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Generated PDF using assembler is junk

Dec 3, 2008 9:26 PM

Hi,<br /><br />I have followed the steps as mentioned in the tutorial and the PDF gets generated for my assembler service, however the PDF content is all junk.<br /><br />For e.g.<br /><br />My ddx is <br /><br />  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> <br /> <DDX xmlns=""><br /> <PDF result="result.pdf"><br />  <PDF source="Mozilla.pdf" /> <br />  <PDF source="Demo.pdf" /> <br />  </PDF><br />  </DDX><br /><br />My input document map is correct. The<br /><br />generated output is avaialble in AssemblerREsult object<br /><br /><com.adobe.livecycle.assembler.client.AssemblerResult><br />  <documents><br />    <entry><br />      <string>result.pdf</string><br />      <com.adobe.idp.Document serialization="custom"><br />        <com.adobe.idp.Document><br />          <int>3</int><br />          <boolean>true</boolean><br />          <boolean>false</boolean><br />          <com.adobe.idp.DocumentCacheID><br />            <__documentId>5</__documentId><br />            <__cacheId>146459724275856</__cacheId><br />          </com.adobe.idp.DocumentCacheID><br />          <string></string>< br />          <byte-array>JVBERi0xLjU...<br /><br />I retrieve the outDoc document value as '/process_data/assemblerResult/object/documents[@id="result.pdf"]'.<b r /><br />The document content is nothing but just encoded strings like 'rO0ABXNyABZjb20uYWRvYmUuaWRwLkRvY3VtZW50yAEFUxsO+CEDACNJAAtfY2FsbGJh Y2tJZ<br />FoADV9kZXNlcmlhbGl6ZWRJABBfZGlzcG9zYWxUaW1lb3V0WgAJX2Rpc3Bvc2VkWgAZ X2lzRG'.<br />or as i see from my pdf document its just junk.<br /><br />any help would be greatly appreciated.

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