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SSL & Document Security Server

Oct 17, 2006 5:43 AM

Hi -

Previously I had successfully implemented a solution to allow me to apply a policy to a PDF remotely. I did this by creating an EJB to interact with the Document Security server. The EJB takes a byte[] as input (which is the unprotected PDF) and returns a byte[] as output (which is the protected PDF). This was working well.

I've now implemented SSL on JBoss/Document Security server and although the certificate seems fine, the application no longer works. At the point where it's writing the data back to the client the following error is presented within the server.log file:

2006-10-17 14:18:54,973 INFO [STDOUT] omniORB: From endpoint: giop:tcp: Detected GIOP 1.2 protocol error in input message. Connection is
2006-10-17 14:18:55,116 INFO [STDOUT] omniORB: From endpoint: giop:tcp: Detected GIOP 1.2 protocol error in input message. Connection is
2006-10-17 14:18:55,137 ERROR [com.adobe.document.PDFManipulation] Service PDFManipulation: Native process (PID=0) /opt/semantico/slot/Adobe/1/LiveCycle_7.0.
2/PolicyServer/jboss-3.2.5/server/all/svcnative/PDFManipulation/bin/PD FManipulation.exe terminated abnormally with error code 1
2006-10-17 14:18:55,140 INFO [com.adobe.service.logging.Logger] $$$/server/service/logging/msg.LogSvcInit=Logger com.adobe.service.logging.Logger initialize

The system doesn't actually seem to terminate as my client just sits there waiting for a response that doesn't seem to come.

Has anyone seen this before? Have I done something wrong when implementing the certificate? Is it unrelated to the SSL work that I've been doing?

I'm really confused and can't seem to find any forum topics addressing this issue so am very stuck. If anyone could offer any ideas as to how to solve this issue I'd be most grateful.

The steps I took to implement SSL were:

- generated a new certificate
- generated a CSR to get signed by a trusted authority
- added the signed certificate into my java environment
- performed an 'expert' installation of document security server to incorporate the new certificate (I had to do this as configtool doesn't seem to work on my machine)
- added the certificate to the JBoss installation & configured JBoss

If anyone could help me with this I'd be very grateful.

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    Oct 17, 2006 6:38 AM   in reply to (A_Sharma)

    I can't help with the spesific error in the log, but I know there is a strict order in which the different livecycle products should be installed.

    If you install Policy Server and then Livecycle Forms, then the Policy Server doesnt work anymore. The other way around goes fine.

    I got a confirmation of this by Gary Thain (?) from Canada. He has had a lot of workshops in europe in all the livecycle products.

    What order have you installed APS and Security server in?

    If would try to contact Gary first since a reinstall of both products and maybe having to revoke the sertificate and re issue it is both timeconsuming and you will not know if this works untill its all done... again.

    I do not have his contact information but try to google him or ask your Adobe contacts if they know the correct order.

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    Oct 18, 2006 5:53 AM   in reply to (A_Sharma)

    I suspect that your problem has someting to do with the configuration of the "" file used by JBoss (located in Jboss\server\all\conf).

    I have configured SSL on JBoss 3.2.5 using credentials that I created to using the Java keytool, I have documented all of the steps that I followed to configure JBoss. I have also been successful in applying a policy (Java Servlet) to a PDF using ALDS with an SSL connection

    I can send you the document if you want. You can contact me at Please not, that this document is not an official Adobe document and it is to be used at your own risk!

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