file XX.htm
Dreamweaver encountered an internal data error. Please try the operation
again." I press OK and then get the Waiting for server message, and if i
select cancel, nothing happens, it just starts to try to connect again. Has
something happened to my installation, I don't remember DW playing this way
before, or rather, i remember a time when it didn't behave like this.

I'm on MX2004 7.0.1 Are there newer updates that might fix this?

Lars Forslin

"Doing time on earth"


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    May 1, 2009 12:40 PM   in reply to Newsgroup_User

    I am using Dreamweaver CS4 and having the same problem.  This site is not Contribute enabled.  I am running in passive FTP mode with maintain synchronization information turned on. Dreamweaver tries a number of times before timing out.  The strange thing is, the file is transferred.  I can display the page on the website and the changes are there.  It appears Dreamweaver is not receiving the acknowledge from the server that the last record was transmitted successfuly.  Is anyone else having this problem?  Do you know what may be causing this problem?


    Thanks Ahead of time for your help...

    Take Care,

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    Nov 15, 2009 8:18 PM   in reply to Newsgroup_User

    I sincerely hope this helps someone...


    I had been experiencing this problem with CS4 ever since getting a new computer (Asus/Vista). Even putting or getting a single file would nearly always hang on "waiting for server," or often a file would upload/download but then hang (with the same message) while (presumably) getting synchronization information. I finally narrowed down the problem to the computer and/or other running software because...

    • It works fine on an XP desktop connected to my wireless router (connected by cable, not wirelessly) (Dreamweaver MX2004)
    • It works fine on my work computer (Dell/Vista, client/server network) (Dreamweaver CS3)
    • It worked fine on my old XP laptop (oh how I miss XP and hate Vista) over my wireless (Dreamweaver MX2004)
    • Neither Dreamweaver MX2004 nor CS4 worked well when syncing on my new laptop (Asus/Vista), whether I connected to the 'Net wirelessly or directly, with or without my firewall running. The problem was the same with both MX2004 and CS4.


    In checking on my network settings I noticed under TCP/IP that both IPv6 and IPv4 were enabled. I also noticed the checkbox to "Use IPv6 transfer mode." What I finally did was check just about everything (see graphic):

    • Use passive FTP (which I always had checked)
    • Use IPv6 transfer mode
    • Use firewall (I took the defaults)
    • ...and under Server Compatibility...
      • left "Use FTP performance optimization" checked
      • checked "Use alternative FTP move method."


    Now when I sync I will still occasionally get the "waiting for server" message, but for seconds rather than (often) minutes, and I can now once again sync directories with many files and subdirectories, with no problem.

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    Nov 15, 2009 8:22 PM   in reply to Newsgroup_User


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    Nov 16, 2009 7:55 AM   in reply to bkeplinger

    Since my post in May...  I noticed that of the three hosting companies that I work with (ReadyHosting, ServerHeroes and SoftSysHosting), I only had the Waiting for Server on one, ReadyHosting.  I tried to work with them to fix the problem but they kept telling me it was my problem.  The thing that made me keep thinking it was their problem is the added fact that most of my customers use a visitor tracking service called Counter Central. Counter Central has a WatchDog feature that monitors the performance of the website.  If it takes longer than15 seconds to return a page, we get an email alert.  Those alerts had become more frequent for my accounts at ReadyHosting.  Again, they said it must be a problem on my end.


    I eventually moved all of my clients to and now I have no problems!  Great Tech Support and Awesome performance.  The Waiting for Server has disappeard.   And the Alerts have disappeared...  ReadyHosting has a great price for hosting and Tech Support is always there when you need them but the performance of their servers is terrible and it seems they do not want to work with their customers to solve performance problems.

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    Nov 17, 2009 3:38 AM   in reply to Newsgroup_User

    I have been having this problem since the Snow Leopard install, and thought it was something to do with Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 incompatibility as there are other issues which I won't go into here.


    After changing settings on my router and disconnecting and reconnecting manually, cancelling each "waiting for server" until it did finally transfer. Very frustrating.


    Check the settings in the advanced Remote Info page.


    Try ticking or unticking Use passive FTP


    Click the Server Compatibility button.


    Untick the Use FTP performance optimization option


    Also tick the Use IPv6 transfer mode.


    This worked for me, although I get Waiting for Server but it lasts only a few seconds, so much better than before.


    Now if only I could find an answer for my other problems with Adobe... And if only I had enough time to be looking for these answers...


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    Nov 19, 2009 7:43 PM   in reply to AustinWebmaster

    RichWendrock wrote:


    Since my post in May...  I noticed that of the three hosting companies that I work with (ReadyHosting, ServerHeroes and SoftSysHosting), I only had the Waiting for Server on one, ReadyHosting....


    Interesting, but definitely not the source of my problem, because in all cases I was FTPing to the same hosts, and it was only on my new Asus laptop (Vista, soon to be Win7). Stuff like this so drives me crazy.


    (Off topic: Re the site alerts, that's another story that I've recently been going through, and have started moving to another host that so far has had very good performance, and also very good tech support (H-Sphere/CF). And the same waiting for server problem occurred there, too, before my fix (which so far has seemed to do the trick).)

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    Feb 13, 2012 7:08 AM   in reply to bkeplinger

    I found this post and it worked for me; oads/


    I am staggered however as this must be the worlds most expensive web development software and is also the industry standard.  This has been a known issue since at least CS3 so why they've never bothered to fix it is beyond me


    just in case the above link disappeers.  You can solve the problem by setting up a testing server, I choose php, with 'none' for access, after that the waiting for server bug disapeered and now ftp is lightning fast.



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